September15/ 2011

All things considered, go to Ace
….. surely everyone understands the retail phenomenon of “big box stores”.  I am equidistant from a Lowe’s and a Ace Hardware.  Unless I need lumber, I always go to Ace first for gizmos and whatnots.  I get fine service at both, but just feel good supporting the Ace folks.

Two NFL guys I like
….. listening to are Jon Gruden and Herm Edwards.  I always learn something from them about the pro football.   Neither one takes himself too seriously.  I like that in people.

UNC’s AD Search
….. is progressing apparently.  A bit like the College of Cardinals picking a pope. I’m hearing that “salary” may be a BIG issue.  So I dashed off the following:

Memo To UNC AD Search Committee:  Hi guys (and gals).  Can I assume you’ve decided on the shape of the table by now and will not be considering any one named Moon Unit, Shadrak, Uncle Julius, or “Dickie” this time around, I hope all goes well.
I hear the BOT thinks $300,000 is plenty enough to pay a Director of Athletics.  It probably is; but this is Big Time College Athletics so lets not be prisoners to common sense.  It’s 2011 and $300,000 in today’s market gets you a nice little man, totally devoid of gravitas and leadership skills, who really really loves his alma mater but doesn’t know diddly, jack or squat about “directing” a large athletics department.   I can get you a nice little man with zero  gravitas who really really loves his alma mater for under $50,000 if that’s really all you can afford.
The going rate for experienced “big boy ADs” is $500-800,000.  None of whom will have ever read Look Homeward Angel, if that’s still important to you.
Staying internal & on the cheap with any of “Dickie’s boys” will have a board monkey riot on your hands.  It would almost be worth it to see that, but probably a really bad idea unless de-emphasizing UNC athletics really is the objective.
A sports out-sider from the corporate world could be a good idea.  College Athletics ain’t brain surgery.   A good savvy nuts & bolts “leader /manager” could be fine unless “will work cheap” is the #1 reason you pick him.  Such folks don’t come cheap.
I wonder if Charlie Cobb is on the short list?  THAT would be interesting I think.
With any UNC major hire the dark cloud of diversity always hovers.  If that’s a “must” for you, can I recommend a gay Commanche midget.  I don’t know one off-hand but surely Carr & Associates can find one.
Let me know how I can help.  ….. Hark The Sound: BL

PS: Rock Star Coaches’ mega-salaries are “justified” that they fill stadium/arena seats.  Can a mere administrator be a mini rock-star and merit more $$$ than a Chancellor …. at “a wannabe-Ivy” ???

How’s Coach Withers doing
….. I wasn’t there but my spies report no significant faux pas from last week’s W over Rutgers.  Ev is now 2-0 going into the UVa game.  If he never ever loses I predict he will be around a long time.  If UNC does choose to keep him, they can get him cheap …. if that’s important; and I’m betting it is.

Mark Gottfried will parachute
….. into Carter-Finley at half-time this week.  I think that’s cool.  Has the phrase “Monte Kiffin on a horse” been mentioned 10,000 times since Mark’s jump was announced?  I bet it has been.  On the DANGER meter, where does sky diving rate compared to “pissing off Larry Drew’s mamma?”

My Saying Good Things About
…. a rival school (Wake Forest) ALWAYS upsets a certain faction of UNCers.  Thats not why I do it but its a nice added bonus.

Texas joining The ACC
….. THAT wild-ass-rumor certainly sent the board monkeys into deep space this week.  I’m for anything that creates chaos and utterly defies logic ….. so why not?

CASTLE returns next week
….. I like Castle so that makes me happy.

NCAA goons returned to Chapel Hill on Wednesday
….. the same day Barack Obama came to NC State.  All’s we needed was a Crystal Mangum & Mike Nifong wedding in Durham to have a Triangle TriFecta. …… When asked why they were back, an NCAA official smiled slyly and said oh, we just felt like it ….”

bdip bdip bdip …. That’s All Folks.

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