Luv Those Moochies!

May18/ 2007

. We have to say stuff about Billy Donovan and Michael Vick and probably Ye Olde Legend, but let’s REALLY talk about THOSE INCREDIBLE MOOCHIES of Mike Fox …. Odds are The Road To Rosenblatt will not repeat as incredibly as last year but what da heck …. Maybe it will! …. And a brief update you DEFINITELY won’t get anywhere else about The Trial & Public Disemboweling of Mikey Nifong.

I swanney …. There simply is nothing in all of sports better than watching the UNC Baseball team in June.  I figured last year was as good as it would ever get so just savor those memories.  Doggone it if those scratching, clawing never-say-die little rascals aren’t doing it again.

Every inning of the Super Regional was “goosebump good” ….. as fine as sports can be!  OK, the Duke Lacrosse final games were darn good too.  None of the extraneous crap that has taken over college FB and Basketball.

I would say “where does Mike Fox find these terrific kids?” but I know where he gets a lot of’em.  Remember my story about The Boys From Post 9?  Well, Post 9er Garry Hill now operates a Baseball Academy in Charlotte and a core group of Mike’s Moochies come out of Garry’s development program.  They develop those incredible baseball instincts playing for Garry and his sons in their summer instructional league.

Whats this “Moochie” stuff?  Back in the 60s, Walt Disney had a series called Moochie of The Little League.  It starred a kid actor named Kevin Corcohran as “Moochie” …. this tow-headed kid that somehow comes thru in the clutch in assorted baseball situations.   It was sort of a Bad News Bears kind of show but not as much “dead-end kids”.  I decided a year ago that these baseball-lovin’ Boshamer Boys were retro-Moochies. 

I watched all three “Super Regional” games versus South Carolina on TV.  I have never heard anything but terrific reports about USC coach Ray Tanner (from Benson) so I knew it would be just “good baseball” whichever team “advanced to Omaha”.

At no point in the three games did “good versus evil” even enter my mind.  I simply saw two well-coached teams of darn good kids bustin’ their butts on every pitch knowing every “ping” of the aluminum bat could swing the game and the series.

As long time readers will recall it was right after Omaha last year that our favorite baseball announcerHarold Reynolds got busted for an intern dalliance in Bristol.  Harold pretty much disappeared after that.  This past weekend two whozits were doing the game for ESPN2.  One of them was a former star pitcher for Stanford.  That dude was an endless fount of baseball minutiae.  He knew tendencies and trivia about every player in every situation.  Maybe he was just making it all up but HE WAS GOOD.

USC (Tanner) had beaten UNC (Fox) three previous times on The Road To Rosenblatt but in Old Boshamer’s Last Hurrah, Dame Fortune was awearin’ light blue insteada garnet.  This one had Ring Lardner’s imprint all over it.  When one takes the “good vs evil” crap out of a sports event it makes all the difference at least to me. ….. just transfix on every pitch and lose oneself in the drama of the competition without all that morality play garbage.

Then first thing Monday I heard from two dear friends and solid BobLee Buddies.  One did a whole bit about Spurrier and The Scoreboard and the other recounted how Mike Fox over-managed the final game last year in Omaha.  Whatever floats a fella’s boat I suppose …. but for BobLee … I just enjoyed the heck out of three terrific baseball games.  Ol Roy was sitting with Dave Odom and both guys seemed to be enjoying themselves just like I was.

Will I be watching every pitch I can from Omaha this weekend and into next week …. YA THINK?  Go Moochies Go.

(NOTE:  The zingers on Dean and politics are farther down)

 Who remembers Prince Tassel Loafer’s first official act as AD when he took over from Little Johnny Swofford?  HINT:  He replaced a beleaguered Brian Roberts’ daddy with some unknown small college alum named Mike Fox.  It has worked out pretty well but don’t tell the Dickie-haters.  They do so like to drink sour milk and walk around with thumbtacks  in their shoes.


