October20/ 2011

No “Black Knight” ????
….. This World Series Quandry has me bumfuzzled.  I am pulling equally for both teams which makes every play an upper/downer.  Why must sports be such a passion play?

In A Post-Ev World?
…… Is it officially Short List Season for If Not Ev, Who?  If we can eat turkey 365 then we can coach-guess any time we please.   Every board monkey in his mamma’s basement has Skip Holtz on his list because Skip & Bubba were South Bend buddies.  Every out-of-work coach NOT named Dan Hawkins has to be listed. – RichRod – Leach – Shannon – Willingham – Mangini – Stewart – Gruden et al.  Of course – “that Boise State guy”.
Herm Edwards is my personal choice.  UNC has never had a coach named Herm plus Herm is a really passionate cuss.   Are you serious BL?  No.
Is it true that Butch texted Bubba to recommend Jimmy Johnson?  Probably.
UNTIL you can come to grips with why Butch was fired your list of “next” will be totally invalid.  About 65% of UNCers fall in to that catregory

Interim Ev’s #1 Problem
….. THE #1 millstone dragging Ev down is Butchie Boy hisownself.  Butchie (and his ego) just won’t go away.  Butchie lurking “above-the-fold” reminds us that Butchie & Ev are eternally linked.  Butch is to Ev what BozoBiden is to Obama – “dead weight”.
Ev’s Must Wins – either Clemson or VaTech ….. either Wake or State preferably both ….. and, DUH, Duke.

Bubba BS
…. As predictable as a News&Observer political endorsement – The Bubba Cunningham Has Webbed Feet Internet reports have begun.  Any rival fan goober with access to a keyboard can throw up wild&wooly BS stories.  And at least 63 of you will contact me – “BobLee is it true that – Bubba is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission – Bubba jaywalked in the 8th grade – Bubba is the love-child of Ted Bundy & Lizzie Borden – Bubba once dated a 7th Day Adventist – Does Holden Know?  Oh Me, Oh My!” – jeeezzz.

Speaking of “weight”
….. With The NBA stuck in Purgatory, The #1 basketball team in the universe is Royz Boyz.  It ain’t like the Blue Messiah hasn’t “been here – done this” before.  He has.  Being pre-season consensus #1 means we are in for “but they only won by 15 …. what’s wrong?”

Many have asked for 
…… A number of you have asked for my BobLee Reisten List.  Whether you are still stuck in dead tree reader world or are cool multi-taskers with; here are some good’uns to check out:

Author  /  Gendre  /  Main Character  (NOT in order of preference)
Robert Crais  /  gritty private eye  /  Elvis Cole, Joe Pike
Lee Child  /  quiet, deadly stranger   /  Jack Reacher
Stephen Hunter  /  ex-sniper  /  Bob Lee Swagger
Randy White  /  iconoclast white knight  /  Doc Ford
John Sandford /  cool detective  /  Lucas Davenport, Virgil Flowers
Vince Flynn  /  CIA Rogue  /  Mitch Rapp
Brad Thor  /  CIA Rogue  /  Scott Harvath
Matthew Reilly  /  Super SEAL  /  Shane Schofeld aka “Scarecrow”
Ted Bell  /  “James Bond-type”  /  Sir Alex Hawke
David Baldacci / Rogue Secret Service  /  Sean King & The Camel Club
Barry Eisler  /  International Assassin /  John Rain
David Morrell  /  “the dude who created Rambo”
Andrew Peterson / ex-sniper  /  Nathan McBride
Clive Cussler  /  All American Hero  /  Dirk Pitt, Juan Cabrillo, Issac Bell
Louis L’Amour /  Frontier / Western  /  Barnabas Sackett & Family
Robert Parker  /  gritty private eye  /  Spenser
John D. MacDonald  /  iconoclast white knight  /  Travis McGhee
Harlan Coben  /  iconoclast white knight  /  Myron Bolitor & Winn

Many of the above are best-seller staples.  Others are rising stars.  Yes, there are many others and discovering “new ones” is part of the fun.  “Favorites authors and favorite literary heroes” are like barbecue joints – you can declare your personal favorite as The Best and so can I and so can 1,000s of others …. and we are all “right”.  Enjoy!

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