GOOD News re: UNC Football – Finally!

April10/ 2011

A year ago a boastful tweet forever scarred UNC Football.  In ensuing months the best off-field news has been “No Tressel-esque incriminating email has surfaced YET.” Guess what?  I do have some GOOD NEWS to report. No. BOTBob has not developed a conscience or a spine.

UNC Football is teetering on the brink of SEC-ization. Can a hero from its past rescue his alma mater?

Also observations of this year’s “Tradition like no other …” And an update on Jim Harrick Watch from Amedeo’s parking lot.


I have known Don McCauley (#23 from Garden City LI) literally from the first day he set foot in Chapel Hill as a freshman in August 1967.  Forty-five years of friendship with its gaps as Life circumstances set us on our respective journeys.

The Rarest of Sports HeroesDon McCauley is almost worthy of the deification bestowed by adoring partisans. Arguably only “Choo Choo” might occupy a loftier pedestal in the Tar Heel Football pantheon. (That’s with two “Choos”, Butch).

Following a solid decade-plus NFL career with the Baltimore Colts and subsequent success in the restaurant bizness, Don returned to Chapel Hill in 2003 in development with the business school and Rams Club.  Effective this month, Don McCauley is assuming the new position – Director of Football Projects & Lettermen Relations.

NOTE:  Rating Butch Davis’ rapport with UNC FB Lettermen – better than his success with TO’B for the same period of time.

He will be the direct liaison between The Rams Club and UNC Football.  UNC Football is currently micro-managed by Butch Davis.  Butch’s hands-on management is, by his own tearful admission, selectively hands-off (wink, wink, cough).

UNC’s Holocaust-deniers will find that paragraph a riddle wrapped inside a quandry.

This new position would be less noteworthy if assigned to anyone other than Don.  I would lampoon it as simply another layer of flimsy cover-up by UNC’s Flimsy Cover-uppers ‘R Us.

Don McCauley is a LOT more diplomatic on his worse day than I could ever be.  He can make an omelet without breaking an egg. When Don sets foot in The Kenan Football Center the Integrity quotient within the building ratchets up 1000%.  Maybe a sprig of Don’s integrity will take root. We can hope.  A tenderfoot boy scout would improve the credibility of that place these days.

If Don took over The UNC Board of Trustees, he would ratchet up the integrity of that flock of preening peacocks by 10,000%.  The aforementioned tenderfoot boy scout would as well.

I am crediting Chancellor Thorp with Don’s new assignment.  Rams Club Exec John Montgomery is a very solid fellow and also a good friend; but I am crediting Holden because – (1) I remain steadfast in my like of Holden Thorp and (2) he’s the only one involved in Flimsy Cover-Uppers ‘R Us that I have the slightest trust in.  That sounds incongruous but such is the complex nature of institutional cover-ups.  I’ll have more on this in the months to come.

Blondie is also a big fan of Donnie Mc’s.  Blondie is a MUCH tougher grader than I am.


  A man with a “twitter name” (economy of letters) wears The Green Jacket.  Anyone who had ever heard of Charl Schwartzel at noon on Sunday wins a kewpie doll.  The Quote of The Day from Nick Faldo – “I watched his jawline and could see his teeth clench.” as El Tigre missed the eagle gimmee on 15.  Really Nick? ….. A Tradition like no other.



As of this posting, Mike Gottlieb – oops, Mark Gottfried is still NC State’s Basketball Coach …. and multiple NCAA felon Jim Harrick is not associated with the program in any way whatsoever.  Hopefully for the sake of NC State Athletics that will remain the case.


Amid Kenan’s lofty pines Saturday, I ran into friends of LEROY Acts of Kindness PITTMAN.  They assured me my recent column re: Mr Pittman was widely circulated “back home” and a hard copy read by Mr Pittman hisownself.  Can’t ask for more than that as “a humble vessel”.

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