Cherry Cheesecake With No Dog In The Fights

September12/ 2011

SO MUCH Color & Pageantry & blocking & tackling & prime rib & cherry cheesecake & nice folks & all we had to do was partake.  Our annual Moricle Weekend was splendiferous as it always is – plus a Humdinger of a game. There were A LOT of humdinger games this past weekend ….. not a single one defined me as a human being causing me to feel more or less “worthy”.

I love watching college football …. and eating sausage.   What goes in to both prior to being presented to me for my enjoyment is another story, but there’s not much I can do about that.  A Serenity Prayer kinda thing.

This past weekend was Blondie’s and my annual Moricle Saturday over at BB&T Field.  This was Year 4 or 5 that we have been special guests of a dear friend in The Moricle Society for a Wake Forest football game.  The Moricle Society is a small select group of incredibly generous benefactors to Wake Forest University. The level of their generosity is such that the university goes all out to say thank you.

Blondie and I attend one game per year in the Moricles’ lofty penthouse yet Barry Faircloth the Executive Director of The Deacon Club AND legendary Super AD – Ron Wellman come by to say hi and call us by name and we are not wearing name tags.  Sure they review a list of special guests.  I know “all the tricks” for making folks feel special.  Maybe I DID fall off a turnip truck but it was quite a while ago.   I know when I’m being patronized and when a smile and a handshake are genuine.   Deacon powers-that-be are just very nice folks.

Blondie & I ain’t no rubes.  We been “feted” before in fancy digs by folks with expensive tastes.  We know the drill.  A game with The Moricles and Deacons Big Shots is as nicely fine as it gets.  There was an elderly gent there that had just given $40,000,000 to Wake Forest.  Everyone treated him very nicely too.

Super AD Wellman and I discussed a certain AD Search underway at an area institution.  I shared my inside info with Ron.  He knows both individuals I mentioned and says either would be excellent choices.  Neither have Carolina “ties”.  No, I won’t share that inside info here because then I won’t get more inside info.  There will be a few more names added to the short list.  Have I mentioned how incredibly congenial Ron Wellman is?

There may be folks somewhere “as nice as” these folks; but there are none any nicer. And, yes, the prime rib and cherry cheesecake were excellent too.   Would every one be as nice if I wasn’t accompanied by Blondie decked out in her carefully selected wardrobe matching the school colors of our hosts?  That is a question I have no intention of answering nor would Blondie permit me to test it.  She is going to our Moricle Weekend every year whether I go or not.

And …. we got to hook up with DP & Donna Jo AppleHappy too.  DP and I matriculated together at Jesse W. Grainger High School “a few” years ago.  Seeing them made a fine day even “finier”.

Every game we have attended at BB&T Field has been a humdinger and this one was too.  The outcome was Deacon-friendly so there is no joy on The Brickyard.  Wuffs long knives are sharpening for TO’B over his Russell Decision.  I suspect The Marine knew that might happen.  “Leadership” is making the tough call and accepting the consequences.  Pretty much anyone can grab a pitchfork and a torch and join a second-guessing angry mob.

Amid Kenan’s lofty pines, Everett Withers doubled his overall W total to two.  Preliminary reports indicate no stoopid stuff took place …. for which I, and many others, are grateful.  John Blake, Gary Wichard and Uncle Julius did not receive game balls and presumably never will.  The Orange County Firemen were a pretty safe choice.  Keep thinking that way Coach and keep on winning.  Movin’ on …..

I took some shots for my opinion of the Game Ball Fumble last week.  I retract not one single syllable of it.  One long time reader and “BCS Before I Die Whatever The Costs” addict said I “don’t get IT …. and never will”.  I sure hope he’s right!  I figure his “it” applies to leprosy and whatever odd quirk he has to be so desperate for life-validation via UNC Football success.  I lost two readers last week but gained 27 new ones.  No, they weren’t all ABCers.

…. re: my recent Rimshot about BOTBob:  BOTBob threatened to sue Carolina Country Club because golfers hit balls in his yard.  The golf course, of course, existed long before BOTBob built his gianormous Columbian Drug Lord mega-mansion.  Wonder if Butch gets first dibs on the errant balls?  If Bob would just ‘fess up and come clean I’d leave him alone; but noooooo ….

From sea to shining sea there were some made-for-TV “Thrillas” this past weekend.  I had no dog in any of the fights so that made the outcomes all that more fun to watch.

That Michigan v Notre Dame ending DEFINITELY woke up echoes in South Bend and the victors in The Big House were quite valiant.  Was it “the GREATEST ENDING EVER?  “Ever” includes a lot of endings.  I leave such hyperbole to them what wallow in it.  I think those new Notre Dame unis suxed BIG TIME.  Bizarro uniforms are now a part of Big Time College Football.  I don’t care for Erin “Rapunzel” Andrews’ long hair either but it is what it is.

Mack’s Longhorns squeezed past Brigham’s Mormons.  The McCoy – Shipley Show is back in Austin.  What are the freakin’ odds of that, I mean really.  The younger brothers of Colt & Jordan playing the same positions of their older brothers and pulling off the same miracles.  And their dads were teammates etc etc.   Grantland Rice woulda loved it.

 Mark Richt’s grave was dug a little deeper between the hedges.  Wonder if Jimma Sexton has made a call to UGA on behalf of a certain unemployed mercenary with a bad memory.   I betcha his name is being mentioned by desperate Big Dawgs.

College Football whether enjoyed from the lofty luxury of a Moricle Suite or in the comfy surrounds of our home theater is a darn fine way to spend a Saturday.  Like eating sausage ….. just don’t ask “what’s in it”.

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