Nevin … Nyang’oro … & Nico

August21/ 2011

“It won’t work Donna!”  I muttered Sunday morning as UNC’s Kunta Kinte Flim Flam exploded off The N&O front page. 

The dwarf president of the beleaguered U of Miami had to have requested that The N&O “do something” to prevent this week’s BLSays colunn from focusing solely on her steamin’ pile o’ crap.   The N&O definitely complied with Madame Shalala’s request.

But it won’t work Donna.  I’ll simply combine two commentaries into one pretty long one.  Never screw around with a guy that owns his own website!


To quote Chester A. Riley (William Bendix in the 50s sitcom – The Life of Riley) – “What a revolting development this has turned out to be!”  Not surprising really ….. but quite “revolting”.

Before we put on our waders and slog into The Nyang’oro Swamp, I have to comment on Miami – “a very sunny place for very shady people”.


Paraphrasing Provocateur Jason Whitlock – “If Mother Teresa lived 15 minutes from South Beach she’d be turning tricks for flutes of Kristal ….”  Trying to operate anything remotely legit in the shadows of South Florida’s Sodom & Gomorrah is impossible.   Mix clean water with dirty water and you always get dirty water.

For the past 20 years “The U” has recruited the bulk of its playas from the blacks slums of South Florida.  Kids who grow up idolizing pimps, ho’s, dealers and gang-bangers.  These kids get schollys to The U and VOILA the pimp, ho’s, dealers, gangbangers lifestyle is open to them courtesy of Nevin Shapiro and his ilk since Schnellenberger’s era.  (including The Butch Era)

A middle class white kid from Woodberry Forest has dreams ….. a street kid from Killian High has dreams.  Dangle a taste of those dreams in front of them and kids will follows you like a Pied Piper.  Why should a street kid say no to what Nevin Shapiro was offering? …… Because it was ILLEGAL?  Not by their definition.

The University of Miami is Georgetown South.  It’s Duke with palm trees.  It is a relatively small elitist private school with tuition costs in the “gulp” category.  It costs an arm and a leg to go there UNLESS the arm & leg is heavily muscled.  An AfricanAmerican on the campus of either Miami or Georgetown is either on the maintenance staff or a student-athlete.

The U President Donna Shalala went immediately into the increasingly popular Sgt Schultz mode.  “I didn’t know nuthin’”.   Madame Shalala was in Bill Clinton’s Star Wars Cantina Cabinet and still hasn’t figured out what Bill and Monica did with the cigar.   “Didn’t know nuthin’” is her response to pretty much anything.

If The U had been serious about shutting down their South Beach campus, they woulda hired “a Nico”.   Have you seen the new TV show Necessary Roughness? 

Necessary Roughness is about a hottie therapist (Dr Dani) hired by the mythical Hawks pro football team to work with their Terrell Owens-esque head case.  The show overflows with over-the-top sports stereotypes.   The real star of the show to me is “Nico”.

“Nico” is the Hawks’ mystery man who knows everything that is going on with everybody.  He reports directly to the owner.  He is a private investigator with his eyes and ears “on the street”.  Every BCS football program should have a Nico.  Few, if any, have a Nico BECAUSE most don’t really want to know what’s going on.  Miami, UNC and Ohio State certainly did not want to know.

For this article I called a friend who is a former undercover agent for the DEA.  Scary stuff.  If he lived in Miami or Chapel Hill would he know who was doing what and when?

“BobLee, it would take me about two weeks to develop my cover, then I would know what every playa liked to drink, what his drug of choice was and what flavor of girls he preferred.” 

If a school administration REALLY wanted to know what’s going on they would have a Nico on permanent retainer.  IF they really wanted to know.

Coral Gables is like an ant hill these days …. playas, former playas, coaches, former coaches, boosters, ponzi schemers, bookies, ho’s, pimps, board monkeys, and one diminutive school president all running away from any personal accountability.  Like BOTBob has done.

For institutions founded on “knowledge”; no one in charge ever seems to have any – “knowledge”.  Why is that?


Into The Nyang’oro Swamp we wade ……

Choo Choo knew the jock-sniffing professors.  Roman Gabriel and Ace Parker and Len Chappell knew who they were.   Every student-athlete at every school learns who they are.  They learn who the jock ball-buster professors are too.  They steer waaay clear of them.  But Marvin Austin is the first UNC “student-athlete” to be introduced to’em before he even arrived on campus.  THAT is a first.

The Kid Glove Coddling Of Marvin Austin took a giant leap into the integrity toilet on Sunday when The N&O broke the story of Marvin & Julius Nyang’oro – aka The Kunta Kinte Flim Flam.

