Under An Overcast October Sky ….

September20/ 2007

…. Who’d a thought it ??? …. Butch, Jim Harbaugh Charlie The Hutt and Clint Hurdle each have more Ws in October than Urban, Pete, Mack and Sweet Lou COMBINED!  It was a fun afternoon in Kenan for those that braved the ideal football weather to attend.   For TO’B the injury bug bites again …. and speaking of bugs didya see poor Joba Friday night?

The Boys of Summer battle thru 162 games to garner one of eight coveted playoff spots …. Then 27 innings later it’s “poof”.   Clean out your locker and see you in February.

This has to be The Year Of The Moochies in MLB.  You know that Madison Avenue is salivating (not!) over the possibility of Rockies, D-backs, Indians in the Fall Classic.  Traditional baseball cities Chicago and Philly are “O-fer and out” and in the Bronx there’s barely a hint of fog on the mirror.  The network ratings guys are betting the rent money on the BoSox.

I’ve been watching baseball since Walter O’Malley lived in Flatbush and never seen such a sight as those gnats in Cleveland on Friday night.  Somewhere Rachael Carson had to be frowning as Mother Nature bugged The Bronx Bombers to the precipice of another October foldo.

I’ve also watched baseball long enough to recall a young Clint Hurdle on the cover of SI as “This Year’s Phenom”.  Clint was never quite “phenom-enal” as a Royals outfielder but he’s gotta be luvin’ it these days as his Rockies are Mile High. …

… meanwhile amid the color and pageantry ….


   I didn’t see it myself, but I heard that at least seven Caro-Loonies begged their mammas for allowance advances to order BCS tickets at halftime yesterday.   Like Pecos Bill lassoing the cyclone, The Pale Rider had saddlebroke himself a Hurricane and was giving Paul Dee massive indigestion.  The Falstaffian Miami AD’s frosty reunion with his former employee wasn’t exactly hugs and handshakes.

Butch’s Kenan Kiddie Korp were hitting the visitors from Coral Gables harder than Dee was hitting the free chicken fingers in the press box.  Thank goodness for that 3rd quarter reality relapse or no doubt some delusional yahoo woulda thrown an orange on Kenan’s greensward to celebrate yet another awakening of college football sleeping giant, or at least Chapel Hill’s version of that cliched species.

No, this was not a Category 5 Hurricane but win-starved Heel fans would take a one point win over a tropical depression these days.  The 2007 Canes ARE a darn sight tougher than James Madison or Wofford. ……  It WAS indeed a fun game chock-a-block full of big plays and big hits and did indeed offer promise that Butch, Blake and The Beav may yet cause long-suffering Kenanites to forget Jim Hickey, Carl Torbush et al.

Steiny and Beale’s “Victory Village” may not cause folks in Oxford to bulldoze The Grove and build themselves a Bell Tower but the Heels are undefeated in every game in which there’s ever been “Victory Village” ….. The Grove can’t say that.

Any chance that The Old Ball Coach might mail it in next week went kaput with Butch’s first Tar Heel W over a Division 1-A team …. But we suspect the OBC can’t wait to walk outta that visitors lockerroom next Saturday to a “Welcome Back To Chapel Hill you %^$#@&” that only Mike Krzyzewski could appreciate.  Next Saturday should be a humdinger.  Hopefully yesterday’s 5,000+ aluminum fans will be replaced by rejuvenated bandwagoners.

Elsewhere around the nation’s gridirons …..

It was a BOFFO Saturday for America’s most corpulent coaches …. The Extra Large Quartet of ND’s Weis, UT’s Fullmer, KU’s Mangino and UM’s Friedgen all celebrated with extra slices of Victory Pie.

The fellas down at The Esso Club can bring out the Tommy effigy for its annual neck tie party.  Like swallows to Capistrano, every Fall brings a Tommy’s Tigers Swoon to remind Upstaters that there was only ONE Danny Ford and Tommy ain’t him.  Could this be the year that only one Bowden will still be coaching when the Thanksgiving turkey is blessed.  Who’d athought it would be the old man. ….. Frank’s Hokies meet Jago’s Eagles for the 2007 Little Johnny Trophy in a few weeks.

