One Pure Fool + One Live Mic

June15/ 2006

= Christmas in June for me. I knew one would pop up.  Like sitting in a deer stand at sunrise waiting for Bambi’s Daddy. THERE HE IS – Mayor Charlie The Xenophobe …..  And we take a second look at Soccer and Reunions.

Recall that recent Reunion column.  The characters I described were types that we all knew in school.  So is today’s primary story ….. Charlie Meeker –  Nitwit Mayor of Raleigh. ….. aka “One Pure Fool” who bit the head off “One Live Mic” ….. Thursday in my town.

Does your town have a nincompoop mayor?  They are not an endangered species.  If you don’t have one, you’re welcome to Charlie.  We’ll pay the shipping costs.  Such a deal.

Remember that guy that thinks Algore and Joe Biden are political geniuses? SURPRISE, he also admires Nitwit Charlie The Xenophobe.  Duh.

Background: Raleigh is in the midst of a Battle Royal/ Loser Shaves His Head/ Cage Match over our local public school system.  Yes, so is your town.  School Systems – Mass Transit – “where to build prisons and nuclear power plants”.  – Every city’s migraine issues that never get resolved just debated …. and tabled until next month.

Battle Royals over School Systems are America’s “Middle East Crisis” – just fightin’, callin’ each other names and gettin’ absolutely nowhere fast.  40 years and counting.

Sell your kidney and Grandmama’s silver service and put your child in a private school ASAP.  That’s the ONLY solution.  Do not sacrifice your flesh&blood to a bloodthirsty cabal of whacked-out social engineers and teachers unions.

Enough background.  Lets get to the Mayoral Moron.

Charlie is one of those – lot of wedgies in PE ….. couldn’t climb the rope ….. cheerleaders never heard of him.  He grows up and becomes a tinpot politician so he can get even with all the BMOCs.  The American Dream for Weenies.

Any similarity between Charlie and Dwight from The Office is obvious in more ways than one.

Charlie’s wife, Ann, is a very smart bra-burning feminazi.  How do I know she’s smart?  She knew better than to take his name.

Whoa BobLee ….  Wasn’t there ANOTHER municipal nitwit in your area who’s wife was ashamed of him too?  Yes, Mike “The Disbarred DA” Nifong.  She knew she married a nitwit too and wanted to hide the fact.  You blame’em?

Thursday, Charlie The Nitwit Mayor announced he’s going to SUE the local (duly-elected) school board because – it is composed of

“…. people who are not from this area, who don’t share our values”

KA-BOOM aka Yankees (not the ones in pinstripes)

Charlie is from Northern Virginia and went to school in Connecticut. ….. huh?

Did I mention that Charlie’s different-name wife is ON the local school board? …. huh?

This area has been one of the most popular relocate to-areas in America for the past 25 years.  Not from heres outnumber from heres by at least 5-1.  There are lots more bagel shops than BBQ joints here now.

New Bumpersticker seen in Wake County’s immigrant enclaves:

“Manhattan Is An Island – Meeker Is a Moron”

Charlie The Xenophobic Nitwit Mayor spit in the face of 80% of the folks he collects high property taxes from and is suppose to represent.  Sure, like the disgraced Nifong, Charlie is simply trolling for black votes. The black folks he is flimflamming never benefit of course but they seem to enjoy the flimming and the flamming.

Will the local news media send out their HellHounds to turn Charlie The Xenophobic Nitwit into Mayoral Tartar?  We’ll see.

… not convinced Rielle Hunter ever existed.

Our local fishwrap is still not convinced Rielle Hunter exists.  They think John Edwards has joined a Franciscan Order.  Charlie is quite safe.

Remember my pal, AgentPierce, the Zorro of our local comment boards.  He is having a ball with all this.  Flappy-tongued fools like Charlie Meeker are really good for us Find The Fools & Flush’em Out commandos.

How old am I?  Old enough to remember when Xenophobia was the phobia of choice of gap-toothed Bubbas saying:

“Hey ‘der boy, you ain’t from around hea’ is ye? Can you squeal like a pig?” 

In 2010 and it’s the faux-intellectual liberal snoots looking down their patrician noses to say “…. people who are not from this area, who don’t share our values”.

The handbasket to Hell just dropped another 20’.

Charlie Meeker has hired Helen Thomas as his new speechwriter and media consultant.  That guy from BP was not available.


Soccer Update ….. I must say The World Cup looks mighty fine on my 38” HDTV.  The green grass, all the tooty-frooty unis, etc.  Yes, I saw the BIGGEST GOAL EVER by Landon Donovan.  Yes, it was exciting.

Is it true that Obama formally apologized to Algeria and sent them a billion dollars in we’re sorry we beat you reparations?

Soccer zealots ARE insufferable.  All sport zealots are insufferable.  There is insuffering everywhere these days.  I COULD become a “watch soccer on HDTV” fan IF there was 30% more scoring by slightly enlarging the goal mouth.  But that’s not going to happen.

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