“Southern Living” on Steroids…. PLUS.

May11/ 2011

Everyone is familiar with Southern Living magazine.  A well-established chronicler of 500 recipes for pecan pie and why you really should See Rock City. There’s another even more enjoyable mag out there – Garden&Gun (G&G).  We’ve devoured this for some time and bet you’d like it too.  PLUS a quick appraisal of The Marine Vs The Boy Scout …..

And BL explains his recent disappearance.



  …might as well heat up a skillet and scramble caviar.

That line from a recent G&G article on country ham is all the proof you need that perusing an issue of G&G is a simple pleasure akin to gazing over a newly-mowed lawn with azaleas in full bloom while wearing seersucker and loafers sans socks.

Yes, G&G’s primary demographic target IS the well-born and well-bred Southern gentry.  No apologies offered or necessary.  More likely found at an Aiken steeplechase than a NASCAR race.  Leans more towards Conroy or Faulkner than Grizzard or Clower.   Prefers low-country cuisine instead of smothered, covered, scattered and chunked at a WH off I-85. …… but scoffin’ of such genteel folks is no better than those folks puttin’ down most of us.  Capiche?

BobLee’s Motto: 
Anyone who takes him/herself very seriously …
deserves NOT to be taken seriously by anyone else.

That simple credo encompasses all lifestyles regardless of how much one pays for a haircut.

Garden&Gun is a beautiful magazine with great photography and writers I’d be honored to ever be compared to.  It comes out bi-monthly.  That’s every other month for those of you who only watch ESPN.  Check it out ….. www.gardenandgun.com


The Marine vs The Boy Scout:  A fascinating conundrum has WuffWorld in an even more delightful tizzy than is it’s norm.   It seems Tom O’Brien (aka The Marine) is at odds with Russell Wilson (aka The QB / Boy Scout).   Unlike the standard sports squabble there is no easily discernable arrogant jackass braying in this one.   Quite the contrary, both combatants have brains AND exemplary recent records of deportment.

Russell wants to pursue a multi-sport career and TO’B wants to have a full-time QB at the helm of his football endeavor.  Considering Russell’s QB accomplishments to date, there is some merit to both sides ….. but BobLee sides with The Marine in this one.  

The only way TO’B escapes the wrath of Wuff bottom-feeders is if new QB Mike Glennon is revealed as The 2nd Coming of Philip Rivers.  Anything less and spittle will spew as lupine loonie wrath will be heaped upon TO’B.   It’s

It’s never fun being The Adult …

never much fun being “the adult” and making the tough call but that’s what Marines do.  Semper Fi as Russell “takes two and hits to right”.

Somewhat related:  Earlier claims that NC State BB was “the best job in America” have been disputed by Maryland fans in their recent search.  Meanwhile the rest of college basketball world has responded with aggressive apathy to both camps’ touts.  The futures of Coaches Gottfried and Turgeon is ahead of them ….. however Hall-of-Fame busts have not been ordered for either as of yet.



Not to worry.  BobLee is just fine.

If I go a week or more without a new column, rumors and concerns sprout like dandelions across BobLeeNation.  The best ones this time involve BOTBob Winston dispatching a team of UNC board monkey-assassins to “take me out”.  If BOTBob has indeed put out a contract on moi, his mad-as-wet-hens BCS-or-Bust boys have not succeeded.   Kinda like Butchie vs TO’B.  Ouch!

We have reinforced our perimeter with extra strands of concertina wire and a dozen extra claymores and bouncing bettys spread about the backyard.   Unlike Osama, I will NOT be using Blondie as a human shield in the event BOTBob’s barbarians storm the palace walls.

The much less colorful truths re: the recent dearth of BLSays columns is:

  • I haven’t had all that many incredibly insightful thoughts recently.  If I’m not enthralled by what I’m thinking, I assume you probably won’t be either.  There is a TILT quota on beating dead horses.
  • My current addiction to audio-books borders on obsessive and may require its own telethon and lapel ribbon.  I’m thru all of Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitars AND all of Ted Bell’s Hawke series. Now I’m on Steig Larssen’s trilogy w/ Lisbeth Salander.  Getting the Bose ear bud implants was pure genius.  The up-side to this is I combine it with daily 5-mile walks thru wooden glades alongside babbling brooks.  We have an incredible local Greenway Trail system.
  • I intend to concentrate more on providing you an up-lifting alternative to the daily muck & mire associated with our societal handbasket’s descent into Hell.  You do not need me announcing every level of our descent into Stygian darkness.  Columns like “Extraordinary Ordinary Man” may actually have some nutritional value in buoying your spirit. ….. Oh, I shall still whack-a-mole and skin-a-cat when a mole needs whacking or a cat needs skinning IF I can whack and skin with resultant pleasure to me and most of you.
  • Stand&Declare will continue as BobLee’s fireside e-chat with like-minded right-wing fanatics (RWFs).  S&Ds will become more succinct but no less lethal!  There are new S&Ds awaiting perusal right now.
  • Your “BobLee R U OK?” notes mean a heck of a lot to me BECAUSE – YOU mean a lot to me!  “Most of you” anyway. ….. If an incredibly insightful column is posted but no one gains incredible insights from it; can it really alter the course of human history?  Possibly, but the odds are not as favorable.
  • Signing up for an RSS feed of BLSays is free and automatically notifies you of any update.  Those of you in our data base, of course, get e-mail alerts.

To paraphrase Lord Tennyson’s “Light Brigade” ….

“Forward, the Light Brigade!”
Was there a man dismay’d?
Not tho’ the soldier knew
Someone had blunder’d:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do and die:
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

OK, maybe a tad overly dramatic for the occasion; but a lively Crimean War metaphor always brightens a day.


   Last Saturday, Mike Fox’s UNC moochies baseball team played Maryland at The Bosh.  I saw the game on FoxSports.  Mike had his Moochies in THE best looking unis since George Brett’s KC Royals of the 70s.  The whole team uniformly uniformed in blue WITH STIRRUP SOCKS, sanitary hose, etc.   I don’t know why or if it was a special occasion but we traditionalists rejoiced.  Huzza Huzza and a heart-felt Kudo to Coach Fox.
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