Kennedy Chicks In a Snit

January11/ 2011

The following commentary comes from a cyber pal of Blondie’s. Kevin Dujan at the website HillBuzz is a unique fellow – Kevin adores HillaryClinton and Sarah Palin and despises Obama. Kevin is of the homosexual persuasion. If that bothers you, dip your monitor in Clorox and move on. Otherwise, enjoy his special perspective….. we do.

CONFIRMED: HRH Princess Caroline of Kennedy and Maria Shriver pressured History Channel to cancel “The Kennedys” miniseries.

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As soon as the History Channel announced it was canceling “The Kennedys” miniseries (already filmed, and starring big name stars like Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes), I knew HRH Princess Caroline of Kennedy had something to do with it.

Turns out, she and cousin Maria Shriver apparently took a break from shopping at Bergdorf’s one day and pressured the History Channel not to tell the truth about their family.

The Hollywood Reporter has more on this story, of how Princess Caroline and cousin got their way.

Anne Sweeney is the head of ABC/Disney Television Group. The Walt Disney Company is part-owner of AETN…the A&E Television Networks, which owns the History Channel. Anne Sweeney serves on the AETN board.

HRH Princess Caroline Kennedy has a book deal with Hyperion Publishing (it’s unclear if she’s pledged to read a book, or to write one). The book is a collection of letters written by Jackie Kennedy, which Princess Caroline will collect a large check for “editing”.

Hyperion is owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Princess Caroline threatened to sink the book deal and not do any publicity for it if the History Channel ran “The Kennedys” miniseries.

Meanwhile, Kennedy cousin Maria Shriver pressured NBC executive Jeff Gaspin to cancel “The Kennedys” miniseries, since Gaspin serves on the AETN board with Anne Sweeney. Shriver is also a close personal friend of Sweeney’s, so she and Princess Caroline tag-teamed her.

Showtime is currently in talks to air the miniseries, which just proves how stupid both Maria Shriver and Princess Caroline are. More people watch Showtime than the History Channel…and the miniseries will air in Canada on March 6th. Following that, it will no doubt sell like gangbusters on dvd, where people will snatch it up to see what the Kennedy family tried its best to prevent us all from seeing.

Princess Caroline should stick to shopping…the only thing in life she is actually good at. I’d say the same thing about Maria Shriver, but I don’t think she’s even good at that.

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