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January07/ 2011

I’ve never been into jewelry but I am quietly obsessive about time.  I like to glance down at my watch, effortlessly note the time and resume my activities accordingly.  I don’t understand complicated and/or expensive watches nor do I appreciate girl sideline reporters …. or why supposedly media-savvy people say incredible stoopid things.  Lets discuss these and more.

I currently own five working watches.  I rotate wearing two of them 97% of the time. They are analog with easily readable numerals.  The most expensive one came from Orvis and costs $80.  I feel a bit guilty when I wear that one.  My favorite watch has a button that lights the face so I can read it in the dark.  I like that.

I once bought a fake Rolex from a sidewalk vendor along 5th Avenue.  Hasn’t everyone done that at least once?  Both Blondie and Kid have Kate Spade knock-off purses.

Why do people buy expensive and very expensive watches with very complicated faces with numerous little dials?  That’s a rhetorical question.  I’m fine with people spending their money however they please. I just looked at my watch and realized its time to discuss other subjects.

…… ESPN’s Ron Franklin made a stoopid sexist comment to the female on his broadcast team.  It was in a private off-air conversation.  Based on all reports it was a stoopid insulting remark.  I don’t know the history of those two.  Franklin was quickly fired by ESPN.   ESPN has an on-going history of sexist incidents involving Harold Reynolds, Hannah Storm, and numerous assorted cases of testosterone and estrogen overloads.

Stoopid remarks have consequences.  There is an ever-growing list of such similar situations.  Should it merit his being fired?  I don’t know but I’m not surprised it did.

This stirs up the long-standing controversy involving female sideline reporters in general.  They are there for two reasons – to satisfy gender equity regulations and to provide eye candy for college boys, hard-core pervs and stalkers.   There are more pressing concerns in sports than “why are there female sideline reporters?”.

……. that senior naval officer that authorized the controversial videos on-board the aircraft carrier and has been stripped of his command.  I’ve never been in a combat zone or “in harm’s way” (other than that time I walked down Franklin Street wearing a Rush Is Right t-shirt).  I can’t imagine questioning any action by military officers with the troops under their command.  Morale in the military is certainly a factor in their ability to do their jobs effectively.

That said ….. did this senior officer not anticipate exactly what has happened.  It’s 2011 and our society is forever in a flux over real and imagined sensitivities among overly-sensitive factions on behalf of the possibly offended among us.   In my perfect world such concerns are easily resolved.  We do not live in anything approaching a perfect world.

….. speaking of “why did you say that?” ….. Tucker Carlson’s Vick should be executed …” was yet another “why Tucker why ?”  Yes, he intended it as hyperbole emphasizing his love of dogs.  As soon as the words crossed his lips the romp and stomp lib loons were in full riot mode.  Tucker Carlson is a veteran of the swamp of partisan political combat.  His persona is not to be outrageous and purposely incite opposing goobers heads to explode.  He did and theirs did.

Former Chuck Amato assistant Manny Diaz is the new DefCoor de jour in college FB.  Mack has hired Manny to replace Will Muschamp as Texas DC.  Manny was like a junior staff gopher for Chuck 6-7 years ago but his star has ascended rapidly.

Golf Digest has severed its relationship with Tiger Woods.  All of corporate America except Nike seems to have deserted Tiger.  The prospects of him regaining his stature as a successful celebritry must be very doubtful.

John Bunting’s recent radio interview re: the Great Unpleasantness was not all that controversial other than that he said anything at all.   John’s departure from UNC four years ago left strained personal relationships in its wake.  Some of the individuals directly involved still exert their influence upon the UNC Football program.

Hard-core Butch disciples will react unfavorably to John’s comments.  John is savvy enough to know that before he volunteered his opinion.

John Bunting made several key tactical executive errors in his tenure as UNC’s Head Football Coach.  Those errors led to his dismissal.  Without those errors he could have been very successful.   if a frog had wings ……

I know people who know Jim Harbaugh.  They tell me he is a very very high character guy and quite intelligent.  His choosing to go to The 49ers involveds deeper considerations than any ESPN-addicted goober fan could ever imagine.

Stanford’s Stadium once had 85,000 seats.  A major modification a few years ago reduced it to 50,000 capacity.  This season with all the ingredients of one of the country’s most exciting programs, Stanford averaged only 40,000 for its home games.  Comparisons between Duke and Stanford are obvious and numerous.

Stanford wins the “used to be called” Sears Cup every year for the success of its overall sports program.  Duke has the Cameron thing with its “crazies.  Stanford has its crazy band.  Neither school has enough alumni concentrated in its immediate vicinity to ever draw impressive spectator numbers.

Both Duke and Stanford seem to attract a different bred of student-athletes than most other schools.

If you have opinions on why that is, feel free to share those opinions.   That some of you cannot be objective on the subject is taken for granted.

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