The Imus Inquisition

January18/ 2000

…. This has been quite a week. …. Platinum Pals got their update on Wed but even since then so much  has happened.  ….. and, there is a common thread thru three current “hot topics”. … I hate discussing this. …. It’s not silly sports crap or baby boomer nostalgia or obtuse human oddities. …. Watching The Food Channel won’t make this go away. …. Sigh, sob, sniff.

Don Imus has been fired …. Elizabeth Edwards has issued a public press release insulting a neighbor she has never met, but BobLee has.  (the neighbor does NOT have cancer) …. The Duke Lacrosse kids have been exonerated.  Somehow that’s all connected in a way that could have a profound effect on the lives of all Americans be they aware, oblivious, naïve or just dumber than a lip-glossed info-twit.

The Imus Inquisition is NOT about a cadaverous radio dinosaur versus two nappy-headed DNC sock-puppets.  I wish it were that simple.  It is not.  Don’t think that way any more.

The overwhelming majority of the readers of this website lean admittedly to “the Right”.   Some of you do not.  I am in regular communication with most of you who acknowledge you favor “Democrats” when you fill out your ballots.  I do not consider you “Liberal” by my definition of that term.  I have successfully run off any outspoken “Liberals” who might have stumbled in here over the years.  The last one was a particularly obnoxious attorney from Western NC who I zapped about two months ago.

Having a negative opinion of George Bush is not a defining element in partisan categorization.  Politics is not defined by personalities …. but by ideologies.  My Democratic friends and I always seem to agree on what kind of world we want for our families.  They always wonder why they are being told to hate me …. I wonder that too.

I hope my “Democrat” readers with whom I regularly dialogue know how much I appreciate your visiting here and the tenor of our dialogues and our cyber friendship ….. likewise I appreciate that many of you are at varying points along the “Conservative” spectrum.  Some of you even want to be “the Swiss” and remain neutral on all matters politic. ….. alas, there may not be room in this country for “the Swiss” in the months ahead.

Don Imus has been fired from his CBS Radio gig and accompanying MSNBC simulcast.  The “straw” was, of course, his unthinking wise crack about the Rutgers Women’s basketball team.  The offending phrase would have been “ok” except he directed it at innocent bystanders and not at combatants in the ideological war infecting this country 24/7.  Provocative live mic radio is “juggling hand grenades”.  Don Imus dropped a hand grenade last week.

Don’t weep for Don Imus.  He will have a satellite radio deal in place within a few weeks if he wants it and be back just like before, sort of.  Probably with even more provocative language as is permitted on satellite radio.  I’ve never much cared for “sophomoric circle-jerk humor”.  I found Imus very predictable and therefore boring.   In the same vein, I have never been a Howard Stern fan at all.  Some of you may be and that’s fine.  It never bothered me that Imus or Stern had public radio shows so long as I had choices which I could and have exercised.

Don Imus is not a Conservative or a Repub.  The Liberal Elite was never concerned about his potty mouth vulgarities UNTIL he handed them this golden opportunity.  Then they saw a unique opportunity and seized it ….. using America’s two most renown race-baiting nappy-headed straw dogs to carry their mail for them.

Have Al or Jesse ever surprised you?  Is there ANY time in their decades on the national stage that they have ever been other than as they are in this case?  Never blame a rattlesnake when it bites you …. That’s what rattlesnakes do.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are overt race-baiting hucksters.  That is their business.  That is the source of their celebrity … their income … their “status” in our society.  Junior wannabes like Malik Zulu Shabazz hope their outrageous provocateuring can earn them a piece of the profits from racial strife in America.  Racial harmony is the last thing these bloviating bozos want to ever see happen. …… Here’s the kicker ….

As much as “Right-wingers” may hold Al and Jesse in contempt, that pales with the contempt in which Al and Jesse and the black community are held by the Limousine Liberal Elite.  

  Al and Jesse are nothing more than “Step & Fetch It” … delivering their nappy-headed lemming to the voting booth in exchange for VIP credentials to the Democratic Convention.  But … they never get an invite to “the Hamptons” or to “Figure Eight”.   ….. HELLO!

Elizabeth Edwards (who has cancer!) would share a hot tub with Monty The Scary Neighbor before she would ever have Al or Jesse at her breakfast table.   Which is fine w/ Al and Jesse because they know The Edwards’ and their ilk for what they are …. Blow-dried frauds running their own scam on America.  Everybody gets to run their scam … and America grabs its ankles.

