November20/ 2007

…. Just when you think “good news” is just the absence of more “bad news”, The Good Lord sends a rainbow.  For Tar Heels under seige by Jimmy Sexton’s ransom demands, the past few weeks have been a combination of toothaches and tax audits … BUT THE FEVER HAS BROKEN!  BobLeeSays is tickled C-Blue to be the Official Website for A Big Tar Heel Announcement! ……. PLUS …. “Kolchak” stomps another cockroach. “Roanoke Rapids Randy” gets his comeuppance.

(NOTE:  Butch’s New Deal ($291,000 bump for him plus an extra year) was announced Wed at 4:15 …. after this column was up.  Nothing really to change in our comments, so we won’t.  There will be more stuff announced in the weeks to come.)  Ransom updates at bottom of this column.

 Hear Ye!   Hear Ye!

A Negotiation That Every Tar Heel Will Approve Of!

    Handsome Boy met Pretty Girl.  They got to know each other over a year or so in the old-fashioned way.  Handsome Boy asked Pretty Girl to marry him.  Pretty Girl said “Yes”!  Just one of a million such stories in a busy world …… welllllll, not quite.

 “David” is the Handsome Boy.

“Brooke” is the Pretty Girl….and 

    David played football for Carolina.  So did his brother.  David’s sister was a UNC cheerleader.  David’s other sister was on the Carolina dance team.  David’s Daddy played football for Carolina too.  So did Brooke’s daddy.

 David “Goal Line” Bomar is marrying Brooke McCauley

   “Bomar” …. Bomar ???  …. Is his Daddy – GAYLE BOMAR?  That lefthanded QB/DB from Peru, near Kokomo; who held the UNC single game total offense record for over 30 years? Yep, that be David’s Daddy.  Let’s give Pretty Mamma Margie some well-deserved credit too. ….. OK, give Margie LOTS of credit.

And “Goal Line” ???? ….. wasn’t he the “former walk-on” that stopped that Wuffie receiver on the 6” inch line in Ericsson Stadium about ten years ago.  Yep, that be the same David.

Brooke McCauley ….. “McCAULEY”…. You don’t mean …. No, it couldn’t be …. Is Brooke’s Daddy  #23 ?  ….from Garden City LI …. Hoolie’s old roommate …. The same guy that executed his fake so well that “Paul The Bootlegger” could simply walk around the end without a single Duke hand on him? Yep.

   Don McCauley’s pretty young daughter 

is marrying Gayle Bomar’s handsome young son.  

   In addition to “handsome and pretty”, David and Brooke are whipcrack sharp, well-mannered and solid citizens (just like their daddies).

  If I was not the first person that Gayle and Don met when they arrived at Ehringhaus Dorm in ’65 and ’67, I was surely among the first handful.  That we are all still hanging around the area some 40 years later to celebrate this nuptial is just A REALLY GOOD THING!

Feel free to congratulate the proud daddies at Wachovia Securities in Chapel Hill where David works with his Dad.  Contact #23 at the Rams Club office.


   Remember the Randy Parton Theater scam up in Roanoke Rapids?  The local burgermeisters finally wised up.  Randy “I’m Her Brother” Parton has been officially “renegotiated” out of his million dollar fleecing fiasco.

Credit my buddy Don “Kolchak” Carrington for exposing this latest snake oil flim flam to hit a desperate Down East community.  When Jim “Guvnor For Life” Hunt ran his scam on Kinston he called it Global TransPark.  Beware of any investment deal labeled “Global” …. And never agree to a blind date with a woman named “Eunice” …. But that’s another story.

“Kolchak” is on a roll this year.  It was “Kolchak” Carrington and his camera and a Cessna that brought America the first pictures of Apple Cheeks’ Hypocrite’s Huge  Hacienda hidden deep in the Orange County backwoods.  Had it not been for the intrepid truth seeker, Johnny “I Care” & Courageous Elizabeth would have us believing they were roughing it in a Jim Walter double-wide behind the Rosemary Street homeless shelter.

A grateful America says “Thanks, Kolchak”.


     You were expecting an update on the ransom demands.  The Boyz In The Back Room are in the process of re-financing their Figure Eight cottages to scrape together the loot.

    The fellows down at Franklin Street Partners are planning a Bake Sale & Car Wash to do their part.  “Please buy two brownies and a cupcake so Butch won’t leave!” ….. this is not Chapel Hill’s finest hour!  Kindly Ol’ Bill Friday continues to weep.

Our polling shows that mainstream Tar Heels are saying  This Rock Star milk sure costs a lot but smells sorta funny.”  Every Carolina fan “wants Carolina to win” whether it’s in athletics or in academics.  The difference for those of us leading real lives in a real world is “at what price glory?”

Jimmy Sexton planned this heist well before we lost to three in-state rivals and are reduced to “bragging” that “we are the best 3-8 team in America”.  Gulp …   In their defense, its how the rock star gendre operate.  We are supposed to understand that.  Old Well Kool-Aid tends to blur reality.

The real question is not Deal Or No Deal.  Iy is well beyond the “practice safe sex” lecture now.  The Boyz In The Back Room HAVE TO scrape together the non-consecutive unmarked bearer bonds and get them to Jimmy Sexton in a Zero Halliburton attaché case by the appointed day and hour.  Dealing with an agent is a new experience for our usually astute Deep Pockets.  The next time they will be smarter.  This time THEY/UNC/WE GOT SNOCKERED!

As long as The Boyz In The Back Room are the only ones reaching for their wallets, it is just Monopoly Money for the rest of us.  Admit it …. You tend to notice gas pump prices and greens fee increases but when it’s “Carl Sagan numbers” you tune out.  Another million or so thrown at Butch & His Staff and mega bucks committed to Kenan Expansion is “just numbers”.  It WILL eventually manifest itself in PSLs and $60 game tickets.  That is when all this “gets real” among the rank and file.

Look for Dickie to delay announcing the rest of the “now we will have to’s” as long as possible.  He will, of course, get blamed for it.  Hopefully, for his sake, he will be carving duck decoys at Kure Beach when the PSL defecation hits the fan.  He better hurry.

Speaking of “Rock Stars” …. Ask folks around Texas A&M or Tuscaloosa or South Bend about the dark downside of selling your soul for a Rock Star Messiah.



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