Leonidas Takes His Stand

January12/ 2008

I once called him “Buford” after Buford Pusser cleaning the evil doers out of the county. …. Now the Fearless Leader of The UNC System is facing Xerxes’ Immortals at Thermopylae.  Indeed …. “Leonidas” Bowles is declaring “ENOUGH” on the tenured squirrels and bloviating bureaucratic buffoons who have nested far too long on North Carolina’s 16 tax-supported campi. …..

Leonidas Bowles will need more than 300 Spartan warriors to unseat the proliferation of pseudo-intellectual Jabba The Hutts who think the UNC System is their personal playground for pontificating their anarchist tripe.

As Executive Director of Ultra Right-Wingers For Erskine I have been telling you for going on two years that Erskine is indeed “The No-Nonsense Messiah” that can jerk free the Gordian Knot of pompous sludge that burns our tax dollars each semester at alma maters to which you want to feel a part.

Let’s start over ….. “On a dark and stormy night” ….. there, that’s better.

I sent this out as a Platinum Pals missive yesterday and the response was so overwhelming I knew I had to share it with the masses.  Here masses ….. read it for yourselves.  This article just appeared in the Charlotte Observer.  It is noteworthy that Mary Schulken is a hard-wired liberal media-ette straight out of central casting.  That EB still comes off like the Knight Errant is all the more amazing.

The arrogant enemy is deeply entrenched and their “do nothing and still get paid forever” existence is being threatened.  If this plan gets implemented there will be 1,000s of academic Maynard G. Krebs from Murphy to Manteo tearfully crying “WORK!”  What a frightening concept for a pointyhead.

I may never convince all of you that reading Internet message boards will indeed induce blindness and cause hair to grow in your palms …. But by Gawd I’m going to get everyone one of you sons(and daughters)-of-a-gun to rally behind Erskine on this.  Tar Heels, Wuffies, Pirates, 49ers, Seahawks, Mountaineers, Eagles, Aggies and whatever the heck the rest of you are ….. show your support.

  E-mail Leonidas and let him know you support him …

[email protected]

  His father’s Legacy was a mere basketball arena ….. the son’s legacy labor shall be the cleansing of the 18 Augean stables of the UNC System. 

Forward this to every UNC-system alum you know regardless of campus …. Post it in every breakroom, boardroom, Bojangles and Ruth’s Chris’ you visit.

Go to the UNC website and get the e-addresses for the Boards of Governors and Trustees.  Buttonhole’em at church, Rotary and on the 1st tee at Quail Hollow.  With due respect to the folks at Johnson Lexus …. “Be a Badger”.

I had pretty much given up on UNC other than Ol’ Roy and a few other coaches that actually produce results.  Imagine how cool it would be if Leonidas can actually whup these no-account sumbitches.  

But BobLee, Their candlelight vigils and whiny protests will blot out the sun.

 “Then We Shall Fight Them In The Shade.”


Warning! Radicals on the loose at UNC

Legacy work: Bowles administration enters action phase full speed


Former North Carolina Sen. Jesse Helms once suggested the state erect a fence around Chapel Hill.  It would protect the sensible, law-abiding people of the Tar Heel state, the conservative firebrand suggested, from those radical, free-thinking, long-haired troublemakers roaming the campus at UNC Chapel Hill, the nation’s first public university.

That was the 1970s. Sen. Helms might be floored to learn not much has changed.

There are (gasp!) radicals afoot at the state’s universities. Most don’t have long hair. Some of them don’t have hair at all. But they still want to turn things upside down.

This time, they’re in charge.  Show results? Yikes!

You probably won’t hear much about these issues amid the roar of this election year:

• Tying tenure for faculty at North Carolina’s state universities to outreach and public service.

• Using urgent, identified state needs as criteria for deciding how to spend money at state universities.

You see? Radicals are at work. These measures are part of a wave of changes that will soon break across the 16-campus University of North Carolina system. It’s called UNC Tomorrow.

That’s a fancy name for an effort that has used research, facts and public input to project what the state will need, education-wise, to fuel a healthy economy and a healthy culture and healthy citizens 20 years down the road.

The purpose? Devise a plan that focuses the resources of state universities toward those needs.

Why is that so important? Because the mission of public universities is to get involved in public needs, period. They have a moral imperative to provide leadership. And the way to turn those high-sounding words into real-life action is to have a plan.

The work of the UNC Tomorrow Commission has been going on for nearly a year. But last week the 32 members of the UNC Board of Governors embraced the findings it recommended, and set a one-year timetable to do the work. Among the reforms:

• The missions of all campuses ought to align with state, regional and system needs so that programs complement each other but do not duplicate each other.

• The needs of North Carolina will be the bottom line when establishing and discontinuing programs.

These radicals. They think that because public universities in North Carolina are largely funded by public dollars, they ought to use those resources to tackle pressing public problems.

Even worse, they think taxpayers ought to expect results for spending all that money — and ways to measure whether universities are living up to the charge they have been given.

UNC system President Erskine Bowles, the politically savvy former investment banker and former White House chief of staff, has taken a page from the corporate sector playbook. Lining up money with mission is a blueprint for steering a big ship toward fundamental change. At the helm: results, transparency and accountability.

It’s tricky work. Bowles will have to confront entrenched interests and a funding formula that’s historically inequitable and highly political.  But if he pulls it off, North Carolina’s public university system will have a leg up on most every other public university system.

Save the bighorn sheep? Not!

Some of the impacts: Non-flagship campuses such as UNC Charlotte will face a tougher threshold to start high-priced new programs such as a law school from scratch. Instead, expect more collaborative efforts between those campuses and existing programs.

It also will be harder for flagship campuses to justify expensive research that’s essentially navel-gazing. (Save the bighorn sheep? Not!)

Few figures in North Carolina muster the respect Bowles does, among both educators and legislators. And this push is coming as his administration enters its action phase — year three of what will likely be a four-year tenure. ….. (say it ain’t so EB!)

Pay attention. This is legacy work.  What’s at stake? Focus a $6.5 billion public resource on leadership, deliberately line up resources with needs and you can move mountains.

Campus radicals!

Mary C. Schulken


   Pretty damn exciting, huh?  Send that e-mail.  If Erskine can’t pull this off ….. the academic terrorists win.

  A Super BobLee High Five, Chest Bump & HUZZA to J. Dan McWuff; Executive VP of Photoshop Magic for BobLee Enterprises.  J. Dan ROCKS!


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