Friday, now “Just A Day” in Chapel Hill

November18/ 2010

Since 1956 the word Friday around Chapel Hill has referred to William Clyde Friday.  As President of the UNC System from 1956-1986, Bill Friday came to symbolize the epitome of institutional integrity and high ideals for the UNC campus at Chapel Hill and for the state-wide university system he shaped and led.

On Thursday, November 18 at around 10:15 AM, Bill Friday’s much-touted integrity and high ideals for UNC were sledge hammered flatter than a pancake, run thru a wood chipper and poured forthwith into a vat of sulphuric acid.  Metaphorically speaking.

TRUE STORY!: Yesterday, a member of the current UNC Board of Trustees, with a chance to ask Head Football Coach Butch Davis any question whatsoever, asked:

“Coach, has any of this had a negative effect on our recruiting?”

In that moment – Friday became “just a day” in Chapel Hill.


The first text message came to my I-phone at 9:18 AM yesterday.

“BobLee, you will not believe what your buddy Holden is saying to the Trustees.”

There was no name with the tele # so I was a bit confused.  The second text message followed eight minutes later.

“Oh my Lord.  Now Dickie is really shoveling it on thick.  This is incredible.”

I figured out who the texter was.  A long time friend was attending the UNC Board of Trustees meeting in regards to a minor agenda issue.  What my friend was witnessing would later be described as Kabuki Theater of The Absurd.

Text #3: “Butch is groveling; trying to convince the Trustees that he can actually be a member of the Carolina Family. Whatever the heck that is.  The Trustees are drooling over him like he’s a freakin’ god.” 

When the embattled coach was done groveling, the appointed board charged with overseeing the operation of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wanted to know – “Coach, has any of this had a negative effect on our recruiting?”

My friend did not notice if any Trustee asked for Butch’s autograph or inquired “Coach are you EVER gonna beat State?”  Maybe they did so after their awe of actually being in his presence had subsided.


This was a busy week around The Flagship.

On Tuesday …. some whacked out goober stole and totaled a UNC Campus Security patrol car.  References to Barney Fife immediately flooded cyberspace.

On Wednesday …. a loose-zippered Lothario on the UNC J-school faculty, Monty Clark, got his wayward tallywacker slammed for sending sexually explicit e-mails to a coed.

… a loose-zippered Lothario

It was not noted if he sent pictures of Brett Favre’s junk or his own or if the coed’s name was Jenn.  Monty, it must be noted, got zapped a whole lot quicker than Black Santa Blake did back in August.  That’s understandable since Monty does not have much influence with 5-star recruits.

Then came Thursday morning …. Holden, Dickie & Butch did the (Carolina) Blue Collar Comedy Tour to a select audience of Trustees and dumb-struck others including my text-happy friend.

You can read the quite amazing details in this link to Friday’s front page headline in the News & Observer.  Just CLICK.  Warning: It’s scarier in many ways than Brandi Love’s porn site.

The “Did he REALLY say that?” Award belongs, as usual, to Prince Tassel Loafer – UNC AD Richard “Dickie” Baddour.

… “I believe you (Davis) were the right fit when we hired you and I continue to believe that …. In fact, I believe it even more strongly now.” 

Move over Charles Kuralt, your well and your bell.  UNC has it newest leadership catch phrase.

Thursday afternoon I caught a short TV clip of the silver-haired Harlem flim-flammer Charlie Rangel claiming he “didn’t do nuthin‘” either.  The comparisons were uncanny.

Hellfire Buddies and Babes, you all know how I feel about this mess.  Butch Davis is what Butch Davis is – a personification of Big Time College Football 2010.   He is not some messianic mercenary “who cleaned up Miami”.  Nor is he Satan Incarnate who has forever poisoned The Old Well thereby nulling and voiding several 100,000 sheets of sheepskin.

Butch Davis IS a big name football coach who is being paid a lot of money to win football games at UNC.  How he goes about that has never been specified by those who hired him.  Apparently.

Q:  BobLee, how many players being declared PERMANENTLY INELIGIBLE by the NCAA does it take to matter to the poobahs at UNC?

A:  More than five.

In addition to Trustee Chairman Bob Winston and his Butch-luvin’ fellow Trustees, there is a significant contingent of outspoken fans who fully support everything Butch Davis represents.  I appreciate their right to their opinions.  I am not alone in my contrarian point-of-view.  Opposable opinions, and opposable thumbs, separate men from monkeys.  Sometimes.

I cannot verify the rumor that SEC Commissioner Mike Slive and his ACC counterpart Little Johnny Swofford are discussing a one-for-one trade with Vanderbilt coming to the ACC and UNC joining the football-centric SEC.  A trade that would seems to make a lot of sense today …..

Today is Friday – “just another day” …. sigh.


My fellow UNCers, can it get much worse?  Well yes.  Coach K is now just NINE Wins from passing Dean Smith.  ….. and we still have a sorta important game to play on Saturday.    Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

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