Barnum & Bailey & Biden & _____ .

January27/ 2011

Top Five Lists are fun whether its Bond Girls / pizza toppings / Roy Williams’ moments or Liberal Democrat Clowns. With Halls of Fame ….. the first few inductees are easy, then the bickering begins. Is “plum foolish” a stronger criteria than scary as hell or dumber than dirt? …… then there’s Dennis Kucinich.

Everyone has his/her favorites. Bozo Joe Biden is my fave. IMO, no one blends arrogance with pomposity as well as The Dummy from Delaware. Being Veep gives him a bullier pulpit than his competition. Joe earned that advantage.

Give Joe a live mic and a camera. Within 17 seconds he will mangle history, pillage the English language, lie like a rug, and give the term heartbeat away from the nuclear trigger real significance. No matter the solemnest of the circumstance or the setting …. Joe will find the punch bowl and be pissin’ away before you can say Spiro Agnew.

Around TeamObama they call Joe Biden – Impeachment Insurance w/ hairplugs. So long as Joe Joe The Human Fau Pas is fogging a mirror, America will endure the Jug-eared Kenyan Commie. Who is Joe Joe’s competition on the poop deck of the Lib Ship of Fools?

Cynthia McKinney is an emeritus member of my list despite her congressional union card having been revoked a few years ago. There’s Houston’s Sheila Jackson Lee, Cynthia’s soul sister. Joe Joe uses pretentiousness to augment his braying jackassity. The doltish Miss Lee gives new meaning to “cornrows ‘n crazy”.

In an Amos ‘n Andy revival, She-Jack would play Lightnin’s idiot girlfriend.

Many put Mad Maxine Waters on a par with Sheila for “dumb on the halfshell”. Much of Mad Max is tied to her being “meaner than a polecat with an impacted wisdom tooth”. Mean and dumb tend to overlap.

The silver-haired Harlem FlimFlammer –Cholly Rangel is a de-lite of course. Cholly’s charm is in his forthright boast “you think I’m dumb. You oughta see the dingleberries that keep electing me.” That can be said for Sheila and Max too.

New York’s Gerald Nadler can bloviate with the bufooniest and scores lots of “wow, he sure is ugly” points. How many chins can one man have?

We could go on ….. but we’re here today to spotlight a longtime soundbite on a slow newsday – Congress & Cleveland’s Dennis Kucinich. Dennis was elected Mayor of Cleveland at the age of fourteen and promptly set the Cuyahoga River on fire. Art Modell listed Dennis as #3 on his list of why he moved the Browns to Baltimore. LaBron mighta stayed in Cleveland if Dennis had moved to Miami.

Dwarfish Dennis has been likened to a Polish Chihuahua. He doesn’t speak so much as he yaps.

All of the above is to set up that Dennis Kucinich is suing the Congressional Cafeteria for $150,000 for selling him a sandwich containing an olive with a pit back in April ‘08. Dennis subsequently chipped a tooth.


Cheeky? Kucinich Sues for ‘Oral Injuries’ From Errant Olive Pit

Published January 26, 2011 | AP

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio
It’s the pits to break a tooth while eating. Just ask Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

The Ohio Democratic representative is suing House cafeteria service providers for $150,000 for allegedly selling him a sandwich wrap with a stray olive pit in it.

Kucinich, who ran for president in 2008, said in a Jan. 3 lawsuit filed in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia that the pit caused “serious and permanent” damage to his mouth and wellbeing.

He said he is entitled to recover damages, “including but not limited to past and future dental and medical expenses, compensation for pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment and other damage.”

An initial scheduling conference is set for April. The four respondents named in the case are all food service providers for Capitol Hill. The offending sandwich was purchased at the Longworth House Office Building.


Many of you will include Dingy Harry and Prancy Nancy on your list. With Lib/Dems the number of clowns that keep emerging from the little car in the center ring is always “at least one more”.

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