He Gave Them Barabbas …..!

November04/ 2010

Yours truly and Nancy Pelosi share a regrettable fate.  Witchy-Poo and I have both been outed as mis-prognosticators.  Nostradamus & The Mayans are still in “wait ‘n see” mode.  And BobLee learns an expensive lesson about “loaning $$$ to a friend” – ouch!

On Monday, Madame Pelosi asserted dogmatically that her gang of pointy-teethed scoundrels would ABSOLUTELY maintain their death-grip on the US House of Representatives.   The first polls closed Tuesday at 7:00 PM EST.  At 7:01 even Democratic house organs CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC tearfully admitted that Madame Pelosi’s prediction was as wrong as wrong could be.  Nancy, predictably, ran and hide from her prediction.  I will not.

For several months I have predicted that Butch Davis would be gone as UNC HFC by The Winter Solstice (Dec 21).  With today’s announcenment, that prediction appears as doomed to inaccuracy as Nancy’s.  Unlike Nancy, I boldly forgo hiding in the weeds.


Today Chancellor Thorp, yielding to considerable pressure, notified the jock-sniffing trustees and the  board monkey rabble that he is Giving Them Barabbas. 


The Chancellor and AD Prince Tassel Loafer unable to prove conclusively that Butch was CROOKED; are now proffering


that he was merely TOTALLY FREAKIN’ CLUELESS …. regarding the numerous flagrant NCAA malfeasances perpetrated under his nose and on his watch seemingly securing his continuing employment. For the record: Butch’s watch is NOT “a black diamond” model.

Apparently SuperAgent Jimma Sexton artfully added a “not really accountable for much of anything …. or beating NC State” clause to Butch’s $2,300,000 year contract.  Jimma earned his 10% with that one, huh? …. Quote Jimma: If you want one of my guys to actually be accountable. thats a minimum of 3 Mill. For another $500,000 I’ve got one that will either wear your school colors or pretend to sing your dumb fight song..

 Sgt Butch Schultz – 1 

Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday – 0
Silent Sam weeps. 

Did BOTBob and his CYA pals even read that contract Jimma drew up?  Or were they too giddy that “maybe, possibly somehow we might someday play in the Orange Bowl like Wake Forest did and we can stick it to our country club chums by golly”?  Institutional Integrity versus Maybe Playing In The Orange Bowl …. duh.  A no-brainer.  Right BOTBob Winston?

(1) Do I dislike Butch ? –  I’ve never “disliked Butch”.  He is a clever opportunist in a quite unsavory occupation.  It’s not like he’s Joe Biden or Harry Reid for goodness sakes.

(2) Do I disagree with this decision? – I’ve never been Chancellor of a prestigious academic institution.  Each day must surely be a series of perplexing quandries.  Many of which come down to shut your eyes and throw a dart hoping you hit something.

Will I catch grief from the Butch-luvin’ board monkey rabble?  Sure, but they’re just sad dust bunnies with modems. Goobers who think Barabbas is Marvin’s pet name for his big ol’ gun. My reputation will suffer far less than will that of The Now Floundering Flagship and it’s much ballyhooed Carolina Way (wink, wink).

Are Chancellor Thorp and I still friends?  You betcha. Holden realizes he will be held responsible for this decision (although made under considerable behind-the-scenes pressure) to take UNC down this road.  Hey, its OK for Arkansas and Mississippi State.  How bad can it be?  …. thud, clunk

A great many mainstream UNCers will be far less understanding about this momentous decision than I am.  Paying Gene “Rip down that cross” Nichol $250,000 to run John Edwards’ bogus poverty scam bothers me more than this Butch silliness.  Geno WILL be gone in May.  I still hold to that one.

Yes, I am retaining “I told you so” rights into perpetuity.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever loaned someone a significant amount of $$$$ despite that little voice inside you screaming ARE YOU NUTZ ?

It’s a old football axiom that when you throw a pass three things can happen and two of them are bad.  A fellow reminded me today at lunch that “loaning a friend money” has even worse odds – (1) You might get paid back or….. (2) You lose the friend or….. (3) You lose the money or….. (4) You lose both the friend AND the money.  BINGO #4.

A year or so ago, a “friend” (small “f” not capital “F”) suffered a severe business setback. He needed a lot of cash quickly.  I was sympathetic to his plight.  It must be said here that he is of the political persuasion that is light on responsibility and heavy on blaming others for their misfortunes.  Yes, I was aware of that about him.  I know some honest liberals.  This guy, alas, isn’t one of’em.

The loan agreement had him repaying via the product of his business.   Blondie and I discussed it and realized the likelihood of us “getting screwed” were quite high.  The amount at risk was not insignificant but not devastating.   Today we “got screwed” out of the $500 balance still due on the loan.

Some of you reading this know this individual.  I could name him but I choose not to.  His insolvency and integrity issues are common knowledge.  My original due diligence had indicated he was high risk.  (“Due Diligence” = a term unfamiliar to BOTBob and his BCS Or Bust Buddies)

Why did I do it?   I was simply curious if he was trustworthy.  Overriding my better judgment costs me $500.  It has been a worthwhile lesson.

Blondie, on the other hand, wants to rip off his lyin’ head and stuff it down his worthless neck.   It’ll cost me another $30 for a bottle of Berringers and a quart of peppermint ice cream to calm her down.   If its not one thing its another…..

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