September29/ 2011

Lane Kiffen Pulls A Butch
….. Lane “We Don’t Recruit Angels” Kiffen can’t get out from under the dirt he did while at Tennessee.  The latest involves a trusted Kiffen assistant supplying travel $$$ to a recruit.  Kiffen went immediately to “Sgt Schultz Mode”.  I TOLD YOU Butchie was starting a trend that other scammers would quickly copy.

The Dem Blond & The N&O go “SPLATT”
….. NC’s  #1 Dem Blond – Guv Bev “Dumplin” Perdue got her little tushy in a wringer this week.  Flirting with a bunch of 50-ish Rotarians in Cary, Dumplin’ mused that we should postpone next November’s elections to permit sitting pols to concentrate on the economy instead of re-election.  It was a “try to be funny” line by the peroxide airhead. ….  And it immediately went viral across America.
Then it really got silly!  Bev’s house organ newspaper – The N&O – rushed to defend their little dingbat – screaming IT WAS A JOKE!.   That’s fine EXCEPT that same no-account fishwrapper had just spent Four Days piling on Rick Perry for a 1992 throw-away line about his barbecue preferences.
Water is Wet ….. Bev is an airhead …. The N&O is in a death gurgle.  Life does have absolutes.

Elvis Cole & Joe Pike
….. BobLee continues to find new great literary characters.  Add to the list Elvis Cole and his laconic sidekick – Joe Pike.  Elvis & Joe are LA private investigators created by Robert Crais in the Raymond Chandler / Mike Hammer mode.  Check’em out.
I get my audio books from – a very very simple process downloading to your iTunes then to your iPhone.

The NCISs are back
….. its mid-Sept and the new seasons are stating for network staples.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs & Hetty are back leading their respective NCIS units on Tuesdays.

UNC visits G-Vegas
….. This Saturday Ev meets Ruffin in Dowdy-Ficklin.  Two UNC system schools with AfrAmer Head Coaches – where were the odds on that?   This is a Biggie for UNC.  Two straight Ls will not sell many tickets for next week’s Louisville visit to Kenan.  A W, on the other hand, will mean Ev’s Heels can bounce back against a high-scoring offense.

UNC AD Update
…… New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced he is NOT a candidate for UNC’s AD.  Sarah Palin remains mum on her intentions. …. BobLee Buddy Art Chansky’s column on AD Search.

Art also had a great column last week on Tommy Thigpen and how much Butch knew about Blake.  Butch-lovers won’t like that column very much.

Bloomberg to deliver UNC Commencement
….. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg will deliver next Spring’s Commencement.  These 20 minute blathers are GREATLY over-rated but closely examined.  Mayor Bloomberg is about as mainstream as UNC might ever go.

UNBELIEVABLE MLB Playoffs Scramble
…… If you missed the late-night heroics Wednesday in MLB, you missed as INCREDIBLE a simultaneous “sports happening” as there may ever be.  ESPN almost justified its control over sports with its simul-casts of the Rays, Phillies, Orioles unbelievably dramatic wins…. It was High Sports Drama at its very best.  Folks in Boston may not think so of course.

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