Daaahlink Zsa Zsa, we’ll miss you!

August16/ 2010

Zsa Zsa Gabor is making her last curtain call.  No more trips down the aisle ….. no more zany conversations with Merv or Johnny ….  no more Zsa Zsa just being Zsa Zsa.  For “my generation” that’s all Zsa Zsa ever was ….. she was Zsa Zsa.  And we loved her for it.

BobLee updates on the UNC FB unpleasantry …..

My idyllic home town upbringing in the 50-60s was sans D-I-V-O-R-C-E except for Elizabeth Taylor – Mickey Rooney – some guy named Tommy Manville – AND Zsa Zsa. If we had any used women in my hometown no one knew about it.  If a teenage gal got preggers she and “he” drove down to Dillon SC and “made it legal”.   No clue where folks went to get divorced.  Zsa Zsa knew where to go ….. she went nine times.

Zsa Zsa Gabor is in her final days.  At 93, this quintessential famous for being famous celebrity icon is unlikely to last out the week.  That’s one funeral I would pay to attend.  She is “on her last leg”…. literally.

Assuming she’s done a Zsa Zsa Speaks from the grave, you know hoot will not do it justice.  There will be a few barons on hand and a duchess or two ….. an impressario, a major domo, and probably a breeder of fancy French poodles.  Every attendee will have a publicist and a favorite ski instructor at St Moritz…. or at least wants us to think they do. I betcha George Hamilton is there.  He should be.

How could you not LOVE ZSA ZSA?  She made being divorced and being Zsa Zsa her own cottage industry.   She was in some very forgettable movies in the 40s-50s but who cares.  Her sister Eva had a classic TV series that we all remember – Green Acres.  But it’s Zsa Zsa who history will recall as “the most famous Gabor”.

Zsa Zsa’s obit will note she had TWO sisters – Eva and MAGDA.  Magda was to “the Gabor Sisters” what Zeppo

Magda was the Gabors’ equivalent to Zeppo Marx.

was to “the Marx Brothers”.  I’m betting Magda was pretty much a triplicate of Eva and Zsa Zsa …… basically Hungarian she-poodles wrapped in feather boas and dripping in zircons.

In the current era of Paris, Lindsey and the Kardashians ….. our world be a better place with more Gabors.  Would Zsa Zsa do a sex tape?  Would Zsa Zsa “take it off” for Maxim or go for a romp in Hef’s grotto?  I think not.  Zsa Zsa never took herself too seriously.  For that alone, I’ll always remember her fondly.

In 50s mindset, being divorced nine times meant (snicker snicker) at least nine men probably saw Zsa Zsa nekkid and “made love” to her.  I’m not sure any of us ever had “erotic” thoughts about Zsa Zsa.  That just wouldn’t have seemed right.  Elizabeth Taylor – SURE.  But not Zsa Zsa.

Reminiscing about Eva on Green Acres …. I believe I had an unclean thought about her from one episode.  I don’t recall the specifics and “unclean” from the 60s is a relative term.  It’s a dim memory.  Not like more vivid ones for Anne Schedeen who played the mother for ALF’s family.  I digress.

When Zsa Zsa was on with Merv or Mike Douglas or Jack Paar, or Johnny, what did they talk about?  Who knows.  She would make a grand zsaentrance all over-dressed and bejeweled and just “be Zsa Zsa” for ten minutes.  Reminding us that she was getting married for the umpteenth time sending us all into some giddy twitter.

What did Zsa Zsa’s publicist do?  What did Zsa Zsa do to publicize?   She was to celebrity status what Seinfeld was to TV series – a show about nothing …. and we loved it.

Daaaahlink ….. may chubby cherubs welcome you to whatever eternity awaits for the one & only & original Zsa Zsa.  I bet Liberace is there waiting for her.

NOTE:  Today (16th) is the 33rd Anniversary of Elvis’ death.  Hang on a few more days Zsa so you don’t have to share billing with “the King”.


No big blockbuster news out of Butch’s Bunker lately.  The Pale Rider and his gang are hunkered down.  Did you hear Steve Spurrier remarks about Blake?  I appreciate Steve Spurrier being Steve Spurrier but this outburst was a bit odder than previous Spurrierian comments.

Yes, John Blake has a sordid rep in the nefarious world of “best recruiters”.  But so does Spurrier’s own Brad Lawing.  Brad was on John Bunting’s staff for a year.  Since joining Spurrier, Lawing has established himself as quite the “dark ops” operative.  When Lawing signs a kid …. no one asks too many questions.  Guys like Blake and Lawing and USC’s Ed Orgeron live by plausible deniability.  Their head coaches don’t ask questions because the answers could indict them down the road.


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