October06/ 2011

NBA Season In Doubt
…… I cannot express how little I care about “The NBA”.   I actually WAS interested in all this strike crap with the NFL, not a lot, but mildly.   If The NBA was totally abolished forever it would merit one BLSays column ….. maybe.
Owners fault …. players fault ….. ESPN’s fault ….. I don’t even care who or why or when or if.   I bet I’m the only person on Earth who feels this way …… NOT!

Steve Jobs RIP
….. This week’s death by cancer of “Mr. Apple” Steve Jobs is cause to reflect on American Spirit of Entrepreneurism.  Jobs is usually considered a typical BayArea uber- liberal but his business model says otherwise.  Steve Jobs built his empire on his techno-innovative wizardry and innate marketing genius…. not from government handouts.  Apple and Solyndra have absolutely nothing in common AT ALL.
I type this on my Mac as I listen to my audio books via my iPhone.  Thanks Steve. …. Also; For all his genius and all his billions – he could not beat his cancer.  ALTHOUGH Jobs did get “moved to the front of the line” for the latest treatment programs.  What does that say about man’s insignificance in the Grand Scheme.

UNC FB Lettermen Hospitality
….. Remember – we are returning to The Choo Choo Lounge on the South concourse for halftime hospitality effective this Saturday.  There are good positive reasons for the change in hospitality sites.

MLB Playoffs Very Competitive
….. Three out of four 1st Rd series are going to a 5th game.  I confess I’m not watching more than bits and pieces but good to see competitive games.  Josh’s Rangers on a roll!  Go Josh Go!

A Dear Dear Friend asked me
…. A very dear friend read Furthermore Letter and asked “BobLee why do you deal with that sort of people?”  A Great Question.
It’s the same “why” that compels a man to be a Vice cop or go undercover in the drug or porn world.  Someone has to do it.  The bizarro world of whacked out board monkeys is alien to most of you and that’s good – but it’s out there and has a growing influence.  I do what I do so you don’t have to – “get dirty” with that species.

Elvis Cole & Joe Pike Update
….. I’m still in Elvis Cole & Joe Pike mode with my audio book reistening.  Robert Crais’ creations are very colorful characters.  Finished three more books this past week.  There is much to be learned from Joe Pike’s unique social skills.  There’s more than a little of Joe in yours truly.

Russell Wilson For Heisman
….. Andrew Luck is having the expected outstanding season for Stanford; but Russell Is On A Roll @ Camp Randall.  I still believe TO’B made the right decision under the circumstances he was confronting, but negative blowback is to be expected. Tuff bizness.

Season at Halfway point ??
….. College Football in Week Six – Halfway!  Sure doesn’t seem that way.  On-site Attendance slipping at all but a handful of schools.   Remember my warning several years ago – Beware The Large Flat Screens!   As HD technology and affordability improves, why spend the $$$ and time and effort to go to a game?   With games on six channels simultaneously, TV remote carpel thumb cases are increasing across the country.

Missouri To SEC
….. My Missouri sources are saying the Mizzou To SEC rumors are very real.  I hate to see it.  Mizzou should stay with its Midwest rivals.  Mizzou in The SEC is like “a clean-cut honor society kid taking a skanky biker-chick to the prom”.  It may sound exciting but is skanky what you really want?
And, as we predicted, TCU is getting ready to bail on the Not Very Big East to return to The Big 12 rivalries where it belongs.

A Whine From The Divine
….. You knew it was coming – St Butch The Divine was peddling his “poor poor pitiful me” whine to a national ESPN audience this past week.   Continuing to illustrate his kindergarten level of conflict resolution, the self-anointed mistreated messiah reaffirmed his “I didn’t do nuthin’ – I didn’t know nuthin’ – I is just an innocent victim” position.  Yuck.  Ptui!  His latest stunt will likely spur his disciple mob to new levels of jackassity.   Oct 28 is three weeks away but you probably knew that, huh?
What If?  What if Seminoles lose to Grobe’s Deacs …. will Jimma Sexton send a resume to Tallyhassy?

….. Ya just never know!

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