August31/ 2011

Uncle Julius Resigns (as AfrAm Dept chair)
….. Late Thurs aftrn “Uncle Julius” Nyang’oro resigned as chairman of the UNC AfrAmer Stds Dept.  He loses a pro-rated share of the $12,000 stipend he receives as a dept chair.  He has NOT resigned from UNC.  WHAT DO I THINK ABOUT IT? – I think it’s “a good start”. (like 2,000 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean….).  It beats the heck outta giving him a raise…. I ‘spect there’ll be more to follow.
The UNC campus has not been bulldozed and salted so Wuffs are not dancing in the brickyard…. drip, drip, drip ….
AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?  Not that I am aware of.

It’s All In The Name
….. I think US Women’s Soccer Goalie Hope Solo is a very attractive she-jock.  But would she be as marketable if her name was Hope Turnipseed or Gladys Solo?  Short staccato names sell better – Tiger Woods …. Mia Hamm ….. Joe Montana.

Re: Conference Realignment
……  “Conferences HAVE to have a minimum of twelve members to have a conference championship game”.   Why?  Eliminate that arbitrary rule and you eliminate a lot of the scrambling to poach schools from other conferences.   The phrase “gives us access to the vital Boston market” will haunt Little Johnny to his grave.

Why Did UNC form a 12-member committee
….. to select a new AD?  Because that’s what UNC ALWAYS does.  Q:  Doesn’t that create an unnecessary bureaucratic boondoggle?  A:  Sure ….. what’s your point?

Clive Cussler’s latest hero
….. Issac Bell of the Van Dorn Detective Agency is “the Dirk Pitt of detectives”.  Issac has three Cussler adventures.  Check’em out.

Awaiting ONE voice of reason
…… Big Time College FB / BskB has “enjoyed” a summer full of Thelma & Louises with future T&Ls a guarantee.  Yet schools scramble to book passage on this institutional “Titanic”.
When will one brave school push away from the BCS poker table and say “that’s enough! We’re going back to being a student-centered teaching & learning institution.” ?

Whatever Happened To
……. Pia Zadora ?

Some GREAT Reader Comments
….. I hope you take time to read Reader Comments to BLSays.  A recent Zogby Poll rates BLSays as THE Most Civil Comment Forum on The Internet.
A wide spectrum of reader POVs but expressed in a “big boy & girl fashion”.  Check’em out.  In over a year, we have only deleted two comments.  With our quality of clientele it’s simply not necessary.

Serving on a local school board
….. has replaced alligator wrestling and rattlesnake milking as America’s #1 Most Dangerous Occupation.  Everybody’s local school board is THE most contentiously dysfunctional one in America.

Color, Pageantry & Scandal Aplenty
….. this weekend kicks off GameDays across America.  The games themselves are quite exciting.  It’s the sausage factories behind them that give off the odor of rotten eggs and sour milk.  For Triangle FB fans, count how many times you hear the word “Swahili” at your tailgate  Is Swahili the new Amphibious?

Say Good Night Gracie …….

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