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October31/ 2011

Stanford over Southern Cal / Lane Whines!
….. This past Saturday’s Humdinger ….. Did you watch Lane Kiffin towards the end of USC’s dramatic loss to Stanford?  The look on Kiffin’s face and his whiny comments after reminded me of yet another “pathological victim” – St Butch The Divine.  Poor poor Lane and Butch ….. two self-proclaimed paragons of exceptional integrity and character who are so unfairly maligned and persecuted for absolutely no reason at all ???   I bet Lane has his own collection of sycophant toadies around USC like Butch uses Don Stallings, Bob Winston, et al to feed his fragile ego and offer their shoulders for him to cry on.

Are The Purehearts Safe This Year
…. as you all remember, State vs Carolina usually means the visiting “Pureheart Family” will be “set upon” by home team Hooligans …. or so goes the local legends.  Will a Hallmark Card family of visiting Tar Heels be defiled for daring to set foot on enemy territory?  Maybe not this year – UNC fans are in a season-long lethargy as Butch-ophobia has sucked the “give-a-damn” outta Kenanoids.  Meanwhile Wuffs are so obsessed themselves with watching Butch-ophobia (and Russell The Badger) they can’t name three current State players.   Even notorious F-Bomb Alley on Trinity Road is as peaceful as an Amish Pep Rally.

Missouri Over Texas
…… Cardinals whup Rangers and Mizzou whups aTm ….. all within 24 hours.   Missouri has not so completely devastated another state since William Quantrill and Bloody Bill Anderson paid a visit to Lawrence Kansas in 1863.

Is It Bring Back Danny Time in The UpState?
….. Are the hard-cases at The Esso Club calling for Danny Ford after Dabo stumbles at Historic Grant Field.   A reprieve for Paul Johnson who acknowledges that his fans only ask him to “win one game ….. every week”.   Tuff bidness.

Has Mark Richt’s Seat Cooled? 
…… “Between the hedges” the Athens Lynch Mob cools down as Richt’s Dawgs make a late season run for the SEC East.  Is Jimma Sexton not calling every week now?

How is Will Musgraves’ seat?
….. Life not so good for Will Musgraves and Charlie Weiss.  0 for October not acceptable in The Swamp in Gainesville.  Should Jimma send a resume to GatorLand?

The NBA ….. zzzzzzzz

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