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April10/ 2008

65 then 32 and now just 16 partisan fan factions complaining about “no respect from the media” and “the refs are against us”.  Oops, make that only 15 sets of whineys.  The folks around Davidson are grinning and sporting Curry For President t-shirts.  BobLee on The Dance and the assumed End Of The K-Rat Era. ….. and more reflections on the “I had a (bad) dream” speech.

I’m going out on a limb now.  If Roy’s Boys play to within 95% of the perfection they showed at the RBC ….. on April 8, 2008 Roy Williams will have as many National Championships as Billy Donovan.  There.  I’ve said it.  

Those giant slippery NCAA logos at mid-court will all be gone by this Thursday.  Whatever NCAA bureaucrat approved that one has been reassigned to Field Hockey sub-regionals.

 “Who tested those logos for slipperyness?  I thought you did?  No, I thought you did?  Nope, not me, musta been that intern with the bad haircut.  Yeah, let’s blame him ….”

Whose whizbang decision was it to start each series of games at exactly the same time?  Bad idea.  Stagger each series tip-off by 15 minutes so the flip back/forth guy can follow each “buzzer-beater”.  I missed Davidson’s comeback because Butler v Tennessee was just 2-3 minutes ahead of them.  I saw the last two minutes of “Stephan buries the Hoyas” but woulda like to have seen how the Wildcats cut the deficit.

You know how happy I was to see “little Davidson” slip the straight-razor across Georgetown’s throat.  I’m not a John Thompson & Son hater, like all UNCers are supposed to be, but Davidson and Coach Bob McKillop represent my long ago out-moded idea for college athletics.  Go to a neat little school on a quiet little campus.  Major in, and graduate with, a legitimate real world application degree.  And still play darn fine fundamental basketball at the highest level.

Meanwhile in the western sector of “The Triangle” there was some joy and appreciation for Roy’s Boys “not letting us down” by doing what they are expected to do …. But in true Caro-loon fashion, the real euphoria was expressed for the annual early exit of The Satanic Spawn From Cameron Indoor.

Yea verily this year’s Devil exorcist was almost tiny Belmont.  Not that Abbey where Al McGuire once coached near Gastonia.  No, an even more obscure college in Nashville.  Coach K’s Kids dodged the Belmont bullet by a frog hair on Thursday.

But not so lucky against Huggy Bear’s ‘Neers on Saturday.  It’s one thing to lose, but for “an elite academic institution” to lose to Bob Huggins (aka the first coach to win 600 games without a single player ever graduating!).

  •   Duke where the average SAT score is 1400 versus WVU where the Valedictorian can’t spell SAT. 
  •   The schools do have one thing in common ….. after big wins their students BURN FURNITURE.  At Duke it’s park benches.  At WVU it’s sofas.
  •    Both schools also have a “party school” reputation.  WVU was so designated by Playboy.  Duke was so designated by Mike Nifong.  BOINK!

How bad was it?  The DukeBasketballReport had to shut down Saturday night as the vitriol reached toxic levels.  The Crazies were catatonic.

 As always, whenever Duke loses, especially in March, the Franklin Street Lunatic Fringe gleefully declares “IT’S ALL OVER” for the Krzyzewski Era.  But somehow The Polish Rasputin rises out of the grave each November to notch yet another 30 Ws towards “the day” he notches #880 and all the flowers die in Chapel Hill.

Duke now forms the 2nd side of Basketball’s Isosceles Conundrum with NC State.  Two sides of Triangle basketball are now in disrepair by their partisans standards.  Only UNC continues to not disappoint its faithful ….. yet.

I have not commented on Collapse de Wolfpack this season because I was (1) so surprised, and (2) convinced that El Sid was a more experienced coach that he obviously is.  A year ago there was every reason (and Wuffies don’t normally even need a reason) to expect the ’07-’08 Pack to “be a contenda”.  Costner had a super last March and El Sid had “a highly touted recruiting class” coming in.  Costner fizzled like a soggy bottle rocket and El Sid simply lost control of his program.  Year Three of Sidney’s Prodigal Dream will be testy for sure.  Unless there’s a dramatic turn-around, the Pack can move back to Reynolds and do Jesse Jones Sausage 2 for 1 Nights.

