Poobah In A Boondoggle will ALWAYS ….

November27/ 2010

Recall a month or so ago, I gave you BobLee’s Live Mic Rule.  Whenever there is a major administrative boondoggle ….. (1) Set it aside in a crock pot to simmer …. (2) place a live microphone or a keyboard beside the crock pot. ….  (3) Check back in a few weeks …. (4) You WILL catch something incredible.  Like setting a mousetrap in a barn loft.

Poobahs in a boondoggle can’t help themselves.  Give’em time and opportunity and they WILL soil their boxers in the town square at noon.  Case in point, UNC Trustee Chair “BOTBob” Winston done gave The News & Observer the ol’ what-fer in this Letter To The Editor on Nov 26.


Based on Facts: …… From the start of the NCAA investigation of the Carolina football program, The News & Observer has made its opinions clear. With regard to your Nov. 21 editorial “Thorp’s call,” we understand the position you take, and we disagree.

As Chancellor Holden Thorp has said, we don’t feel good about being in this situation, but we do feel good about how we’ve responded to it. We pledged from the start that we’d go where the facts took us, we’d find out how this happened and we’d figure out how to keep it from happening again.

The N&O’s opinion is just that, an opinion. We prefer to make our decisions based on facts.  

Robert Winston
Chair, Board of Trustees
UNC-Chapel Hill


The Fact IS:  Bob, you were determined to believe Butch even before Butch told you what he wanted you to believe.

You begged Butch to come to UNC and then paid him that RIDICULOUS $250,000 ransom not to vamoose to Arkansas after Year One.  Fact is – Butch Davis could pee on Choo Choo’s grave and you’d ask him if he wanted to pee on Jim Tatum’s too.  And you would hold his coat while he was peeing on both.  You beat all Bob Winston.

You and your Fat Cat pals sold your souls, and UNC’s institutional integrity, for a sack of magic BCS beans that was supposed to get UNC to Orange Bowl Heaven.  Fact Is the only ones who partied on South Beach were Marvin and Greg.  Joke’s on you Bob.  Now its blown up and you whine it’s the N&O’s fault.

Keep up the Carolina Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Bob.  You have officially “out-McQueened” McQueen.  McQueen Campbell had the gumption to exit stage right from NC State’s Board of Trustees when he became a punch-line.   What’s next for you Bob – “your name becomes a verb” like Nifong ?  Lewis Black could not write bits this hilarious.

The only thing funnier than what you or Dickie The Disassociator blurt out next is that your N&O whine has driven WuffNation to ally with their hated enemy on South McDowell Street – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.  I’da said THAT was impossible.  You sure showed us all with this one BOTBob.

NOTE:  There is a corollary to the Live Mic Rule that involves “punch bowls & urination”.  The two versions are interchangeable.

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