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October23/ 2011

ANOTHER Great Read
….. No sooner did we list our favorite reistens than yet another new one muscles in – James Lee Burke’s – Dave Robicheaux – a justice-chasing Louisiana ex-cop versus very nasty bad boyz in the bayous.  This series is “gritty” and not for the squeamish.  Think “a cajun Mike Hammer suckin’ crawfish heads”.  Check it out.

The Bucket List Tour
…… A teaser!  I’ve put the finishing touches on an Incredible Bucket List Tour in late November.   For yours truly this upcoming Thanksgiving will rival anything that Miles Standish & His Plymouth Pals ever pulled off.  Details upcoming.

The Muck & Mire Gets Muckier
….. Reports this week that UNC legal counsel advised UNC admins how to hide communications from public disclosure.  If you’re thinking “that is good advice” just imagine how you might view it if you weren’t a UNC partisan.    Non-UNCers ain’t viewing it favorably.

Please Stay Albert
….. I really really hope Albert Pujols stay a Cardinal.  Albert; call George Brett, Robin Yount, Cal Ripken and even #6 – Stan The Man to appreciate the everlasting value of “one career in one uniform”.  After X number of millions, how much bling does a fellow really need?

Deacs Visit Kenan
….. Jim Grobe never lost to “that former UNC coach with the memory issues”.  OK, he only faced him once.   If Grobe walks out of Kenan next Saturday saying the same re: Interim Ev you can pretty well assume “Interim” is as good as it’s gonna get for the likable Ev.

Sooner Fans bailing early
….. As noted in the column, I was stunned that so many Sooners bailed with “plenty of time left” vs Texas Tech.   The Sooners had several chances to pull a miracle comeback even as late as 2:00.  Shame on you Sooner fans.

TO’B’s Homecoming to Hoo-ville
….. TO’B does better revisiting his old Hoo-ville haunts than his returns to BeanTown.  Wuffs whuppin’ Hoos somehow did not make much of a ripple nationally.

LSU leads nation in
…… LSU is #1 in polls AND #1 in number of players suspended for assorted thug behavior.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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