MON 08/22

August21/ 2011

Congrats to Webb Simpson
Raleigh native and Wake Forest grad Webb Simpson won his first PGA Tour event in Greensboro this weekend.  I met Webb at an FCA function several years ago.  Fine young man!  Webb beat “Two Glove Tommy” Gainey.  Tommy is a good ol’ boy from South Carolina and a bit of a character I met a few years ago at Kiawah Island. .  I like characters.

Some pathetic no-life nutjob is 
….. planning a Kenan fly-over of a FireThorp banner on Sept 3.  I have offered a buddy of mine with a vintage Sopwith Camel to “take it out”.  A for-real dogfight high over Kenan’s lofty pines would be quite cool I think.

A sure sign of The Apocalypse
….. when I actually agree with Mad Maxine Waters.  The Congressional Cuckoo ranted last week that “our guy Barack hasn’t done squat for black people”.  Yo Mad Max, he ain’t done squat for white or brown or yellow folks either.

How will Butch-loving Holden-haters react to this latest FUBAR?
…. do they acknowledge that Butch & Blake were recruiting sham students?  Of course they were recruiting sham students and in a quantity never before permitted at UNC.  Do Butch-lovers even pretend to care that that’s a fact?  Will their hatred for Holden allow them to discredit their beleaguered BCS Messiah?

A wrong number at 4 AM
….. what is worse than getting a “wrong number” call at 4AM?  Getting a right number call at 4 AM.  Think about it …..

I bet when you heard
….. about the basketball brawl between Georgetown and the Chinese; you immediately thought “those Big East thugs started it.”  Nope, the ChiComm thugs started it.  Shame on you.

Politicians insult each other 
….. by accusing each other of “playing politics”.  Isn’t that like Bill Gates calling Steve Jobs “a computer geek”?

Say good night Gracie ….

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