My Give-A-D*mn Hit “E”

September29/ 2010

Like with a tube of Pringles – you start off gobbling’em as fast as you can pull’em out of the tube 4 or 5 at a time.  Then you stop, put the plastic cap back on and put’em back in the pantry.  The “don’t want any more” analogy works for salted pecans, M&Ms and episodes of CSI.  Your give a damn simply runs out. …. Sept 29.

  YahooSports reporting Thurs AM – more incriminating links between John Blake and Gary Wichard including recent money transfers and a credit card.  But hey, Butch DID wear C-blue at Rutgers.  As this news was BREAKING, Dickie was reaffirming his full support for Blake’s friend & boss. Q: What does Dickie hold Butch liable for ?  A: Not much!

The overt public “support” of Butch Davis by UNC administrators DURING a supposed “internal investigation” is ABSURD…. …. …. Ridiculous comments by BOT Head Bob Winston, AD Dick Baddour and Chancellor Thorp have negated any shred of credibility that the “internal investigation” might have revealed.  If you said “this can’t get any worse” – you were wrong!  If you said it NOW, you’ll probably still be proven wrong again.

That’s what happened to me with The Current Unpleasantness South of Franklin Street.   It hit me just after they finally outed The Tutor – Jennifer L. Wiley, and Prince Tassel Loafer said “we discovered Ms Wiley had crossed The Sacred Tutor-Tutee Line when we saw it in their eyes”.  That “… in their eyes” line was richer than Croesus AND Midas.  Usually I would gobble up such oral absurdum like Pac-Man on warp speed.  But except for a momentary “Dickie SAID WHAT?” I couldn’t.

My new fans of the AnybodyButCarolina persuasion will accuse me of a purposeful disinterest brought on by the sheer embarrassment of it all.  Untrue.  I have lambasted the bejeebers out of this bounty of buck-passing by Butch, bureaucratic-speak and outright dropping of numerous cinder blocks on the bare toes of TarHeelNation.   My satirical jabs

…satirical jabs at The Carolina Way

at The Carolina Way have drawn American Idol-sized views and sent the blood pressure of blue-blind loyalists like “Bill” to TILT levels.  ….. I’m simply bored with it.  Like taunting a cat with a laser pointer, after ten minutes both you and the cat have drained all the pleasure from the activity.

FWIW: from my seat amid the pines on the 35 on the South Side Upper Level I cannot read a single scoreboard in the stadium.  I felt sorry that I could not read a single scoreboard until I met a man who had no feet.

However (…. IF) this mess is finally resolved, the resolution is guaranteed to be unsatisfactory to pretty much everyone who gives a flip about it.  Carolina Way disciples will consider the slightest wrist slap as a sacrilege.  ABCers will consider any outcome short of nuking Orange County as “proof there was a back-room deal” to pay-off the NCAA and any/all authorities.  ABCers and “backroom conspiracies” go together like Charles Kuralt and Utah mistresses.

Both gangs of rival loons in terminal constipation ….. a fitting conclusion indeed.

Did I mention that Gene Nichol will be leaving UNC soon for Arizona?  I know I did.  I just like writing it.

NOTE:  The UNC Board Of Governors have asked me to inform ABCers that the e-mail carpet-bombing campaign by a certain Wuff fan forum (with initials PP) demanding that the BOG  “lynch Butch Davis and throw Baddour & Thorp into a dank dungeon ASAP !!!”  has generated that familar phrase  “who ARE those people?” but is not causing the BOG to get a rope just yet.  Maybe eventually, but not yet.

I PREDICT THAT neither The Pale Rider nor Prince Tassel Loafer will be around when the controversial East End Zone Project is completed.  Chancellor Thorp most assuredly will be albeit with a much tougher hide than he had a few months ago.


Yes, Butch Davis DID actually wear Carolina Blue on the sidelines at Rutgers.  After 3+ years and jusdt one NCAA Investigation – Butch decides to appear to care.  What mighta prompted him to suddenly appear loyal?  Gee, I wonder.


Lone Star has been cancelled after only two episodes.  The main character was a dead-ringer for my pal Riverwalk Bob in San Antonio.  Bob is not a con-man but the physical appearance was astounding.

New seasons on NCIS and NCIS-Los Angeles are off to great starts.  Hawaii 50 looks promising as does The Chase.  The Glades has its finale this Sunday.  I’m about at the end of Season One of Friday Night Lights.  FNL is compelling but still predictable.


Kid is OFFICIALLY employed for now as Executive Assistant / Office Manager / Girl Friday for a financial services company in Columbia MO.  Think Pam at Duffin-Mifflin in The Office.  Graduate school (Seminary) looms next Fall.  It’s a 100% mom&dad-approved plan.


Do ya think Mack Brown heard from a few tea-sippin’ Orangebloods this week?  Mack has been at this silliness long enough to know fan love is about as fickle as fickle can be.  His ‘horns could easily lose to OU and Nebraska too.  Then rumors of Mack coming back to UNC as AD can gin up and REALLY give True Blues something to bloviate about.

Whoever advised Boise State to wear all blue unis on their blue field before a national TV audience should be taken deep into the mountains, chained to a tree and left to contemplate his error for a month.

Mark Richt is DOOMED!  UGA has had TEN players arrested in the past six months which usually guarantees a spot in the SEC Championship game.  But not for “dem Dawgs” this year.  Athens has been discombobulated since the AD found those red panties in his lap.


A GREAT start by TO’B, Russell and “the Pack”.  Ironic that so many Wuffs are more interested (aka “obsessed”) with the UNC Mess than their own team’s success.  Oh well ….. Level head Wuffs can enjoy it!


Good to see the Kansas City Chiefs off to a great start.  KC fans are solid folks who deserve better than the Chiefs and Royals have given them the past few decades.  Jason Whitlock’s leaving town and The Chiefs resurgence were simultaneous.  Coincidence???


Why does that guy on Man vs Food have to be such a slob?  I guess the premise of gorging oneself on ten pound burritos and pizzas the size of tractor tires lends itself to a slobbery nature.


FYI …. our local school board death-match continues to vie with the UNC FB Mess for above-the-fold position.  A new docu-movie – Waiting For Superman – is a MUST SEE for anyone who gives a rip about public education.  It is directed by the same guy that did Algore’s stoopid movie on global warming; but will not receive the same major promotion by the mainstream media since it “blames the teachers’ unions”.


 Remember my decision to paint my F-150 black?  After nine months it is still a very good decision.

Lots of angst and disharmony in sports & politics at every level …. but I’ve dropped TWO jeans sizes in the past three months and now buy “traditional fit” for the first time since Reagan’s first term. I AM INDEED in control of MY own happiness!

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