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September07/ 2011

When an Executive RETIRES
…… he gets a party and a watch.  When an executive is FIRED he gets a security guard escort out of the building.  At UNC he gets a freakin’ game ball. KLUNK!

MEMO TO Everett Withers
….. Everett, Everett, Everett !!  In 48 hours you (1) pissed in the punch bowl; then you went and (2) pissed on your bosses’ shoes.  Two bad moves, EW.
You used up all your mulligans on the first tee.  In any normal situation you would be standing on two banana peels the rest of the season.  But in the Monty Python theme park known as The Flagship; you might get a car upgrade and be named Chair of AfrAmer Studies.
That Game Ball Stunt was excusable as post-game celebration exuberance.  Then you pulled a Roy with that “I just felt like doing it” . Bro, you need 500 more wins and two rings to whistle that tune.
The Renners and The Davis’ are joined at the hip in a creepy coach – son – son – coach kabuki dance.  You need to be above that stuff, Ev.
I (figuretively) pissed on a bosses’ shoes once; BUT I was 24 at the time.  You’re pushing 50.  I resisted the urge throughout my corporate career.  Self-control Ev, self-control.
The two fatal errors rookie head coaches make are (1) inability to manage their peers, and (2) not understanding that every single thing they do or say is headline fodder.  If UNC’s head coach picks his nose or scratchs his butt, someone will get a picture of him doing it.  You dropped your trou and pushed your butt in your bosses’ faces.  Every body in North Carolina saw you do it.
Holden Thorp gave you the career opportunity of a lifetime …. and you “just felt like” publicly embarrassing him!  Meanwhile your “friend” Butch and “his friend” BOTBob Winston are laughing over cocktails at Carolina Country Club where you will not (cannot) be invited to join them.  Ask Butch & Bob why not!  Some “friends”!
Is Jimma Sexton shopping you and Butch as a package deal?  Are you sure?

MEMO TO Chancellor Thorp
….. Mr Chancellor, you know that scene in Animal House where the Deltas put the dead horse in Dean Wormer’s office?  Everett Withers & young Bryn just “dead horsed” your office because Everett “just felt like doing it”.
Harry Truman fired Douglas MacArthur for insubordination.   Col. William Barrett Travis drew a line in the sand at The Alamo.  Leaders don’t blink.  Leaders lead.
Rookie coaches, young QBs and cats …. all have to be trained to use their litter boxes.  That’s why God made rolled-up newspapers.
The barbarians are scaling the walls Holden.  WhatChuGonnaDoAboutIt ?

New Season of RHWofBH
….. whatever cards Life has dealt you, you really should watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills beginning its 2nd season on Bravo.  These lacquered nailed vapid twits are funnier than a box o’ puppies.

Hooked another one
….. About once a year I get a cyber stalker.  The latest one was a clenched-teeth Butch-lover with an itchy keyboard.  I volley with these rabid bats for a few days.  They get increasingly belligerent then go SPLATT.  I consign them to a junk mailbox then restart the countdown clock.  There’s always “a next one”.

Great New Sports Movie
…. Moneyball w/ Brad Pitt opening Sept 23.  Gonna be a great “Inside Baseball” flick.  Check it out …

The 13 Fans At Every College Football Game
…. Sports Pickle is a good website for ribald over-the-top sports satire.   This recent feature nails The 13 Fans At Every College Football Game . (CLICK)

David Morrell
….. created John Rambo in First Blood.  He has several dozen other similar “hard men living hard lives” novels.  Check’em out.
I took a break from the CIA rogue operative genre this week for Louis L’amour’s Lando.   I was glad I did.

Those Maryland uniforms and helmets
…… were as gosh-awful ugly as Ralph Friedgen in a speedo.  What’s next – helmets with dreadlock extensions?
I was thinking how lucky we are that Maryland is not in the ACC any more. ….. They ARE?  Are ya’ll sure about that?  Do they attract “that valuable South Baltimore market”?  Lets trade’em to the WAC for Texas El Paso.

…. and a hearty Hi Ho Silver Away.

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