NOT “The Last Chili Dog”

September08/ 2010

I have great columns coming about “The Last Chili Dog” and “Somebody’s Else’s The Kid” but circumstances demand I keep pumping out this UNC Football Mess Stuff.  You Buddies & Babes with real lives, hang in there.  I’ll return to you soon.

Jacksonville State beat Ol’ Miss in the BIG UPSET of Week One.  How many of you super cool college football fans think Jacksonville State is in Jacksonville FL cause that’s the only Jacksonville you can think of that isn’t in Onslow County next to Camp Lejeune?  Its in Jacksonville Alabama – nicknamed The Gem Of The Hills between Birmingham and Atlanta. Just another “why you read BobLeeSays” ! ….. Did Jimma Sexton fax Butch’s resume to Oxford and Baton Rouge before midnight last Saturday?  Probably.

Reggie Bush has lost his Heisman Trophy AND Kim Kardashian.  No one else will get to have his Heisman.  That will definitely NOT be the case with Kim.

Sixteen Questions for My Fellow Tar Heels

Just between you and the face in the mirror.  If you wish to share your answers to any/all of the following questions with either a posted comment or an e-mail to BobLee ….. feel free.

1.    When you first saw the headline – NCAA Investigators Visit UNC – did you give the slightest option to “uh oh, this could get REALLY bad!” or did you blow it off?

2.    Who are you maddest at right now? …… Butch – Blake – Marvin – Dickie – Holden – Erskine – State Fans – Dave Huxtable – BobLee – Gene Nichol – T.J. Yates – Larry Drew – That Presbyterian fan   (pick a top three)

3.    Rate these three on an Awful Meter …… The 8-20 Matt Mess –  the blowout loss to KU 3 years ago aka Jayhawk stickergate –  this mess –  this mess two weeks from now.

4.    Is it even possible for a 65 year old guy named “Dickie” to convey the slightest credibility in a crisis like this?   Should UNC rent a 43 year old guy named Abraham or maybe a Stan.

5.    Did you give Dickie Baddour credit for hiring Butch?   If not, do you blame him now for hiring Butch?   How can you do that, other than “because he’s Dickie“.

6.    Did you see this coming when Butch put the team in those gawd-awful navy unis last October?

7.    Rate the Improbability of:  (1) Hillary not knowing where the Rose Law Firm files were –  (2) Butch having no idea what Blake was up to –  (3) Obama not knowing where his birth certificate is –  (4) Bob Winston getting to pick the next UNC FB coach.

8.    Most despised/blamed UNC Asst FB coach of all time ….. Steve Marshall – John Blake – Dave Huxtable – Darrell Moody.

9.    Do you understand that our jackass fans would act EXACTLY LIKE State’s jackass fans are acting now if this mess was reversed? …. or maybe worse.

10.    Do you miss waiting breathlessly for Mo Koury to say something?

11.    Does Mack’s “lyin’ to dem boys” really seem so bad right now?  Does Spurrier’s “scoreboard picture” seem so bad right now?

12.    Will Butch ever learn how many Choos in Choo Choo?

13.    Are you MOST upset that what happened happened or that it got discovered?

14.    Did you give your Duke friends hell about Duke Lacrosse?  And you expect them to cut you slack NOW?

15.    When/If you come to Kenan this Fall will you make a joke when you see the East EndZone construction?  Do you think you will be the only one who will?

16.    Do you think John Blake ever had a cheeseburger and milk shake at Sutton’s Drug Store?  Would it have mattered?

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