Still caring …. but not very much.

March15/ 2010

I noted a few weeks ago that I did not fill out a bracket this year.  In past years I annually did 3-4.  I never “won” but it would have been un-American not to, or so I thought.  My lukewarmness to “big time college sports” could be linked to UNC’s Season To Not-Remember but its more than that.  A big shout out to ginger snaps and good books! 

We spent four days at da beach earlier this week.  We rented a condo ideal to our specs – “on the ocean” including a window seat ideal for mindless gazing at the endless ebbing and flowing.  There was an issue with cell phone reception and the WiFi was slower than molasses in January but all in all it was a darn good time.

Unlike many of you, our regular daily life is far from hectic.  Neither Missus nor I are chained to a corporate treadmill (that’s eeeevil corporate treadmill for our liberal readers!).  We have cyber offices so “it doesn’t matter where we are” if we are on-line.

Two activities highlighted our stay …… we had delightful dinners with old friends and “read a lot”.  “Dinner with friends” has become our #1 “we like to …..” A LOT.   We ONLY have “dinner with friends” as business lunches/dinners are no longer unpleasantries to be tolerated.  I look back on “client dining” with the same unfondness as “exams”.  A nightmare about “client dining” or “exams” wakes me up in a cold sweat.  How about you?

And “reading” …… aaaahhhh “reading”.  I had gotten out of the recreational reading habit over the past six months but continued to buy up books for the anticipated resurgence.  I knocked out three good ones over the four days.  There is probably something more enjoyable than “a good book, a pleasant breeze and the beach close enough to see, smell and hear it …..”  If I never discover that something even more enjoyable I’m content.

A bag of ginger snaps complements a good book.  I’m also becoming quite a Coke Zero addict.  Coke Zero, a bag of ginger snaps and a rip-roaring good read.  I’m NOT a complicated guy.

What the heck does the above dribble have to do with the “thrill of victory & agony of defeat” of March Madness?  I did not go cold turkey on college basketball, but I did re-prioritize it to “I should watch but I’m not really that interested.” …… I’ve felt this coming on for a few years.  Years during which UNC was at the top of its game.

The #1 question this year was the Alien vs Predator match-up between Kentucky & West Virginia.  I decided on WVU.  Huggins and Calipari are dirty birds of the same dirty feathers.  As of next month I will have graduated one more college student than either of them have in their combined 40+ years of college coaching.  That does not bother the administrations of their current schools.  Why should it bother me.  It does.  I don’t care for them.

It has been confirmed …. John Calipari was indeed on the short-list for consideration when NC State was replacing Herb.  What disqualified him, according to reliable sources, was NOT his sordid reputation but rather his asking price.   Many who decry Calipari now might embrace him if they thought he could give them much desired Ws.  Are you one of such fans?  I’m not.

Speaking of NC State ….. maligned AD Lee Fowler has shaved off his mustache after 40+ years.  Not exactly the change his detractors had hoped for.

Calipari losing is more of a victory for “reasonably good guys” than Huggins’ winning justifies the bad boyz.   UK did not hire Calipari to take them to the round of eight.

Certainly I find great pleasure in everything about Butler.  The enthusiastic young coach ….. the “Hoosiers” nature of the kids and the program and the whole David v Goliath scenario.

Nothing about Tom Izzo bothers me.  He seems like a decent sort.  I’m sure he has compromised on star player conduct issue over the years. They all do.

Duke “being there” and possibly winning another NC doesn’t bother me but I know it does many of you.  “Investing intense hatred in a college sports rival” is a dark corner of the reality of man.   I have dark recesses to my personality.  “Hating Duke (or State)” isn’t one of them.  But mine are likely as foolish.

I am not around young African-American males between 18-22 in the course of my day.  Do ALL of them have elaborate tattoos on their left bicep and shoulder?  Is it just basketball players who do?  I notice John Henson is unique in not having such.  Is that because he doesn’t HAVE biceps and deltoids?  Do those elaborate tattoos mean anything?  How much does it cost to get one?  Does it hurt much?  I am quite ignorant of the whole phenomenon.

With Kansas ousted early and UNC playing deep into the NIT, where does UNC stand now relative to KU in all-time Ws?  When UK get “caliparied” as they eventually will, will they lose all of his Ws while at UK?  I have to assume they will.

Hopefully Ol RoyNoRingThisYear shuts down now for a few weeks and “gets away”.  Not sure who he will choose to “talk thru this season” with.  I recommend he not choose anyone on any sports fan forums.  I think thats a safe bet.

Some school’s fans will go nutz Monday night.  If Duke, it means burned benches.  With WVU, of course, its sofas en fuego.   At East Lansing I think its just old-fashioned street rioting, looting, etc!  I doubt Butler has any established tradition for burning furniture or vehicles.  I wonder how such traditions start?

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