… spray paint and sledgehammers!

October18/ 2006

… Stanford reopened it’s re-done stadium on Saturday.  But their notoriously irreverent marching band was not allowed to perform because they had “vandalized their rehearsal trailer with spray paint and sledgehammers”!!! ….  Triangle area teams remain dominant over Division 1-AA visitors … and Chuck, algroh, Uncle Fester. Pappa Bowden, and Phat Phil all declare ’06 as a “rebuilding year”.   

The inane comparisons of The Burly John Era to Frank Beamer’s first six years at VT has now officially passed “they even hung Dean in effigy” in totally inane repetitions at 874, 321.  The comparison has the same degree of relevance as to why it has taken longer to find Ossama than it took to find John Wilkes Booth.

SSays has always had a very loyal (and growing) following among the docs at UNC Hospital.  Docs and attorneys (and NCSU engineers!) make up a high % of our readership.  Anyway … one of our UNC doc fans suggested yesterday that it would be nice to have BLS speak to the Chapel Hill Rotary.  That would be Dickie’s Rotary.  I said I’d be glad to … but that invite would likely come just after El Rushbo is named Grand Marshal of the Franklin Street Christmas Parade (oops, “Winter Holiday Parade”).

Speaking of the much-maligned diminutive administrator, we spotted the Little Prince ambling grim-faced down the brickway beside the library Saturday afternoon.  Unlike pre-Rutgers when Dickie and big ol’ Larry Gallo were seen yucking it up in Tar Heel Town, big ol’ Larry was nowhere to be seen.  It’s lonely at the top especially with roving bands of angry “real fans” out to collect the bounty on one’s head.

How bad is it getting in Wuff World? … one especially irate fellow is calling for a public apology to “Red Zone” Mazzone as current OC Marc Trestman has not proven to be “the next Norm Chow” or even “the next Red Zone Mazzone”.  Carter-Finley LTRs might be as hard to resell as Herb Sendek’s house has been. …. If BC lays a whuppin’ on Chuck will Lee be sending another “letter to Wolfpack fans”?  Suggestion to Lee …


Speaking of “over-hyped coordinators” … lets check-in on UNC’s twin messiahs …  kudos to “Forty Point Frank” who finally earned his $22,000/game.  “Teflon Marv”, while still a fine fellow and incredibly impressive young man, continues, at $22,000/game, to struggle to prove that arm tackling and out-of-position unaggressive defenders is a formula for success.


   NOTE:  I have absolutely nothing “against” Coaches Sanders, Cignetti, Trestman, Mazzone, Huxtable, Tranquil, et al … good guys each and all who have chosen a heartless profession as a means to provide for their families.  What I AM “against” is the “saviour cult” that has developed around “coordinators”.  Football simply ain’t that complicated.  That “coordinators” have acquired celebrity status is simply further proof of (1) global warming and (2) that man was never meant to fly.


   Cameron showed Saturday night that he is a much better drop-back gunslinger than he is a downfield tackler.  Baring injury, those sternum-cracking lasers to defensive backs may be naught but an early season memory.

   “Madame” Albright named as UNC’s Spring commencement speaker … in a search for “the MOST discredited living Democrat” Madame beat out Jimmy Carter by 7 votes”.  “Madame Madelaine” is $20,000 cheaper than Ann Coulter and doesn’t require a make-up mirror.   Will Mrs Moeser dare leave Madame alone w/ The Meez … she’s quite the temptress.

Cousin Mary Lynn who has watched Carolina football faithfully since Choo Choo’s glory days (and wants her ashes sprinkled on Kenan’s 50) writes of her appreciation that our young student-athletes did not “showboat” after their TDs vs Furman.  We echo our appreciation of that too.

Great to see all the ’71 team and former Dooley assistants Jim Carmody, Vic Spooner, and Bobby Collins.  I understand inflation but Dooley’s entire staff salary budget was less than one messianic coordinator rakes in in 2006. ……Worth a reminder that “the OLD trenchfighter” was just 42 when he left UNC.

I had a great time at the Furman game.  I love offense and big plays and I prefer to see Carolina win against whoever they are playing.  I saw all that Saturday night plus met some new and some long time SSays fans.  Great to meet Eric From Greenville and learn lots of cool stuff about Furman.  Did you know that tuition at Furman matches Duke?  I wonder if Furman’s chancellor throws his student-athletes under the bus when his faculty squirrels say so. … Oh, and parking at The Friday Center is DEFINITELY the smart play … excellent environment for tailgating and oh-so-convenient ingress and egress.  Give it a try next game.
As promised, I wore my St Louis Cardinals ballcap.  It obviously contributed to the program “turning the corner” if only for one Autumn evening.  I shall wear it each game in which our opponent does not have red in their school colors.

Larry Coker is sooo gone in Coral Gables. Bless his heart, “Uncle Fester” (despite his public disapproval of his players brandishing firearms) has no sympathy markers to play.  The Dwarf Dyke will have no choice but to publicly behead him in early December.  Will “Butch” be getting a call?

Who will be zapped first “Uncle Fester” or Phat Phil in Knoxville?  Speaking of “Phat” … since when did obesity become so fashionable among “big time” college HCs … Friedgen, Charlie Weiss, and that blimp, Mangino, at KU.  Damn guys … a little self-control … a little pride in appearance … OUCH!  More gravy please and another slice of pie.  Did Charlie Weiss eat Marv Levy?

   And what a mess in Tallahassee!  Mama Bowden in a quandry … Pappa and Baby Boy Bowden get whupped by Brother Tommy in their own backyard.  Maybe Chuck will hire Baby Boy Bowden as his next OC answer … or maybe Pappa will rehire Chuck as his aide de camp.  And Mark Richt just keeps on praying and winning in Athens.

Meanwhile up in Hooville, algroh loses to a directional Michigan school.  I wonder if “how long it took Beamer” is being used as an excuse by algroh apologists?  I wonder if there ARE any algroh apologists not named algroh (or Littlepage?)?  The national audience for Heels v Hoos on a Thursday night in mid-October could number in the dozens.  The “future of Virginia football”, temporarily stalled at Fork Union, has advanced to page three in Dick & Jane Visit The Mall.

“… with spray paint and sledgehammers” … We WILL find a way to use that phrase again.  Say good night Gracie.


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