Why “they” loathe her so ….

January12/ 2011

….. Most of you who click on here are, I assume, of the Conservative persuasion. There are varying degrees of that persuasion. Like Peter in the garden, some of you when challenged will claim you are “moderate blah blah blah” rather than face the snarling wrath of some screeching in your face liberal. That’s between you and your mirror. Regardless, I hope you will watch

Political commentary in the current era cannot (will not) avoid the subject of Sarah Palin. Are you showing signs of Sarah-fatique? You cannot read or watch the national scene politic without her being singled out. Enough already !!! …. exactly how the lib/dem zealots and media stooges want you to feel.

To the casual citizen it might seem as if Sarah Palin is ginning out this self-promotion 24/7. That she is inundating us with all things Sarah to promote her personal ambition. You are quite incorrect if that is how you perceive this. The overwhelming majority of Sarah Palin discussion in “the media” is generated by those who despise her …. her political enemies, obscure comedians, and media stooges. They despise who she is ….. despises what she represents. They fear and loathe people like YOU if you are people like Blondie and me ….. and Sarah Palin.

Watch and listen to this video released this morning – Wed Jan 12 – on the issue of the Arizona Shootings and the toxic tsunami in the aftermath of the Saturday event. It’s about seven minutes long. Draw your own conclusions. Forward it to like-minds and to undecided minds. Hellfire, send it to the nastiest pointy-headed constipated Sarah-hatin’ hairshirt you know.

Compare what you see and hear here to rhetoric you have heard in recent years from Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Dick Durbin, Howard Dean, Robert Gibbs, et al. As always here ….. it’s up to you.

To those of you who despise folks like Sarah, Blondie and me, don’t be afraid. After watching this, if you do, you will REALLY fear and loathe us even more. Speaking for Blondie and myself – Bring It On. We can take it.

NOTE: I have never felt that Sarah Palin’s destiny is to be President. I still feel that way. I do not know what her destiny is, but, then again, I’m not sure what mine is either.

America’s Enduring Strength

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