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October02/ 2011

Withers’ Warriors Pummel Pirates
….. “Interim Ev” rebounds with Big Win in G-Vegas.  Prettiest coeds in the state in tears as Tar Heels thrash Pirates under the lights at a packed (at the beginning, at least) Dowdy-Ficklen.  “Famous Gio” rekindles long dormant memories of Tailback U.
And furthermore – no report yet on whether “Saint You Know Who” was in attendance.

Singing The Blues At The Carter
…..  A bad case of the TO’B blues at Carter-Finley.  Not even The Kenan Unpleasantness can numb the pain as a loooong season looms at The Fairgrounds. …. Wuffs circle Oct 28 as next likely reason to smile?
Can it get any worse for woeful Wuffs?  Yes it can.  Russell Wilson reveals to Erin Andrews “I prefer cheese & brats to grits & barbecue”.   Herbie, Musberger and Badger Brown-eyed Girls launch Russell For Heisman campaign to a national audience. …. oh me, oh my!

NC State or ECU ??
…… Civil Defense officials chose Saturday to conduct stadium rapid evacuation drills at both The Carter and The Dowdy.   In the event of extreme disappointment, how long does it take 50,000 pissed off partisans to clear out of an outdoor sports venue?
Befitting the competitive nature of both fan bases, there is disagreement over which bunch bailed out earliest down to the bare aluminum.
Of course, UNC bandwagoneers are demanding a chance to show their degree of situational support at the earliest opportunity.   Duke is ineligible.  The Wally never has enough on hand to know if anyone leaves.

UNC AD Search
……. “BobLee, your comments made a difference” says my inside source re: UNC AD Search salary.  I’m not sure that’s true, but glad that “salary will not be an issue”.   There are rumors that Prince Tassel Loafer is lobbying hard for one of his boys on the cheap.  Under normal circumstances, that might be an option.  Ain’t nothing “normal” about this circumstance.

Gritty Dukies hold on
….. to whup some obscure Florida community college with an overly-pretentious name – Florida Global Galaxtic College & Tanning Salon.
Duke is one missed chip-shot FG from being 4-1.  Should Iron Dukes be making December bowl plans?

Clem’s Son Humbles Hokies
….. There is no joy at The Clubhouse in Blacksburg.  Dabo temporarily silences the “Bring back Danny” crowd at The Esso Club.  Will Tigers EVER lose another game?  Is The Beamer & Bud Era over?

WhatsHisName looks like WhatsHisName ???
….. WhatsHisName The Boston College HC sure looks like WhatsHisName The Miami Dolphins HC.   …. Grobe’s Pesky Deacs are on a roll.  Deacs are one missed kick from being undefeated.  The Irish Are Coming ….. The Irish Are Coming ……

Mark Richt’s Dawgs win 
…… But Jimma Sexton reminds UGA officials “Really.  Butch didn’t know nuthin’.”

There is ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH to the rumor that Jimma Sexton has sent Madame Yow an unsolicited resume of one of his currently available clients.  At least no truth that we can verify.

Did you know that
…… The Tar Heel Radio Network has an Official Tar Heel Pork Rind?  What’s next – Official Tar Heel Stink Bait – Official Tar Heel Deer Urine ?   Has Holden Thorp EVER eaten “a pork rind”?

EXTRA:  YES…. CONFIRMED: Chancellor Thorp DOES enjoy pork rinds.  The boy grew up in Cumberland County. OF COURSE, he eats pork rinds.

….. stuff that makes you say huh.

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