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September14/ 2010

Sunday afternoon around 3 PM I had “one too many pistachios”.  Despite there being much more I could discourse about The Lingering Unpleasantness I realized how bored I am with it.  I am (will continue) updating you but no more long form treatises unless there is a KABOOM. …… Lets uncap the Ketchup (catch up) bottle and see what else is going on.

Blondie and Kid are both head over heels infatuated with Friday Night Lights (the TV series).  I saw the movie (and Varsity Blues) and get the story – a small Texas town where Life revolves around an unhealthy over-emphasis on its high school football team.  I’m slogging thru Season One (of four) but it is tedious traveling.

I find the story line trite and every character a gross predictable stereotype….. think the platoon of GIs in early 60s war movies – the Iowa farm boy, the street-wise kid from Brooklyn, the Indian, the moody psycho, and “Sarge”.  Blondie says I’m too familiar with the subject matter to enjoy the soap opera nature of the plotlines.  She says its’ “football for chicks”.   ….. Any of you buddies / babes got an opinion on Friday Night Lights?

Mad Men is still #1 with Blondie.  Me?  I’m a HUGE The Glades fan.  Detective Jim Longworth is THE coolest cop on TV PERIOD.


We were at BB&T Field in Winston-Salem on Saturday for the scoreboard-buster between Grobe’s Deacs and Cut’s Devils.  There was more scoring in any five-minute period than in the entire soccer World Cup.  Being a fan of both coaches, we simply enjoyed the game and the incredible hospitality of The Moricle Society and our dear buddy – Zeno.

Wake AD Ron Wellman came over to chat for a few moments.  “The Best AD on The Planet” has been following our series on The Unpleasantness with the sort of guilty pleasure with which one looks at a trainwreck.  I offered Ron a lifetime membership to Quail Hollow CC to come clean it up.  He just smiled.  I added a Hampton Inn.  Ron just smiled.  I added a Grady-White yacht.  Ron said he’d think about it. …. Can you guess the UNC Fat Cat reference in that list?

Coach Cut has found his “next Peyton” in Sean Renfree – 6’5” 230 lbs with a feather touch on long bombs.  Bama will be a tad stronger on defense than the Deacs but Renfree will light up ACC scoreboards for the next few years.   The Deacs have a gun-slinging lefty from Drew Brees’ Westlake High in Texas’ Hill Country – Tanner Price.  Gotta LOVE those Texas QB names!  Tanner will be throwing laser guided missiles for Wake for the next four years.


I repeated my “wanna trade teams” offer to Hokie Jim after Little Jimmy Madison came into Lane and pokied the hokies BIG TIME.  ….. just one of many “oh me’s” on a most dreadful weekend for Brer’ Swofford’s collection of BCS wannabees.


Minnesota Twins and Texas Rangers looking strong for October.  I like both teams with Joe Mauer and Josh Hamilton.


Just my opinion, “butt” ….. Ines Sainz is a better jeans model than Brett Favre OR Dale Jr..


Coach K wins another World Championship but, of course, it doesn’t count “because” ….. tell me again ‘why” it doesn’t count ???


The Unpleasantness Update ….. Last Friday on WPTF, I predicted Butch will, when the smoke clears, no longer be the head coach of UNC FB.  WELL that sent the goggle-eyed hairball crowd on the warpath.  I’ve been warned that roaming loon vigilantes will be “out to get me” this Saturday.  Three overt threats so far all written in crayon with gross miss-spellings.

I am fascinated that this UNC FB Mess brings into play so much of the foolishness of mankind.   If nothing else floats to the surface, this mess has already surpassed the Jimmy V Scandal in scope (disregarding Valvano’s subsequent cancer and death).  An internal investigation (wink, wink) will never satisfy skeptics and rightly so.  UNCheats is now an indelible nickname for The Flagship.

I have suggested “suspending Butch” until an independent forensic investigation can take place.  So long as Butch Davis is the daily face of UNC FB, then he is the #1 subject of media interest.  My opinion, of course, has no consequence nor is my professional reputation and legacy at stake.

Paying Davis $2.5M/year and allowing him to play Sgt Schultz – “I knew nuuthing” is LUDICROUS.  Who, not named Obama, gets such a pass on humongous screw-ups in life.  Butch is apparently NOT responsible for:

  • His players … OR
  • His coaches …. OR even
  • Occasionally defeating rivals NCState and UVa
  • WHAT IS Butch Davis accountable for ?

Remind me why he is soooo wonderful. “Oh BobLee, Butch is awakening the sleeping giant (with illiterate thug-mercs brought in by disgraced and discarded John “Black Santa” Blake) and leading us to the BCS Promised Land.  Yeah, right!  Hark The Effect of waaaay too much Pale Rider Kool-Aid.


Remember my admonition several years ago that HDTV would have a major effect on sports attendance.  Latest trends show I was, of course, correctamundo but you folks already knew that. ….. Unless there is the hospitality and fellowship with friends as we enjoyed Saturday at Wake, I don’t see why anyone would go.  But I’m fine if they do.


I was all set to spend $50 for a new keyboard for my iMac because I was having an issue with the CAPSLOCK Key.  Then I simply popped off the key and “problem solved”.  I do love it when a simple solution resolves a nagging problem.


The Reader Comment element is a positive addition.  Only had to delete two jackass comments. …… So whattayathink about Friday Night Lights?  Early comments VERY HEAVY on this one …..

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