Ines Sainz, Karl Rove & The Butcher are ….

September16/ 2010

So Ines Sainz, Karl Rove and Butch Davis are in a lifeboat.  There are only two parachutes …. and the bartender says: How many zombies marching on the farmhouse have downloaded the Ines Sainz image library from Google? – Sept 16.

This ties-in to The Butch Davis vs Bill Friday Battle for the Soul of The University of North Carolina in a quite incredible fashion.  Just wait and see.

The J-E-T-S began their march to The Super Bowl Monday night by losing to the Ravens in a game with the offensive fireworks of Fiji v Chad in soccer.   Duke v Wake Forest had more offense during time outs than Jets v Ravens. Butt the Jets have Ines Sainz in their lockerroom so Jets Wins! HOLY SHERMAN PLUNKETT !


Prior to Ines it was Jenn Sterger.  Before Jenn it was Mark Gastineau’s wife and daughter as the Pre-Kardashians.  Who remembers Jenn – the gal wearing the cowboy hat at Florida State football games?

Jenn parlayed her titalization of Brett Musberger into Internet stardom and several seasons as official Jets hostess.  She is now “the one before Ines came along”.

 Ines may/may not work for Azteca (?) and may/may not have been Miss Spain. Who cares?  Ines has not yet signed for DWTS or Survivor Hoboken but give her another 48 hours.  Memo To Erin Andrews: unbutton one more button on your blouse and wear tighter jeans.  ESPN is all about attracting eyeballs and Ines is sure doing that right now.

Q:  BobLee, how does Ines Sainz connect to Butch?
A:  via Clinton Portis

Of the various “… said what?” about Ines, none can match Redskins RB Clinton Portis’ “she was checking out the guys’ packages ….”  Whenever a cultural firestorm hits the NFL, journalists head for Clinton’s locker.  It was Portis who commented on Michael Vick – “All the dude done was kill a few dogs.  What’s the big deal ….”

Q:  And that connects to Butch Davis how?
A:  Clinton was a prize thug-alete at “The U” for Butch Davis.

When Marvin Austin grows up (wink), he wants everyone to “Look At Marvin” for outlandish comments too.

The legend of “Butch Davis cleaning up The U” is like Barack Obama’s resume but: DON’T Blame this glorious mess solely on Butch: 

What Butch Davis has done at Carolina is exactly what BOTBob&TheBoys asked him to do.  ….. Assemble a team of academically disinterested blue chippers – add two QBs, Zack, a Barth brother and a deep snapper – that can win a lot except against you-know-who and Virginia.

BOTBob&TheBoys may split hairs that destroying the reputation of the University wasn’t what they had in mind but don’t get bogged down in semantics.  BOTBob (Winston) & The Boys

ANYTHING to get bragging rights.

said …. “Butch, we’ll do ANYTHING to get braggin’ rights on our obnoxious buddies at our clubs.” 

And Butch said “No problem BOTBob.  I can do that.  Is there anything else I need to know?  Is your nickname one word or two and what is a ChooChoo anyway?  And this “Friday” guy …. wasn’t he with Robinson Crusoe? 

“Don’t sweat that old dinosaur Bill Friday.  Just win Butch.  Just win – like ya did at Miami.”

“You sure there’s nothing else I need to know?”

“Naaa.  If there is, Dickie will tell you or maybe not.  Just win, Butch, just win like you did at “The U”.

“Like I did at The U …. with student-athletes (wink) like Clinton Portis, huh.   That’ll cost you $2,300,000/year and the immortal soul of your college.  What’s the name of your school again, Bob?”

“Whatever ….. have Jimma and Dickie cross the t’s and dot the i’s.  We don’t care.  Just get us those braggin rights, Butch.”

FYI:  This week Florida Gators Football during Urban Meyer’s 5-year reign recorded its 30th “legal issue involving player misconduct”.  Two National Championships vs 30 “misconducts” ….. “the cost of doing business” ????


Guys with recognizable names are asking ME what’s going on and when something is gonna happen.  Having a popular website is like a professor smoking a pipe.  People assume you know stuff.  I do know:  There is NO Truth to the Rumor the pre-game flyover will be a carpet bombing of campus under orders from an NCAA official code-name HatesCarolina.

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