A Product of No Accountability

August27/ 2009


A Product of No Accountability

You know…there are two professions in modern America that have no quantitative measurements and are NEVER held accountable to anything: Academia and Journalism. Well, I guess we could add in Dimocrat politicians….but that is for another day.

Because of that fact, they are very similar in their outlook and similar in who is attracted to the professions. Blondie

Think about it, they are both over run by women and girly men.
I defy you to find ten real honest to goodness MEN of any prominence in either profession. That is not how it used to be.

I had journalism professors and worked for some fabulous MEN back in the Dark Ages, 20-30 years ago. Craggy, crabby, strong, honorable, take no sh*t men were the standard in newsrooms all over this country. If you were a woman in the business, you had to be one tough bird.

But it is the nature of women to tame that testosterone infused male. It used to be they were JUST tamed at home. But feminazis were not content with that particularly delicious power and they over reached and tamed our Fourth Estate and our teachers and guides in their professional lives too.

The Fourth Estate was as strong and important a battalion of warriors as any division storming Normandy. They were not anything less then soldiers fighting for this country’s freedoms in their never ending battle to hold elected ones accountable.

Our teachers in the Dark Ages were mostly men in the upper levels. The lower levels were just a place for young woman to spend time working prior to having marriage and their own children. (and in that order)

Our upper level teachers were men of experience, and learning who were seekers of knowledge and wisdom from the experiences of the men who proceeded them.

But today these professions are filled with soft, intellectually lazy, pampered men and woman who have totally lost the importance of role of both professions in the workings of this experiment called America.

They have become part of The Nanny State, endlessly warning us of the manufactured dangers of ozone and red meat while totally ignoring the real dangers of socialism and communism.

It is all an evolution that has brought us to the exact spot we find ourselves in now. With a president-elect (BHO) who is the weakest, emptiest, softest, whippet, nothing of a man we could have imagined.

He is a product and a beneficiary of the two professions that have no accountability.

NOTE: Unlike BL and AP, Blondie will not be responding to each Reader Comment; but Reader Comments ARE ENCOURAGED and appreciated.


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