8,000,000,000 Chinese CARE !

August27/ 2010

It’s long been the litmus test for measuring the significance of any event involving The University of North Carolina.  Dean said it, or maybe Bill Currie, or Lou Holtz, or maybe “Stiletto Susan” Ehringhaus said it.  I think it was Deano. 

Something happened a few decades back involving UNC Basketball that seemed quite important to fans of Carolina Athletics.  Dean proffered that “8,000,000,000 Chinese don’t care” as a way to put events into their proper perspective.

Following last night’s press conference I called The Chairman Mao Sports Bar & Nail Salon in The Forbidden City ….

Hi, I’m BobLee and I’d like to know – Do you care?

You BobLee?  THE BobLee?  The BobLee that wrote “Married A Stripper”? You velly velly funny fellow BobLee.  We LOVE BobLee in Forbidden City …. velly velly funny fellow.  

Well thanks.  My mamma would be proud I suppose; but enough about me.  I need to know “do you and 7,999,999,999 of your little rice-eating, bike-riding, red book-reading buddies CARE ….. that tangible evidence of academic malfeasance have surfaced on the campus of The Flagship just south of picturesque Franklin Street?

Oh velly velly much we care here at Chairman Mao Sports Bar & Nail Salon in Forbidden City.  We had BIG Crowd here for Press Conference watching party.  Place was packed.  We sold slam out of fishheads before 7:45 your time.  Lots of UNC and NCState alumni here in Forbidden City.  We have two questions.  Can you help us, BobLee?

Sure, what’s your questions?

#1 –  Was “the mystery tutor” amphibious…. and
#2 – Was she given just one pair of tennis shoes?

Say Good Night, Gracie …..

Gracie ??? There no one named Gracie here. BobLee you velly funny fellow. (click)

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