The same N&O that rabid wuff-loons swear is “in the tank” to cover for UNC.   The N&O also filed the lawsuit to pry the parking and phone records loose but is still perceived as “covering up” for UNC.

UNC is a one-car funeral procession and Wuff-loons keep running out and throwing themselves under the hearse.   Damnedest thing I’ve ever seen.

Marvin Austin had as much business being a “student”at UNC as I would have being a bag man in a DC street gang.  Coaches ran a well-rehearsed flim flam to get him thru Admissions then another flim flam to keep him eligible.  Coaches had been sneaking Marv thru systems since he first proven he was a big ol’ headbanger.

Former Coach Butch’s staff knew Julius Nyang’oro was “operating a grade mill for black jocks” so Marv was enrolled in Julius’ “B For Black Jocks” class before he ever set foot on campus.   Marv was not the first UNC AfrAmer student-athlete to be enrolled in Julius Nyang’oro “Guaranteed B for Black Jocks” class.  MANY have preceded Marvin for many years.  This is the infamous Swahili guy that mysteriously disappeared during the Michael McAdoo blatant plagiarism embarrassment.

You’re wondering did Tyler Hansbrough “take Julius”?  Yep. He sure did.

SO FAR Chancellor Thorp is running interference for “a colleague” –  Julius Nyang’oro.  “African American Studies is important at UNC because North Carolina fought in the Confederacy ….”   Whaaaaaa?  Unless that changes really soon I’ve got a most regrettable decision to make.

I don’t expect a chancellor to know what going on in a sports locker room.  He is supposed to have an AD who does that.  Holden didn’t have one of those.  UNC’s AD knows the second verse to Hark The Sound and can recite the name of every chancellor for the past 200 years.  Rare skills for an Athletic Director for sure.  Dickie Baddour LOVES UNC.  Didn’t know “jack” about his department though. ….. sigh.

If a chancellor cannot recognize The Kunta Kinte Flim Flam what can he recognize?   The Kunta Kinte Flim Flam smashes “academic integrity” into itty bitty pieces and then pees on the pieces.  Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday is sobbing into his oatmeal over this latest mess.

Academic hypoocrisy may, indeed, be “no worse” at UNC than many other schools; but it is certainly no less so.  Either position debunks TCW ….

Liberal Arts Universities have been held hostage by radical factions for several decades now.  Race radicals ….. gender radicals ….. sexual radicals ….. anti-Christian radicals ….. and plain old anarchic commies left over from the 60s.  If a chancellor or president doesn’t grab his/her ankles for these quite mad extremists there will be hell-to-pay in campus chaos.

This bunch doesn’t fit in the real world so they retreat to “the campus” and set up shop.  With Julius Nyang’oro its Academic Reparations. Somewhere in Julius’ twisted mind “it’s not Marvin’s fault he’s functionally illiterate” so he (Julius) is gonna help the Marvins of the world get even with “the man”.

Recall Duke’s Prez Broadhead’s knee-jerk reaction to Duke Lacrosse.  Broadhead immediately backed the pycho ho and was urging on the Gang of 88 and the potbangers against those “evil rich white boys”. …….

Did Julius get paid for his services or is he simply an ideologue?  Who knows?   Holden Thorp should know and he should “do something” about it.  Will he?  I sure do hope he does….. AND REALLY REALLY SOON.   I’m not the only one who has stuck by Holden so far …. but it doesn’t take too long to call the roll.  This latest crap ain’t gonna swell those rolls.

Sunday AM I contacted “a local leader in Raleigh’s black community” for his reaction to this.  He informed me he “didn’t care and had no interest”.    Same thing he told me when I asked him about Jeremiah Wright.

Butch & Blake didn’t give a damn about Julius’ ideological itch or how he scratched it.  Butch & Blake just expected Marv and Michael and Greg et al in Kenan busting heads on Saturday.  Butch paid people to escort his players thru the academic minefield ….. to know all “the Julius Nyang’oros”.

Parents scrimp and save and borrow themselves into eternal debt to send their children “off to college”  where:

•    Thugs like Marvin Austin and academic ponzi schemers like Julius Nyong’oro have a stranglehold on the campus.
•    Millionaire coaches laugh in the faces of pompous academicians.
•    Administrators hamstrung by limo liberal “guilt” are held hostage by ideological extremists.
•    And ….. the beady-eyed “Just win and we don’t care how” crowd crouches in the weeds

Screw these festering cesspools ….. send your kids to the military.

Here’s the link to the N&O article CLICK

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