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January04/ 2010


Rush was released from the Hawaiian hospital at 4:15 PM on Friday.  Should be back at the Golden EIB Microphone on Wednesday ready to resume kickin’ butt & takin’ names.

Rush held a press conference upon leaving the hospital.  Video/text available on his website – .   Yippeee ….. :>)

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NOTE:  My friends …. I don’t know jack, squat or diddly about wine, orchids, or Chinese arithmetic BUT by golly ….. I DO know more about Rush Limbaugh and his current health situation than anyone you know or any media story you will read or hear ….. PERIOD.   It is possible that some media source will manage to get some of the facts correct and leave out their Rush-hating bias from those facts.  Such rare cases of that happening will be purely coincidental.

The Rush-hating media vultures are in full blood-lust with overt “death wishes” in some cases.  Rush-hating zombies are salivating with their heads exploding like casaba melon targets on a rifle range.  All of which is TOTALLY PREDICTABLE!

Don’t get torqued with the goggle-eyed Rush-haters.  If Rush wasn’t available they would hate something else.  They use “bile” like we use oxygen.  Don’t bother fighting them on Internet mosh pits.    Seriously you don’t want to go to the very dark places they inhabit.

As of this weekend, Rush is resting comfortably in Hawaii.  His fiancée, Kathryn, and her family are with him.  He underwent a full battery of tests for the “chest pains” he experienced yesterday.

Rush is in Hawaii for his annual Christmas vacation he takes each year.  He left the Southern Command Center on the 23rd on EIB1 …. A brief stop in Minneapolis with some of Kathryn’s relatives then to Cape Girardeau for Christmas with brother David and his family.   Then a week of golfing and relaxing in Hawaii.   Why a guy who lives in a Palm Beach ocean-side “compound” likes to fly 6,000 miles to Hawaii is a question even I can’t answer ….. but he does.  Bless his heart.

For the past several weeks Rush’s pinched nerves in his neck have been acting up severely.  He can’t take any “painkillers” because of his addiction situation of some years ago.   Any of you with severe back/neck pain or migraine issues can imagine how debilitating it can be to NOT be able to take painkilling medication.

This is the same pinched nerve that led to his addiction issues.  The surgical solution to his problem involves a threat to his larynx which he is unwilling to chance.  So he simply “deals with it”.  I do not have information that the pinched nerve pain relates to the chest pains.  I’m just filling you all in.

Rush’s weight loss over the past year (over 80 lbs) did NOT involve any “pills” or metabolism effecting medication.  It was strictly “portion control”.  Sorry Rush-haters!

That’s basically “it”.  I know that most of you know you cannot trust the mainstream media and especially on anything about Rush.  Even the primary story on is an AP story with snarky references about Rush.  DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING YOU READ ABOUT RUSH other than here or on his website ….. .

REMEMBER …. Triangle and Triad residents ….. the aforementioned station shifts took effect Friday.  The new Triangle station is WRDU – 106.1 FM …. And Triad is WGBT – 94.5 FM .   Do NOT “blame” WPTF or WSJS for this switch.  It was a Clear Channel Communications business decision.  CCC owns Rush’s syndication company and the new stations.  Change your pre-sets right now.

I will update you here as I get info from reliable sources or maybe even from El Rushbo hisownself.   When I know it ….. you’ll know it.

Please forward the above info on Rush to any/all of your pals that may not be BobLee Buddies and Babes.  ….. and keep checking here for updates.


The Mike Leach Mess …..  Plenty of “stoopid” to go around in this one.

I had extensive conversations on Wednesday with Texas football folks who know Mike Leach and Craig James personally.  And who are familiar with the general circumstance in Lubbock with Texas Tech.  They describe a situation MUCH different than you will get from ESPN which is grabbing its ankles to protect their boy – Craig James.

Mike Leach is well-known to be high octane “quirky”.  Lets call him “Ol Roy on steroids”.  Just as The Blue Messiah “does goofy stuff” that get him into trouble he could easily avoid ….. Mike Leach ratchets the goofy level even higher.

The Texas Tech Chancellor is RIGHT.  Mike Leach COULD indeed have prevented his firing …. by taking the Louisville job a month ago.   Mike burned his bridges with Texas Tech admins a year ago during contentious contract negotiations.  He did falsely assume his popularity with the Red Raider fan base gave him eccentric credits with his “bosses”.   He was wrong.  In any contest between a fan base lunatic fringe and your bosses ….. bet with “the bosses”.

As to the facts of the Adam James incident and “closets” and “sheds” and “concussions” and yadda yadda yadda …… much of that is being exaggerated by ESPN but even reality doesn’t help Mike Leach at all.   It’s 2009 and such “creative discipline” simply won’t fly in today’s world.  Recall my accounts of the Tar Heel Junction Boys from the late 60s.  THAT could not occur today.

Adam James and his father Craig James are obnoxious spoiled brat prima donnas.  Ask most anyone in Texas that has known father or son.  Leach did the James’ a favor in offering Adam a scholarship when NO ONE else in Texas at any collegiate level would do so.   That said and James disruptive influence within the program ….. signaling the kid out for any sort of corporeal discipline was “handing Leach’s critics a noose”.   

WHY did Leach take such a needless risk?  Simply drop the kid from the program as happens all the time.   The illogic of Leach’s decisions rival “hey Bill Clinton – WHY Monica?” ….. or “Tiger …. WHY the skanks?”  Only Leach can answer that.   He handed his up-line critics the straw they needed to break his back ….. so they did.

I love quirky people.  I’m a quirky guy.  Lots of my buddies (you guys and gals) are “quirky”.  But “quirky” is kinda like garlic and cheap cologne ….. use too much and everybody knows you used too much.  Mike Leach used too much “quirky” this time.

In most major college sports programs the head FB coach and/or head BskB coach make A LOT MORE $$$$ than the Chancellor and the President put together.  It’s a supply/demand issue but still a tough pill to swallow for academic administrators.  Lots of $$$ makes for a comfortable lifestyle for one’s family.  It’s how we “keep score”.  It’s a dicey tightrope to walk for all concerned.

A “lesson” from this that we will elaborate on further in upcoming columns is how “modern technology” fuels these situations.  Not unlike Urban Meyer’s situation, this one was hemorrhaging  on the Internet for three days.   The Internet “bark patrol” is always going to be a step ahead of any facts with its slanderous innuendos regardless of which side of the issue the commentor is on.    The side that controls the Internet will win the day ….. in this case it’s ESPN’s side protecting Craig James ….. TexasTech’s side ….. Mike Leach’s side …. and the Red Raider board monkey gang.  Take your pick.


   Tonight’s we will be enjoying an early dinner at MEZ with media pals and a very very smart Duke Political Science guy and his wife.  Don’t panic ….. Mike Munger is REALLY good people.  Then home to usher in the New Year in our low-key Baby Boomer-kinda way. 2010 is almost here.  It’s going to be another “interesting year” for sure.

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