Meanwhile in West Derm it may be a matter of who comes first – Duke or America.  Does Mike put his full attention on rebuilding a weak frontcourt or winning Olympic Gold?  Can a team built on Albino Bombers ever dance for very long?  Mike needs more Boozer and Brand and Williams and less McRoberts, Randolph and Zoubek.  The forever pained facial expressions of Paulus and Scheyer have become sad cliques in Tar Heel loonie bins.

For what its worth to Duke loyalists ….. on any given day on any UNC fan forum, discussions of Duke Basketball (and Coach K) still outnumbers discussion of UNC BB by 5 to 1 easy.  Duke may no longer frighten opponents in March but it still dominates the thoughts of Heel Loonies.  “Thoughts” being a relative term.


 Cocoa Puff’s “I Had A (Bad) Dream” speech from last Tuesday still resonates across a divided nation.  Even dim-wits with no clue who “Barack” is, are doing imitations of Uncle Jeremiah’s pulpit pounding profanities.

The same DNC pundit corps who called Howard Dean’s scream in ‘03 “just a bit of over enthusiasm” and who called Bill & Monica “just a private matter between a President and an intern” are ranking C-Puff On Jeremiah as somewhere between JFK’s “Ask not …” and Churchill’s “Iron Curtain …” among Great Speeches of The Western World.  In truth it may rank with Faber College’s Bluto’s “When the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor …..”.

What Puff HAS brought out of the woodshed is the simple truth that the Black v White racial divide in America is as ragged and jagged in 2008 as it was when Honest Abe “emancipated’em” 150 years ago.

This despite outlawing Song Of The South, Little Black Sambo, Amos ‘n Andy and expanding the NBA to ever how many teams there are now.  White folks trying really hard not to say “lynch” or “nappy-headed” or that word that rhymes with Roy Rogers’ horse’s  name has not done squat to “bring us together”.  

We’uns (aka Whitey) quite naively expected “them” to just become “like us” after a few decades of “equality”.  As if Country Music, playing golf, popped-collar polo shirts, and joining Rotary or The Junior League are the only options any sane person would consider given the choice.  Even the “Viet Namese boat people” have somehow resisted Merle Haggard.  Who knew “being equal” was never going to mean “being just alike”?

Jews, Irish and Eye-talians aren’t exactly “like us WASPs” either.  It’s just easier to see the differences in a Black & White World.

According to Cocoa Puff The “Kunte Kinte – You Still Owe Us” Mind-set still is the predominant attitude apparently in Black America.  The ten generations since the CRA of the mid-60s are as angry and as far from “assimilating” as their great grandparents were despite 60 years of pie-in-the-sky promises from vote-grabbing Democratic politicians.  The Welfare Plantation bizness benefits the coffers of way too many scallywags to think it will end in the 21st century….. or in the next six months.

You think “reparations” would matter?  Right!  Give every African American  $100,000 tomorrow and, like 6-year olds at 9 AM on Christmas morning, their so-called leaders will scream “is this all?”  It’s not about “reparations” or everyone else walking on politically correct eggshells 24/7.  It’s about having someone else to blame for one’s own shortcomings.  Can you put a monetary value on how convenient it  is to “not be responsible”.

Accountability Sucks.  Being a faithful husband, caring parent, good neighbor and loyal friend GETS OLD.  I too want to be Free At Last  to blame all my frets, failures, worries, anxieties and shortcomings on somebody else or better yet an entire race of somebody elses ….. that and, of course, watch Amos ‘n Andy reruns and sing Zip-a-dee-do-dah, zip-a-dee-ya whenever I want to without feeling guilty.

My parents, my boss, my wife/husband, my children, Bush, Clinton, white folks, illegals, that idiot in the left turn lane, Hollywood, Wall Street, the man, the system, the Left, the Right, the Church etc et al ….. just blame’em and then sleep the fitful sleep of the non-accountable.

For what it’s worth ….. I have come to realize that it is just fine for “us” to be different from each other.  Should cornrows and dreadlocks “bother me”?  No.  How about tattoos and do-rags?  Nope.  Should an A.M.E Zion church service make me feel any more uncomfortable than a charismatic service?  No.  Should the NBA or NCAA have more teams that “look like Davidson”?  Not necessarily.

BobLee’s Newest Needlepoint Phrases To Live By

(1) Different isn’t necessarily “bad”.  It can be “just different”.

(2) Political Correctness is A Quite Silly Waste of Time

 …. zip-a-dee-ya!


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