Ketchuping ….

March18/ 2010

BobLee’s “catches up” on a plethora of  “what about” news bites and items not worthy of their very own column …… Ketchup / “Catch Up” !!!  Get it?  Clever, huh?

Did you notice – A LOT OF EMPTY SEATS @ The ACC Tourney last week?  Expect a lot more at every NCAA Tourn games up to the Final Four.   Remember BobLee’s HDTV Effect ….. the empties will be blamed on “the economy” but it’s really affordable HDTVs.  Trust me on this.

Tiger Returns at The Masters – I’m “OK” that he is playing at The Masters, but my interest in watching PGA golf in general is dwindling rapidly.  I’m not “mad at” the PGA or indignantly harumphing at Tiger’s appalling conduct ….. it is what it is.  Augusta National in April is one of the main reasons God invented HDTV.  I’ll watch for that reason.  I can’t name 15 current PGA players or care that I can’t.

UNC Basketball 2010 –  Drive a stake thru the heart of this wretched thing.  I’m just glad  Roy No RingThisYear survived to coach again next year.  I was worried about that at one point.  If Roy can’t retool and return to prominence then he’s not the coach I think he is.  I think he is that coach. …  What do you think is THE #1 goofiest suggestion Roy has received ?

“24” – Time to retire Jack.  I watch simply because I do, not because I really want to any more.

The Future of Lee Fowler –  Has this itty bitty pulse blip of Pack Hoops saved Lee from a Be Gone-ing?  Take away one Saturday in late November and this sports year has been odious for Wolf loyalists. …… Dickie B. has always had “non-revenue sports success” as his safety net.  NCSU’s non-revenue sports are “non” in every respect.  I suspect its time for a change for all concerned. …. with Charlie Cobb being the quite logical choice to ride to the rescue.

UNC Spring Game on ESPN – “OH BOY, They’re televising the Blue-White Game!”  The news equivalent of Rocky Mount getting an LPGA event.  “But BobLee, think of all the great “exposure” Butch’s program will get!” Oh Puhleeze !  TO’B – 3 / Butch – 0.  THAT matters more than a dopey spring game. …… Didn’t ESPN televise that Thurs night game vs Florida St?  Lot o’ good that (and those NAVY unis) did the program !!

Dana Perino – Former White House press secretary Dana Perino is the Total Package as a political analyst.  Not only incredibly attractive and charming but even more incredibly astute in her comments.  Even if I didn’t agree with her ….. I would agree with her.

This Year’s March Madness – I’m not even filling out a bracket this year.  I did help Kid with hers.  It’s not sour grapes over UNC not dancing.  It’s just with Calipari and Huggy Bear being likely “deep dancers” I feel dirty even watching.   I will have the TV on but I don’t intend to plan my day around the games.

Deep Thoughts –  I am really enjoying doing Deep Thoughts.  Every one is original.  I’m not getting them off some “quote” website.  Hope you guys are enjoying them too.  Easy to enjoy on your “smart phone”.

I have no real reason to dislike Kansas’ Bill Self.   He seems like a decent fellow without the in-your-face “I’m really really slimey” factor of Calipari, Huggy, etc.  “Decent” is a relative term with “big time college coaches”.  Like comparing the smells of different feet.

Fess Parker died on Thursday at 85 of “old age”.  I always knew no bear, Injun or Mexican could take out “Davy”.

The Rielle Hunter interview in GQ –  confirms her solid credentials as a bubble-headed skank.  America’s roadkill fascination with her affirms our fervent hope that there ARE people in this world MUCH more screwed up that we are.  That is comforting.

Justified – New TV “gritty action crime” show.  It’s on FX on Tuesday night.  First episode was “a good’un”.  Hero is a young Robert Urich-type.  Wears a very cool hat!

Scheyer and Ridick –  Am I the only one that sees a resemblance between Scheyer, Ridick and Quin Snyder.  There’s just “a Duke look” about their “white boy guards”.  And all their parents look alike too.

Boston College / ACC –  This BB season further minimalized the “impact” of Boston College to the ACC.  I realize they beat Roy but who didn’t? …… oops, sorry about that, Wuffs.

Castle & Human Target –  BobLee’s co-#1 shows these days.  White Collar was fine and Burn Notice too but these two are better. …… I think.

My decision to paint my F-150 black has proven to be an EXCELLENT ONE!   Not one second of regret.  Very few decisions in Life can pass that test.

Cool New Website Features –  There are two cool new features over there on the right column.   BobLee & Bill radio audios …… All of my WPTF appearances are now archived on that BobLee On The Radio link.  Check’em out.  Every Deep Thought is also archived in the Deep Thought Alamanac. …… We’ve also modified the BobLeeLive page.

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