…and Losers say Deal. “Deal”

November20/ 2010

It’s an old poker expression – “Winners tell jokes; and Losers say deal.”  Celebrating a tradition of The Butch Era of Carolina Football after playing NC State – “Deal”.  There are children in Chapel Hill beginning kindergarten having never lived a day on Earth in which Carolina has beaten NC State in Football. At the current rate ….. they never will.

I guess it was MY FAULT.  I told you I was going to have Swofford bring back Jim Knight to referee one more game.  Two key plays took place in The Knight / McLendon Memorial (West) End Zone.  If Jim had been in charge we mighta had a chance.

It’s Quiz Time at BobLeeSays.

Q:  What is 6 and 3 …. and 40%?

A:  Answer below.  Keep reading …..

Life comes with its guarantees.  Death, Taxes, Losing To State with Butch, …. and GameDays With BobLee Are Special regardless of those other guarantees.

At 10:50 AM Saturday morning… I was chowing down on Louis Wooten’s reknown venison salad.  Louis The Liberal Lawyer shoots his own salad.  In the shadow of The Bell Tower I was discussing Life & It’s Living with two poobahs of the campus upon which we were standing – Chancellor and a Vice-Chancellor of Development by title.  It was a beautiful morning on a beautiful campus.  The venison salad was superb.  We dreamed the dreams of the partisanly naïve.

Bidding that bunch a fond adieu, I set off down Stadium Drive for a scheduled rendezvous just outside Kenan’s North Gate.  Twixt where I had been and where I was going GUESS WHO I CAME UPONST?

All of you who guessed The Family of BOTBob Winston – You Win!  Indeed there was Butch Davis’ #1 SuperFan in The Whole Wide World and I was closing fast.  I processed my options

Top Five Most Awkward Moment in UNC History!

in a nano-second.  (1) tap him on his shoulder and say Hi!; thereby creating A Top Five Most Awkward Moment in UNC History ….. or (2) zip around The Family Winston and make my rendezvous.  I opted for #2.  The White Tailgate was my destination.  Not The Red Tailgate – The White Tailgate.

Do the math here.  The parking space I was headed to was considerably closer to Kenan’s Main Gate than the parking space of the Chairman of UNC’s Board of Trustees.  Uh oh!

Within six minutes of chatting with the UNC-CH poobahs, and passing within a gimmee putt of BOTBob, I was chatting with Bobby Purcell and Fire and two dozen NC State partisans not a single one of which had a Skoal can in his back pocket.  Bobby is Exec Director of The Wolfpack Club.  Fire was Ice’s running mate a few years ago.  Bobby and Fire’s status among Lupine faithful notwithstanding, my arrival sent the tailgate’s Celebrity-ometer to TILT.

Surreal does not begin to describe the scene.  A Fellini opus set amid the pines. A reunion from Wuff Mountain RV Park & Nail Salon a few weeks ago. The Wal-Mart Wuffie, David & The Little Angel, TarkDog, Steel and other folks all of whom had names too.

Again, their late model SUV, with red flags aflying, with a parking pass 58 paces from Kenan’s North Gate.   Closer than they are at their own house.  If any CaroLoon heads didn’t already explode around 3:30 PM on Saturday that bit o’ info just took care of the rest of’em.

This was pre-game.  Everyone wanted to know “BobLee, is Dickie Baddour out of his ever-loving tassel-loafered mind or what?”  They had read about Thursday’s Carolina Blue Collar Comedy Tour.  I reminded them Dickie still has a John Edwards For President bumpersticker on his car so his orgasmic love for Butch isn’t that surprising.  I noticed a lot of’em writing that one down.

I expressed sympathy for Lee Fowler and to a man they agreed that, by comparison to Dickie, Uncle Jed seemed quite a fine AD.

Blah blah blah …… the game was played.  We lost again. Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the day?  If my happiness depended upon a Butch Davis coached Tar Heel team beating a Tom O’Brien State team, I woulda gargled razor blades the day John Bunting turned in his keys.  Speaking of whom….

A:  To that earlier Question.   6 and 3 was the combined “vs State” record of Carl Tobush and John Bunting.   40% is what Carl’s and John’s COMBINED annual salary was of Butch’s $2,300,000.00.   COMBINED salaries.  That means added together for you slow on the math.

As my tailgate buddies are getting fitted for their Super Bowl rings; CaroLoons are preparing for THE rivalry game next week at The Wally.

To cap one of the weakest weeks in UNC sports history – Anson Dorrance’s flying ponytails were eliminated Saturday night by Notre Dame in their NCAA Chick Soccer tournament bid.  Roy, Butch and Anson all three losing within 24 hours.  Hark THAT Sound ya’ll!

Since that Friday column, many have asked …. Which UNC Trustee’s primary concern is “Has all this had any negative effect on recruiting?”

She’s Barbara Rossner Hyde.  She lives in Memphis. Her tele # is (901) 685-3411.  Her fax # is (901) 683-3147.  That info is on the UNC Board of Trustee website which you can access by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.  You can get in touch with BOTBob there too.

Contact Babs and Bob and share your opinions on stuff.  I’m sure they delight in sensing the pulse of the little people.  Babs and Bob, of course, love them some Butch.  Some people love liver pudding and smashing their thumbs with a ball peen hammer.

The only Trustee I’ve heard that is not all gushy gooey in love with Butch is Eddie Smith.  There may be others.

Tell’em what part of The Butch Era you are enjoying the most.  Losing to State every year – the shame and embarrassment of The Scandal – the gianormous salary and silly bonus – the Butch BS about not knowing about John Blake …. or whatever is your favoritest part.

I know not what course others may take but I’m gonna “do a Butch”.  What do I think about Carolina losing to State for a 4th year in a row?


“I was not aware of it…. I know NUTHING”.   

If Butch doesn’t have to be accountable, be damned if I’m gonna be.

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