 On Billy Donovan …. I guess I’m the only other guy in history to also have had “remorse” about a big decision.  I’ve never met Billy but I can imagine what he went thru.  I find no fault in how he handled an embarrassing situation.  I realize I am suppose to hate him and he is EEEEvil “because” but I choose not to.  …..  Billy’s “back-out” was great news for my pal Norwood up at VCU.  He was pretty certain to lose his fine young basketball coach if Billy had left.

On Michael Vick …. When the dog-fighting story first broke last month, I contacted my VaTech buddies for some credible background on Vick The Elder.  They all said his Achilles Heel has always been his inability to cut loose from his hommies.  As this story continues to play out it seems more and more that Vick has indeed been more involved in this dog-fighting mess than first thought.

Quite frankly I don’t give a damn about Michael Vick.  At some point a high profile celebrity has to “grow up” and understand the reality of his circumstance.  Whatever “code of da hood” keeps him tied to his thug hommies has lost it’s interest and appeal.  Let the Feds get to the bottom of it and lets see if “justice” will be served.  If Vick’s only defense is “he comes from a world that we can’t understand” I say find, then live in that world and get out of this one.  His antics have long passed the “enough already” level.

Obviously, I could be wrong but …. I’m pretty sure not a single one of Mike Fox’s Moochies is involved in dog-fighting.  They DO do great “dog piles” however when they win a big game.


Many of you have written me about Deano’s recent public begging for bucks for The Apple Cheeked Fraud From Robbins.  Come on folks, who among you was surprised at that?   Dean is a retired private Legend and can say/do/endorse anybody he wishes any time he wants to.  Just like …. I DO.  Does Dean’s asking you to send Apple Cheeks’ your $$$ really have you considering doing so? …. YIKES!

Sit down.  Drink some cool lemonade.  Count backwards from a zillion.  It’s John Edwards for Heaven’s sakes – HE’S A FRAUD!  ….. I hear Dean also sent 648 text messages supporting Ed Geth for American Idol!  Beyond basketball-related matters, Dean’s judgement has always been a tad “peculiar”.  Nothing wrong with “peculiar”.  My choice of double anchovies as pizza toppings would be “peculiar” to most folks.

Dean’s spiritual guru is one Robert Seymour Shaman Emeritus  for a cultish sect at Olin T Binkley Memorial Baptist on 15-501 next to University Mall.

Shaman Seymour differs from most Baptists, and most Christians, in that he sees the Bible as sort of a Chinese Take-Out Menu …. He selects “one from column A … one from column B …. etc” picking and choosing whichever verses fit his personal way way way Left-wing doctrine.  The best line I’ve ever heard about Dean Smith’s zen-master is that “Seymour agrees with a lot of the Bible EXCEPT that part about the virgin birth and that other part about the resurrection.”

Ergo if you think Dean knows diddly-squat about politics simply because “he knew how to manage his time-outs late in the game” then be prepared to give up Christmas and Easter using that same logic.  Granting Deano any political cred is like going to Thomas Jefferson for how to beat a 1-3-1 zone …. or asking Rachael Ray for advice on repairing the transmission in your Buick. …. or to Algore for a weather report.

I realize Dean Smith is darn close to a deity to many of you so deal with this as best you can.  It’s your $$$.  Dean Smith was a very very successful basketball coach …. and if you think Dean actually wrote that “endorsement” you might think Bob Huggins is Father Flanagan. …… Deano’s last public “endorsement” was for one of Richard Vinroot’s assorted gubernatorial forays.  Vinroot had played for Dean but is, alas, a Repub …. Deano wrote “Richard played for me in the early 60s.  He wasn’t all that good but he was tall.  Now he’s running for governor.  I suppose I might vote for him before I would vote fior Tom McMillan’s momma.”  Vinroot lost despite Dean’s ringing endorsement.

