June15/ 2010

June in Omaha …. The ‘Blatt is beautiful ….. A team in light blue is in the CWS Finals ….. Chad Holbrook is still in uniform ….. A NC-born “good guy” coach is in the dugout ….. The famous coach is in the stands …. The AD is a graduate of UNC ….. and Carolina Wins The College World Series ….. Yippee!….. Not so fast Franklin Street – no bon fires for you tonight.

  • The team in light blue is UCLA.
  • Chad Holbrook’s uniform is Garnet & Black.
  • The NC-born “good guy” is Benson’s Ray Tanner.
  • The famous coach on-hand is “the ol’ Ball Coach”.
  • The UNC-educated winning AD is Eric Hyman.


2010 College World Series Champion
“South” Carolina.

It was not suppose to be THIS way.  The Carolina Tar Heels had been coming to Omaha in June for so many years they pay Nebraska state taxes.  First-graders in Omaha have never known a CWS without Dustin and Chad and Cavi and Coach Fox.   Keep knocking at the door Carolina …… your time will come.

The Baseball Gods are not without feelings.  They agreed.  It IS finally time for Carolina to win the CWS!   

It is decreed – So it shall be – So it is! – ZAPPP !

A bolt of lighting flashes across the Nebraska skies.  A puff of smoke hovers over 2nd base at venerable Rosenblatt hosting it’s final CWS.  THIS IS THE YEAR  ….. Carolina Does Win The CWS.

Uh excuse me, Mr Baseball Gods ……  
Yes, son?  
Oh?  You said “Please let Carolina win this year” – You wished it.  We granted it.  Be more specific next time.
Oh Good Lord!   sob, sigh, sniff.

Well, good to see Chad get a ring.  And good to see Eric get a ring.  And everybody likes Ray Tanner.  It’s been kinda tough in The Palmetto State recently what with their gubernatorial indiscretions and that embarrassment with the homeless nobody getting the Dem senatorial nomination.  That South Of The Border place is gross.  They deserve some good fortune.

Screw dat.  North Carolina is sending its sleazy former governor to the GrayBar Hilton.  Governor Dumplin’ can’t keep her frequent flier miles straight.  NC State sets an NCAA record for turning sour on its new AD

John Edwards is hustling dirty leg skanks …

before she even has her business cards printed.  John Edwards is hustling dirty-leg skanks in Wilmington biker bars.  Don’t we deserve something?

Didn’t Duke cut down the nets again in April?
Like I said ….. Don’t we deserve something?

I guess the whole state of South Carolina is going nutz, huh.

Well not quite the WHOLE state.  There’s this other school in the Upstate just off I-85.  They play pretty good baseball too and could claim to being the second best team in all of America this year but they ARE just the second best team within 100 miles of The Esso Club.  It really sucks to be a Clemson fan right now.

Them dadgum Chickens have a nasty habit of pissin’ in the Tigers’ punch bowl every June lately.  Life ain’t fair.

The CWS was full of Moochies again this year.  Every one of those toe-headed youngsters was an “every mother’s son”.  Every mamma, and every daddy and every cute-as-speckled pup girlfriend was on-hand wearing rally caps and squeezing rosary beads and grabbin’ their left one and awishin’ and ahopin’ that Chad, Eric, Larry, Billy, Mike, Bobby (every flag-waving mainstreet USA name you can think of …) would come thru “in the clutch”.  

South Carolina even had a kid named Christian.

See any tattoos?  No, but there is more covered up in baseball than basketball.  Good point.
Wonder if John Roche was watching?  Who?   Never mind.

All’s Quiet on Franklin Street.

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