Civility Debates …. and Doornails

January27/ 2011

/ BobLee / : Have you had The Great Civility Debate with an acquaintance of the Left-wing Zealot (LWZ) persuasion …. yet? If you dabble in debating left-wing zealots you will eventually get to that issue de jour. Alas, civility debates are deader than those proverbial doornails …. here’s why.

NOTE: Yes, no Left-wing Zealot (LWZ) admits their left-wing zealotry. Their preferred self-description is mainstream moderate. Let’em call themselves a Chilean sea bass. Who cares? Like how they hi-jacked the words “gay” and “progressive”. I do not acknowledge their take-over of those terms nor do I indulge in debating such haranguing hairshirts ….. but maybe you do.

My fellow Right-wing Fanatics (RWFs), as many of you must be to be reading this of your own free-will, you realize “we” do indeed have some creative wordsmiths among our phalanx of pundits. Whether their medium of choice is radio, TV or print (cyber or dead-tree) our folks can get some incendiary mojo going describing the low-down, no-count, contemptible, lying, hypocritical, sleazy, putrid, arrogant, pompous, faux-intellectual, stinky-footed human effluent aligned “on the left”.

Until one gets deep down in the sub-basement where the Michael Savage / Bill Mahre factions call home, I enjoy the bejebbers out of verbal bomb-throwers. I proudly admit my lifetime membership among’em. I’m a disciple of the Sticks ‘n Stones School of Epithetology. If I’m not called a nazi, racist, homophobe, blah blah blah at least a dozen times before I’ve finished my morning coffee, I go back and edit my latest column to up its how dare him say THAT factor.

Ratcheting up the self-righteously indignant harumph of a Left-wing Zealot is more fun than plinking rats with a .22 at the city dump. Easier too. Junkyard rats are shifty critters.

IF you are so foolish to engage in debating civility with an LWZ, here’s the futility of your decision.

An LWZ will filibluster for 30-minutes minimum with eeeevil and vile stuff that Rush, Palin, Beck, O’Reilly, Cheney, Coulter, et al supposedly said. A % of which they might have actually said but most of which they didn’t. HuffPost, Daily Kos, MSNBC and all the driver-by pull-my-finger pundits said they said knowing LWZs will suck up anything slopped on their plate. Like a Franklin Streeter hearing a rumor about Coach K selling kiddie porn in Derm kindergartens.

At about the 10 minute mark in their filibluster they start repeating themselves figuring (1) you aren’t paying attention anyway and (2) it will seem like a longer list of eeeevil stuff if they repeat it. They are correct on both counts but (1) negates (2) except they do so enjoy the sound of their own flatulence.

They will eventually fold their arms and smugly prepare for you to apologize on behalf of all the rest of us RWFs and show proper contrition in a manner to be decided.

You, however, open the floodgates with LWZ putrid crapola spewed 24/7 by their endless array of putrid crapola spewers on every media form not named Fox or “on any talk radio show with more than a dozen listeners”. That reality forced upon’em hits their tender eardrums like sulphuric acid from a high pressure firehose. Those ears turn rosy red. Their pointy head starts spinning and their ferret-like teeth start hurting something fierce.

NOTE: Please avoid quoting Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men re: the Truth. That’s as trite as saying “how come we don’t have a White History Month?”. ….. Be Aware: Libs view “civility in politics” like they view “charitable donations” …. they think everyone ELSE should practice both …. Themselves? Not so much!

For LWZs to acknowledge the abject hypocrisy of their ideological beliefs is like pulling that loose thread on a sweater. Before they know it, the whole sleeve unravels and falls off. Foaming spittle spewing from twixt their ferret-like teeth signals the inglorious end of your experiment in debating civility with a Left-Wing Zealot.

Try teaching a chicken how to yodel or a worm to ride a unicycle. Good luck with those too.

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