Beware Cross-over Crazies

January15/ 2011

Beware the Cross-over Crazies. NEWSFLASH: There are whacked-out extremists on all sides of the political spectrum and all sorts of sub-species that hates the primary ideologies …. and sub-sub species that hate those sub-species. And guess what.

Any crazy with a keyboard and a modem can create a website or a twitter or Facebook page. Dose it in jet fuel and set a match to it. Pretending to be his mirror image crazy foe. A flaming website calling for violent action against X – Y or Z could easily be the handiwork of X – Y- or Z themselves.

The game in play is to convince you that the other side is really really quite insane …. every single one of’em …. so drink OUR Kool-Aid instead.

Tossing out red meat for ravenous wolf packs of political human hand grenades is quite simple. It could be a parlour game – do an impression of someone who really really hates fine decent folks like you are. Be as extreme as you can and exaggerate all the characteristics you want your screaming nutjob to possess. BINGO — some cave-dwelling goober will swallow your rubber worm.

Believing the worst about which ever side you despise is your Achilles Heel that the cross-over crazy exploits. An over-the-top website or Facebook page advocating some supposed far-right-wing Aryan racist jibberish will be exploited by Obama’s media gang …. and quite easily it was produced by them too.

How can you guard against falling into this trap? You are doing it. Keep current right here with Blondie and me. You know we are right-wing Conservative pundits. We don’t pretend otherwise.

Middle-of-the-road is where confused chickens get flattened by traffic going both ways. Show me a statue ever erected to a moderate?

The sweetest word in the English language is compromise when uttered thru the thin lips of a bile-boiling liberal because it means he got his pointy-headed butt whupped in an election.

No calling for compromise here. Salt their fields – drive off their livestock – and extinguishes their cooking fires ….. BUT do not limit their freedom of speech. Then you are being like them. Don’t do THAT!

Beware Cross-over Crazies!

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