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November06/ 2011

Ev The Motivator ???
….. Quote from Tar Heel running back Gio Bernard:  “I didn’t feel right going into the game,” Bernard said. “I thought guys were just joking around, not taking this game seriously. I knew guys were just not really focused in.” …. Betcha Ev’s next gig won’t be as a self-help guru.

Dickie’s Swan Song
…. Yesterday was Dickie Baddour’s last UNC Football game as Athletics Director.  Well aware of the backyard rivalry twixt Carolina and “State”, Dickie’s swan song had to be especially bitter.  It was bitter for all Tar Heels.   When Very Very Interim Ev leads the Tar Heels into Blacksburg on Nov 17, it will be as part of a Bubba Cunningham-directed athletics program.

Who Bubba Who ????
….. Now the floodgates are officially flung open for Who Bubba Who speculation.  86 names are on the Unofficial Next Coach Short List.   Any one remotely resembling Butch in style, reputation or inflated hat size should be eliminated (but, of course, won’t be).
UNC’s BoardMonkeyNation has yet to figure out why Butch was dumped.  Until/Unless they get a clue on that, abject absurdum will prevail.  IT WILL NOT BE “THE BOISE STATE GUY” OR GUS MALZAHN or THE CLEMSON OFFCOOR.
Bubba DOES KNOW WHY Butch was fired and why he was hired.  That’s all that matters.

Amazing Loss #5 Factoid 
….. Not ONE single player on UNC’s current roster has EVER been in a “We Beat State” lockerroom.  The last of John Bunting’s recruits left with T.J. Yates.  Only venerable Ken Browning has ever “been there – done that”.

Amid its cluster of PC “Feel-Good” Curricula
….. With all the infamous touchy-feely curricula at UNC, there has never been, in it’s 200+ years, a course in Humility.  Being force to take such a course is as well-received as spoonfuls of Castor Oil or a barium enema.

….. This Colossal Mess at Penn State trumps any college sports scandal you can name.  Joe Paterno’s closest coaching associate for 30+ years being outed as a multiple child molestor.  THAT is the #1 “Don’t do THAT!” in sports.  JoePa is too addled brained to comprehend it.  The PSU admins who tried to cover it up are toast.  This is not the usual “wink & nod” indiscretion.  This one be a WHOPPER.

Church Supper time again
….. This weekend was the annual Country Ham & Egger at my favorite “little country church” on the outskirts of Durham.   Wonderful traditional food & fixins and gracious hospitality out the wazoo.   The many UNC fans present had already rebounded from the day’s earlier events and a good time was had by all.

Holden’a Real Intent
….. With all the public attention focused on Football, UNC’s crafty chancellor was able to go about his Real Purpose – to de-emphasize Chick Soccer.   This year’s Anson’s Flying Ponytails set program records for all sorts of “first time defeats”.  Can a be far behind?  Bubba is gonna be very very busy.

Why BobLee?
….. Why am I so hard on Ev?  Fair question.  I kept waiting all season for him to put the slightest distance between himself and Butch.  He never did.  I even cut him a bit of slack on the game ball fiasco…. but Ev never had a clue.  No one in Club Butch has accepted the slightest responsibility for this “Cluster F”.  To paraphrase Texas Ranger Woodrow Call:  “I can’t tolerate such stoopidity in a man.”

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