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August18/ 2011

Truth in each beholder’s eye
I don’t know everything but I know what I know.  A high % of the general public will never accept the true truth re: “Why Now – the Firing of Butch”.  They will build future opinions upon a foundation of convenient not-trues and be quite content with that.  This syndrome also applies to real world issues that matter. ….. sigh.

Whatever happened to ….
Yasmine Bleeth

Not Coach-centric
Play out a scenario where Everett Withers leads UNC to 7-8 wins including a W over NC State (YIKES!) and drops “Interim” from his title.  UNC’s FB program would not be dominated by a high profile personality.   A low-profile head coach would be a very good thing, I think.

TV Round-up:
One of our favorites – Memphis Beat – concluded its 2nd season.  MB is not “Justified” but its darn good.  Jason Lee has successfully moved beyond “Earl”.  We’ve burned out on Burn Notice and In Plain Sight is no longer in our sight. …. New Trash Show Alert – Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo …. follows five rich, shallow and vapid Dallasites.  As with most Texas shows the stereotypes are over-the-top requiring viewers tongues firmly in cheek.

Mobs always despise authority
Angry mobs always rail against central authority figures.   Whether on the Internet or in front of The Bastille.  Whatever the issue…. the angry mob vents its collective spleen at the admin authority figure – commissioners, owners, chancellors, referee, home plate umpire.  What are the odds that ALL authority figures are ALL stoopid, corrupt, and hell-bent on ruining the day for each torch-bearing mob member?

Worst than anything you can imagine
The next 12-14 months leading to the Nov ‘12 elections will be the most vile, contentious and generally despicable period in our nation’s history. …. The Great National Divide will widen to such a chasm that Thelma&Louise won’t be able to jump it.

Audio Book Update
Finished the last “Reacher” by Lee Child but a new one is on its way.  Every crime/adventure novel reader HAS to meet “Jack Reacher” – the quintessential iconic lonely vigilante.  IMO, every man worth his salt has “an inner Reacher”.  Check him out.

Hard to find a job ??
Kid needed a part time job to augment her seminary expenses.  Anticipating a depressing trek thru the commercial underbelly of St Louis; she saw a Help Wanted ad on CraigList.  She (1) dressed “appropriately for a job interview” and (2) showed up bright-eyed and on time for her interview – an independent family-owned upscale toy store voted #1 Toy Store in St Louis.
BINGO …. SHE’S HIRED – “Can you start tomorrow?”  One Riot – One Ranger ….. One Interview – One Job.   Kid is functionally literate, well mannered and “spunky”.  Those qualities are still in demand.

Little Johnny’s World Imperil
Three of his member institutions are now at various stages of NCAA perp walks.   The ACC is becoming comparable to the SEC after all.  Is it time for Johnny Swofford to give another of his “ACC values and principles” pep talks?
The Miami Scandal is REAL.  Will Butch be implicated?  Probably not, because of the statute of limitations.  Miami is DOOMED.  South Beach will always have more influence than Indianapolis.

Scary Reader Comments
Have you noticed a few reader comments lately from “the peanut gallery”.  I allow them simply to remind you “those types” are out there.  Better you read their babblings than look in your mirror and see one of them.  Don’t become a “that guy”.
Our reader comments are worth perusing.  Obviously Butch Mess is bringing out the usual suspects but with a few exceptions their opinions are worth a look.

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