August10/ 2011

UNC AD Search Committee …..
Chanc Thorp has appointed an AD Search Committee – a typical UNC Noah’s Ark Committee – “two of every species on the planet”.   The smart play under the circumstances.  A combo of sane adults.  No Bob Winston – No Deems May.   Stone & Townsend are the “big boys”.  A well-timed positive step.  Kenan Klean-Up Kontinues.

Who are AD candidates ???  …….
It’s Eric Hyman’s to turn down which I believe he will (turn it down).  Eric has a very good situation at SoCar and does not need to step into this Augean Stable.

Norwood Teague @ VCU ?  I love Ol’ Phineus like a brutha but he doesn’t have Big Time FB cred that UNC needs right now.  If it is Phineus I’ll stand by him 100% but I don’t think it will be.

Internal Staff: Steiny, Gwaltney, Kupec …. Waddell – No, No, No & NO!  HAS TO BE a sitting AD with legitimate resume cred.  If Norwood doesn’t have the cred muscle these guys certainly don’t.   Any of these would be a dagger in the heart to UNC Athletics at this time in history.

Mack Brown – NO!  That rumor has been around longer than the story of Silent Sam and his rifle.

Me?  – (1) Way too many audio books waiting to be reistened ….. plus (2) Spending too much time in Chapel Hill gives me “the willies”.

GUESS WHAT !  There are excellent candidates with no UNC Kool-Aid in their veins.  DUH!  Find a Kevin White or Ron Wellman-type with national cred and a fistfulla contacts.  Mention of any NFL executive is pure board monkey BS.  There is a lot of that going around.

PGA Tour caddy rule ….
With all the hubba hubba over Tiger and his former caddy, I like this “rule” I saw about tour caddies – “Show Up – Keep Up – Shut Up”.

Blue Zone Whiners UPDATE ….
Who are the “anonymous clients” in that cabal of whining Blue Zone “investors”?  Is Charlotte big shot – Johnny (Quail Hollow) Harris – involved?  Butch cozied up to Johnny for tee times at Augusta National. ….. The Plot Thickens!

Is there MORE to come out re: Butch? …..
Yes.   Any of it good?  Not for Butch.
About “Why Now”?   Alas, THAT may never be fully revealed.

Riddle me this…..
Did Butch purposely run roughshod over long standing UNC culture? …. OR Did any one ever sit down with him early on and explain it ?  Don’t assume anyone did.  Dickie ?  BOTBob ?  Yeah, right.

Where’s BOTBob? …..
His office says “Mr Winston is out-of-the-country”.   Rumor has it “he’s on safari”.  – sure as there IS a God-In-Heaven I don’t make this stuff up.

The Help Movie ….
I’m telling you.  Don’t see the movie until you’ve read or heard the book.  If you are 50+ and grew up “in The South” it’s a MUST.   Powerful!

Betcha didn’t know …..
Danny DeVito and Kourtney Kardashian are the same height – 5’0”

Obama thinks …..
Obama thinks Standard & Poors are two of Gladys Knights’ Pips.

….. Say good night, Gracie

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