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September04/ 2011

NEWSFLASH:  BobLee, are you going to have more to say on The Game Ball Mess?  Yep.  As “the plot thickens” I shall stir the pot.  Withers’ Monday comment “I felt like it” will be Rimshotted on Wednesday.  Ain’t NEVER gonna run out of column fodder ……

Band people are cool
….. Band people get made the butt of jokes by some but I think they’re neat.  We watched’em go by and they seem to really enjoy being “in the band”.   I wish I could play a musical instrument. …. UNC’s band has a majorette this year – that’s a good thing!

#64 for Ol’ Sam
…… UNC historians noted the 64th annual protest re: Silent Sam this past week.  For at least 64 years the venerable Confederate soldier statue in UNC’s McCorkle Place has weathered indignant protests by scruffy indignant wuzzles in dire need of baths, haircuts and lives.
As in the past, this year’s event involved half a dozen “scruffies”, a gaggle of curious townies and two dozen media-types.  “Media” usually outnumber scruffy protestors at least 3-1.  See ya next year – same place & time.

ESPN GameDay is off & running
…… the same question as last year – Who is prettier: Kirk Herbstreit or Erin Andrews?  Blondie considers GameDay her “favorite sports event”.

The US Open Tennis 
….. was held last week, I think.  I don’t think Anika Sorenstam or Wilma Rudolph played but I’m not sure.   Maybe Chaz Bono played?  Whatever happened to Boris Becker?

Chaz Bono on DWTS ????
……  Probably not a threat to replace Lonesome Dove among “most-watched shows of all time”.

Kid all set in St Louis
……. Kid’s Life In St Louis is in full motion.  Settled in her quaint duplex, her new roomie from Georgia, her classes at Covenant and her job at the Toy Store.  Hasn’t met Stan Musial yet but ever vigilant.

If Major League Baseball
…… simply stopped playing in September, would anyone notice?  Wake me when “the playoffs” start.

Will ANYTHING stop the ABCers attacks on UNC? 
…… NO.  Absolutely nothing will stop the full-bore assault by rivals over Butch Mess.  Every day of every week of every month for the next 25 years minimum.

Bye bye ‘til Thursday.

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