   Don Imus was unknown to 75% of the American public a week ago.  A bewildered public that is all atwitter about him now.  He was an unanswered Final Jeopardy question ….. until “the drive-by media” turned up their volume full-bore and handed over their microphone to Step & Fetch It.  “You first Step … No, you go first Fetch It.”

I am often asked “the difference between Libs and Conservs relative to “the media”.  Both sides complain about aspects of “the media”.

I know lots of hard-core Conservs including some really scary ones who make Freddie Kruger seem like Fred Rogers by comparison.  If Elizabeth Edwards (who has cancer!) wants to meet a few really scary Republicans I can arrange it.  Monty Johnson isn’t one of’em.  I have NEVER heard any Conserv advocate shutting down or unplugging any of the assorted biased media outlets we constantly complain about …. The N&O … CNN … WashPost … NYT … and “the networks”.  Sure we despise them.  They make our stomachs turn.  We have zero respect for them.  They infuriate us with their smug pseudo-intellectual arrogance.

…. But we never say SHUT THEM DOWN.  We say let’s our side develop a voice to counter them.   We have confidence in our true unfiltered message of socio-cultural ideology.  We’ve never asked for a level playing field … just a place at the media table.  But even that is more than “they” can allow.

Our side has done so with much of talk radio, FoxNews a few assorted dead tree media publications (and incredibly insightful websites like this one!).   That we have ANY voice at all is A Clear and Present Danger to the Liberals’ real agenda.  HINT:  The sensitivities of the Rutgers women basketball team is NOT a Liberal agenda item.  Duh!

As Step & Fetch It bloviated about Imus who were their back-up singers?  Lip-glossed info-twits Katie Couric and Paula Zahn and Meredith Viera and Diane Sawyer.  Little more than cue-card reading call girls.  Perky Katie’s “impressive” credentials to be an anchor-twit are (1) she’s cute and (2) her husband died of colon-rectal cancer.  That’s perfect with George Soros & The Boys (and Hilly) …. Just read the teleprompter sweetie, and flash some leg.   Good, here’s a credit card.  Go buy yourself a wonderbra and a Rolex.

“Getting Imus” was never of any interest to anyone.  The Lib Elite intends to shut down any/all media that does not preach their mantra.  Yes, the same sanctimonious crowd that demanded Piss Christ (the crucifix in the glass of urine) be government-funded now wants a National Censor …. And they demand that George Soros have that power.  …. get up-to-speed on and …. so you will recognize them when they kick in your front door and install their filter on everything you read or listen to.

You may think “Golly, they can’t do that …. Can they?”  When you turn on your AM radio and get static it will be too late.  That question will have been answered.

So, what can you do?  Bang a pot and light a votive candle in “protest”?  Yeah …. Right.  The first thing for now is to realize what is REALLY going on.  Stop fixating on Step Al & Fetch It Jesse.  See the bigger picture.  

   Just like in a circus …. the clowns are always used to divert your attention from what is really going on.


 I went over and met Monty The Edwards’ Scary Neighbor on Wednesday.  He’s just like 100s of ol’ boys I grew up with and played sandlot baseball with.  Like a bunch of for real “mill town boys” too.  Why am I not surprised that Elizabeth (who has cancer!) finds him “scary”?  Why not surprised indeed.


   A quick word on Affair de’ Nifong.  Robert Steele, chairman of the Duke Board of Trustees has issued a letter of explanation to “The Duke Community”.  It was as awkwardly crafted and arrogantly worded as previous statements by Duke officials.  One year later …. and still quite clueless.  At least they are consistent. …. Mikey’s behavior, to absolutely no one’s surprise, continues to redefine “off the chart”.  Twenty-five years arranging plea bargains for pimps and gangbangers ill-prepared Mikey for adult responsibilities.  The exact definition of the new verb “to Nifong” will not be complete for several more months.


Info-Twit Diane Sawyer’s impressive credentials to be an info-twit 

include being a Junior Miss and 

being married to ____________ . 


  BobLee’s dinner with The Pale Rider and his posse of assistants went quite well.  An in-depth report to follow.   Definitely not “just a coaching change” …..

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