Sorta related …. did you hear Dementia Dan Rather’s description of Perky Katie’s Failure on CBS News?  “They dumbed it down and tarted it up“.  Dan called Katie “A TART” …. bwahahahahaha.  But Dementia Dan did add “but I like Katie personally” …. Yee Haa!.  Quick, someone run and ask Deano if he likes Katie too.

Did you happen to see Fred Thompson on Leno Tuesday night?  Fred’s got “moxie”.  Don’t buy that one-way passage to Bora Bora just yet ….. there may be a kick-butt candidate after all.


    Day One of The Trial & Disemboweling of Mikey Nifong produced several “Yee Haa” moments.  For the first time in my memory the phrase “we’re f*cked aren’t we?” was quoted in sworn testimony by a Derm law officer quoting the much-maligned really stoopid sumbitch Nifong.  Also the word “a penis” was said at least 23 times during the afternoon testimony. ….. neither phrase was uttered in To Kill A Mockingbird or at Nuremburg.

   That part about the “At Least” FIVE ESSENCES in Precious’ nether regions from “unknown contributors” is still my favorite part.

The highlight of Day One came from one of our all-time favorite Derm goofballs – Victoria Peterson.  In permanent audition mode for the role of Sapphire in the remake of Amos ‘n Andy, this Loono Supremo got her nutball self tossed out of the courtroom for doing what Victoria always does …. making a complete jackass of herself screaming “RACISM” whenever any witness used a word beginning with either a vowel or a consonant.

You will recall that during Malik Shabazz’s infamous visit to the front entrance of Duke last April, Victoria and her local nutty buddy Jackie Wagstaff played “Dawn” to Malik’s “Tony Orlando”.  Jackie Wagstaff has been thrown out of numerous Derm School Board meetings for being a public fool but Victoria getting thrown out of a courtroom counts for extra credit because it was on national TV.

The Public Disemboweling of Mikey is predicted to last 3-4 days.  I’m going waaaay out on a limb and predicting something unbelievably weird will happen before its over.  Maybe Mikey will take the stand dressed as Wooly Bully the Durham Bulls mascot with a ferret in his pants and carrying an accordion playing Lady of Spain Loves Shortnin’ Bread  …. or it could be something really strange.  Who knows?  But whatever, ya know yours truly will tell ya all about it.

Lucy Lipgloss, an info-babe covering the judicial circus for the NBC affiliate in Fresno, remarked upon seeing Mikey for the first time “yucky poo, he looks like my scary Uncle Clem who liked to sniff my bicycle seat“.   The “overnight Neilsens” for Mikey’s Trial are already double that of all Stanley Cups combined since Boom Boom Geoffrion retired.  I hear Tony Soprano will be in the gallery on Thursday.

Oh …. And look for the N&O to be pummeling the crap outta Nifong during all this hoping we will fergit how they orchestrated the lynch mob to hang the “rich white boys” just a year ago.  Fergit – Hell? …. we ain’t never gonna fergit.


   Where did Carolina play baseball BEFORE Boshamer was built?


 Tyrell Godwin, from Bladen County, was a UNC Morehead and Football/Baseball student-athlete in the early 21st Century.  He is now in the Cincinnati farm system.

  Remember my telling you that Mizzus recently got her “concealed carry” permit.  I’m getting mine too.  We’re changing our names to Smith & Wesson.  My decision to be armed is NOT related to the above comments about Deano.  (yeah, right!).  I WILL get some nasty grams for daring to diss the Deanster.  BRING IT ON!

  Buzz Peterson (no relation to Victoria!) has resigned as coach at Coastal Carolina to join Michael’s posse with the Bobcats.  Buzz and MJ were roomies at UNC in the early 80s.  

  Dale Earnhardt Jr is joining Rick Hendrick’s organization … but denies that Mike Nifong will be his new “gas can man”.

  Mohammed The Not-A-Terrorist now says “I’m sorry I did it” regarding trying to kill and maim a bunch of innocent kids in “the Pit”.  Matt Kupec has NOT issued a public statement on Mohammed’s latest comments.

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