While his youngan was dodging boobirds in Death Valley, Daddy was matter-of-factly disposing of TO’B and sending yet another Pack back to the injury shelf.  Andre joins Tony on the crutches team as TO’B and Dana place an ad in The Technician for warm bodies.  As the resolute Marine sees the pile of horse apples grow he has got to figure if there’s “a pony in there somewhere” he won’t find it this year.

Wanna have fun?  Ask a Caro-Loonie to explain the difference between Michael Vick and Marion Jones. (YIKES!)  Living vicariously thru air-headed jocks is a perilous lifestyle indeed, unless it beats one’s own sad reality.

Speaking of new Chancellor prospects ….. several of you have expressed concern that Team Edwards might be on the “TNC list”.  Prehaps The Courageous One and Whatshisname are on some list some where but NOT any list that Nelson Schwab is working from.  I GUARANTEE you that me, Mike Paulus, Mike Krzyzewski, ELIZABETH Taylor and Carl “EDWARDS” are higher on any UNC Chancellor list than “the humble mill town boy” and/or anyone else living on Old Greensboro Road.  I 100% Rock Solid GUARANTEE IT!

It has to hurt’em down in Gainesville ….. not only is Urban’s stock falling faster than a Phillies fan’s face ….. but up in Champaign-Urbana, the Ron Zook Express is highballin’ towards Pasadena.  Damn that Jeremy Foley ….. “we told him not to fire Zook and hire that idiot Urban!” 

Speaking of no-account coaching idiots wearing MNC rings ….. the Mackster came in second in the Red River Shoot-out.  All “genius coaches” who’ve won at least once in the past two weeks please stand up ….. not so fast Urban and Mack.  

Let’s hear a big Huzza for the Fighting Harbaughs of Palo Alto.  Pundits are calling the Fall of Troy “a bigger upset than Appy State in The Big House”.  Gotta figure at least one Rodeo Drive wuzzle has already called Jim Leavitt and offered him a Malibu manse to come revive SoCal grid fortunes. ….. Rough day for color and pageantry partisans in LaLa Land.   Charlie The Hutt feasted on Bruins in The Rose Bowl.  Ya think Digger Phelps gave Charlie hints on how to beat UCLA?

Meanwhile in Columbia Missouri “Chase Fever” is all the rage.  Home Boy Carl Edwards is turning left at Talladega today while another “Chase” (Daniel) has the locals euphoric.  Ya know football is King in Mid-Missouri when our Kid actually stays for a quarter before “all the drunks” grossed her out so she beat the crowd by leaving REAL early.  It was fun seeing Faurot Field in delirium again.  It was only 38 years ago that Dan Devine and yours truly whupped Bob Devaney’s Huskers in similar fashion on that very same field.  We also beat Chuck Fairbanks’ Sooners that year.  Chase Daniel will have a tough time doing that next week in Norman.

Me and The Mizzus will be on hand in two weeks when the Red Raiders from Lubbock come to Columbia for a high octane shoot-out for sure.


Speaking of NASCAR ….. you MIGHT roller skate in a buffalo herd …. Or pull on Superman’s cape …. But NEVER EVER piss off Bruton Smith.  The meanest ol’ man in NASCAR has declared war on the City of Concord and Bruton makes Santa Anna, Sitting Bull and Saddam look like Mary Poppins.  Not only will he move his racetrack just to spite the local burgermeisters, he’ll salt the ground so nothing will ever grow there again.  Then he will sue Concord for the price of the salt.

>>><<<   The only way I’ll ever leave Ol’ Miss is in a pine box” quote Tommy Tubberville.  The next day “the pine box” was an Auburn booster’s private jet.  Ol’ Tommy “lied to dem boys”.

  Down on South McDowell Street The N&O has issued its monthly dictum “We’re not biased because (1) we say we’re not, and (2) see 1 …. And since we EXCEL (because we say we do) we MUST be right!”  Yawn, burp, gurgle.  To paraphrase James Carville “it’s not your bias …. It’s your arrogance, STOOPID!”


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