Color & Pageantry Isn’t Enough Any More ….

October11/ 2010

 …. It’s not any one’s “fault” not Butch’s or Blake’s.  I can’t think of any thing anyone could do to prevent this.  I left the Clemson game at the half ….. an exciting game just as last week’s game was exciting.  But I didn’t want to be there. The color and pageantry simply isn’t enough anymore.

…Also sports’ skank Jenn Sterger  and, of course, an update on “Butch, Blake, & BOT-Bob”.  


Hey, whats with those braided necklaces that so many baseball players are wearing ?  Is it a new cure-a-disease thingy or just some marketing gimmick ?


I enjoy seeing BL Buddies at pre-game tailgates.  The Gameday experience only costs me $10 parking and gas.  I bought a $5 lemonade which is the first concession I’ve bought in Kenan in years.  It’s not the expense of it all.

It’s NOT because of the ongoing unpleasantness.  I’ve had no illusions about the Players From Mars – Fans From Venus for decades.

OK a little bit of it is the physical discomfort of bench seating in narrow confined rows.  My seat location is fine – on the 35 – upper deck – shady side –  outstanding panoramic view.  I cannot see any scoreboard.  The itty bitty midfield ribbon scoreboard across the field is a line on the eye chart well below my limitations.  That will be corrected next year with twin Jumbos, or so I’m told.   But I won’t be back next year.

I’d rather be home with Blondie and our 40” HDTV flipping between Alabama/SoCar and 3-4 others ….. with the yellow 1st down line ….. instant replays ……

Blondie & I empty-nesting with our Home Theater

my bathroom ….. my refrigerator ….. etc.  To that end we just spent significant $$$ jazzing up our home theater.  Blondie and I enjoy empty-nesting in our home theater.  She stretched out on the sofa – me in my recliner – Annabelle Cat alternating between us for head pats.

We will be in Hoo-ville this Saturday.  Blondie loves Charlottesville, Monticello, et al.  There’s a B&B we always stay at near Monticello.

I will tailgate with the Clubhousers for the VaTech game, but will likely not stay for the game. …… will skip the W&M game for a good friend’s daughter’s wedding.  I will, at least, tailgate for the State game.  Game attendance is undecided.

For me, a sports event is nothing more/less than entertainment …. like a movie.  It is NOT a vicarious measure of my self-worth.  That others take it more personal is fine with me.  It’s a few hours of watching something.  Doing that in the most pleasant of surroundings adds to my enjoyment.

Color & Pageantry isn’t enuff any more ….. 


I had never heard of The Avett Brothers before this weekend.  Apparently they are sort of a cult thing like Jimmy Buffet except they are “alternative bluegrass”.  I have no clue what that means.  I downloaded an Avett Bros I-tunes.   I hope they are not liberal nutz.


We mentioned Jenn Sterger during Ines Whatshername’s 15 minutes of fame.  Jenn is the Florida State “cowgirl” who marketed her Internet skankiness into a place on the national sport skank roster.  I got crossways with Jenn’s manager when I said she had done a porn film.  He said she’s hasn’t.  My knowledge of “who has done porn films and who hasn’t” is too limited to argue the point.

Now Jenn is in the news for allegations that Bret Favre sent her “inappropriate text messages” and “explicit pictures”.  My knowledge of NY Jets hostesses who have received inappropriate text messages from Bret Favre is limited too.  But, for sure, Jenn Sterger manages to get herself in the news a lot.   With America fast tracking to Sodom & Gomorrah, Jenn can likely make a good living being whatever she is and doing whatever she does.

If you were VP Marketing for Wrangler would you keep Favre as your ad campaign focus?





This week  Sgt Butch didn’t know about ….

….. all the pimpish bling bling that Marv, Greg and Robert were sportin’ courtesy of agents.  Are black diamond-studded watches that common on UNC’s undergrads ?  Must be.

CSI Miami last night was about sleazy sports agents trying to sign high draft choices.  A sleazy agent found a bottle girl dead in a cabana with the stud QB and he threw her body in the pool.  Horatio and his team nailed the sleazy sumbitch …… of course.  Butch didn’t know nuthin’ about that either.

Tweetin’ Marv is OFFICIALLY gone now along with Greg Little and Robert Quinn.  The other 4-5 suspended players may/may not return and others may / may not join them in suspension.  This could have been a very good year for Carolina Football if it weren’t for all the illegal stuff.

Despite what you might hear – the UNC Fat Cat Community is quite divided. All the Fat Cats” DO NOT love Butch.  Some Fat Cats DO love Butch led by BOT Chairman Bob Winston.  Bob “has skin in the game”.  A few others want to win so gosh-darned bad that they would pawn their silverspoons to go to a BCS game.  But a lot of Fat Cats are quite sick of this crap and more than ready to move on with LAB (“Life After Butch”)

A ‘What If’ For BOT-Bob Winston

Bob, What If you hire a GM for your finest luxury hotel at a very high salary.  He asks to bring along his best friend as Asst GM.  You say fine although the best friend has some question marks on his resume.

One night the police raid your hotel.  Your GM’s best friend has been running whores out of your multi-million $$$ investment.  Your GM says  “Golly Bob, I didn’t know nuthin’ about them whores.  My best friend John was pimpin’em, not me!

Your rival hotel across the street puts up a billboard on the interstate.

“Bob Winston’s GM Didn’t Know Nuthin’
’bout them whores in Bob Winston’s hotel.
His best friend John was the pimp.”

Now Bob, would that highly paid GM who “didn’t know about them whores” be a liability to your reputation and bottom line?  Would he Bob?  ‘Cause that’s what we got ourselves here, Bob.


When the dust clears, Holden Thorp will be seen as managing this mess about as well as could be done, all things considered.  Not everyone will perceive it that way, but it will be so.

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