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January18/ 2000

… It was full of FIRSTS … it was the FIRST Super Bowl where Two Black Christian Coaches faced each other … in the rain … and a Manning was the winning QB … and two former Miami Hurricanes scored the first two TDs … and the losing QB was from the same school that currently is both FB and BB National Champs.  ….. even with all that, we awaken to a world pretty much unchanged by it all…. More and more over the years.  “Big Games” just don’t have the impact of Tsunamis, plagues, Paris Hilton, or “wars to end all wars”. …. Unless one is a Wuffie, that is. … Speaking of Black Coaches Winning A Big One!

The announcers made a nice point Sunday night of mentioning that neither Tony nor Lovie ever cuss.  Did they purposely leave out Ol’ Roy from their list of famous coaches who never “go ballistic”?  If The Blue & Quite Mad Messiah DOES “go ballistic” one’s got to believe the paint on the walls in the visitors locker room at the RBC was scorched late Saturday afternoon.  Ya Think Ol’ Roy blowtorched the walls AND the anal sphincters of those youngsters in C-Blue?

How Big was State’s win over Carolina on Saturday?  Drive up I-85 about 20-30 miles into Virginia.  You’ll see a highway exit sign saying St Paul’s College.  In honor of their most famous alumni’s, Sidney Lowe, BIGGEST WIN EVER they have changed the exit # to 83-79 … THAT’S BIG!

OF COURSE … before the full contingent of delirious Lupine celebrants had stormed the court, disconsolate Caro-Shineolas, searching desperately for a reason to continue living,  were pointing out how regular season games don’t really matter.  No one can shuffle and deal  excuse cards faster than Caro-Shineolas after a crushing defeat.

Regular season games don’t really matter was deemed the Official Excuse after not even beady-eyed Shineys could bring themselves to whine that Ben McCauley is a thug … the refs hate Tyler …OR the latest en vogue blamant– the guy keeping the official clock was Chuck Amato’s brother.   

   We are declaring an official cease & desist to ANY version of the well-worn out phrase A Wake-Up Call.  That one worked fine after Gonzaga, after Blacksburg and even after Saturday but lets get a new trite phrase before the next one. …. I still blame it on those pale-bodied ghost dancers.

   There was an unconfirmed report that a vigilante committee of especially distraught Caro-Shineys went over to visit Ol’ Roy Saturday night.  It is also unconfirmed that they were armed with pitchforks, torches AND A ROPE!   It was pointed out in one of the cyber septic tanks that Larry Brown IS AVAILABLE but that idiot Baddour doesn’t care about Basketball any more now that he hired The Pale Rider. …. You guys think I’m kidding about these nutjobs, don’t you?

Anyone recall a 24 hour period in the history of college basketball when UNC, Duke and Kansas all got beat with two of’em losing at home?

The Official BobLeeSays stance on what happened in the RBC on Saturday is 

Helluva Job Sidney Lowe … and 

Mega-Congrats To Wuff-Nation!

While happy wuffies nestle all snug in their beds with visions of DT, Lorenzo and Atsur dancing in their heads … the two traditional Triangle hoop juggernauts are both in a bluer funk than their respective team colors.  Mike Krzyzewski is getting slapped around more in Derm lately than that other Mike … aka Crash … aka Governor Easley’s Worst Appointment EVER.  When’s the last time Duke & UNC met with both coming off embarrassing butt-whuppings?  Of course, with Caro-Shineys having declared that regular season games don’t really matter, Roy can go over to Cameron comforted that it’s just another pre-March scrimmage … Right?

Speaking of losers in Derm … anyone seen Malik Zulu Shabazz and his motley crew of jack-booted thugs lately … and Rev JJ ??? …. Yo Jesse, did ya ever send Precious that tuition check ???  Did the N&O ever follow-up on that ????


I do not like Super Bowls played in the rain.  I do not like World Series played in freezing wind chill.  I do not like NBA Finals … very much … regardless.  Alls I know is when Alvin “Pete” Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue ran this event, it was NEVER played in the rain.  Apparently this new Commissioner Whozit doesn’t have the respect of the weather gods.  Speaking of God … with both Lovie and Tony being close with The Almighty you’d athought He coulda cut’em some slack.  I need to ask Pastor Leon and Prince Albert about that.  Imagine if you had paid $500 for the privilege of sitting in Dolphin Stadium wrapped up in a garbage bag watching Prince dressed like Aunt Jemima’s pimp!

Admit it … watching Billy Joel sing the National Anthem you were STILL thinking … HE was married to CHRISTIE BRINKLEY???   Of course, Christie’s latest hubby was caught diddling a teeny bopper in The Hamptons so who knows? … diddling a teeny bopper in The Hamptons … sounds kinda lyrical don’t it?

I don’t understand electricity at all.  But explain to me how Prince The Pimp can play an electric guitar in pouring rain and not have his skinny little Princey butt fried?

When I woke up this morning I could not remember any Super Bowl commercials but I did have a strange compulsion to order some new domain names while drinking a Bud Lite and driving a Chevy.  That Deliverance-type movie with John Travolta, Bill Macy, Martin Lawrence and Tim Allen on choppers looks cool.

So now Peyton has a ring!  Daddy Archie is happy … Mamma Manning is happy … Little Bro Eli is happy … other brother (Darryl) is happy … and Peyton-haters everywhere are saying BUT he’s never won a Super Bowl that wasn’t played in the rain so it doesn’t really count. … YEAH … and it was A Regular Season Super Bowl and they don’t count.

For all the hoopla with these Big Games … five minutes after they are over EVERYBODY on Earth who is not a resident of the winning city goes to the toilet and then asks anymore chips and dip? … yawn.  At least for a week or so after a big disaster like a tsunami or a Katrina or last November’s elections we get to see Jimmy Carter drool oatmeal … Global Warmin’ Al and War Hero Kerry blame Bush … Katie Couric try to look grown-up … and all the info-babe twits try to pronounce Mogadishu.


For those of you not a Platinum Pal or a subscriber to a McClatchey newspaper … a few weeks ago North Carolina’s Governor “Live Mike” Easley told a bunch of NYU law students and, oops, everyone else in the world that Mikey Nifong is a Complete and Utter Moronic Nitwit.  Considering “Live Mike” has been Governor for six years and this is the first quote ever attributed to him, that’s pretty darn amazing.  That’s what happens when one forgets ones little reminder card … RED light means mic is OFF … GREEN light means mic is ON.  Got to figure some anonymous aide got a butt reaming over that one.

Speaking of prominent Tar Heel state political figures saying fascinating stuff … the former one-term Senator and owner of THE LARGEST RESIDENTIAL MONSTROSITY in Orange County told a Sunday Morning show audience of dozens yesterday that when he becomes President … pigs will fly and… he will provide Universal Health Care to anyone crazy enuff to vote for him (hopefully including complete psychiatric exams).

When asked if he would ever consider allowing those same dillusioned poor people to play on his personal basketball court, Johnny replied “Yeah … Right! … only if Joe Biden says they are clean and articulate and don’t have cooties.”  Ms Elizabeth reminded everyone that since our family does not take real vacations, we don’t have to really give a damn about poor people … just say we do.   To which The N&O’s Rob Christiansen reported “Wow, that’s soooo neat!” 


Yesterday’s rain-soaked Super Bowl was THE FIRST one

played in a stadium that has had Three Names.

What were those Three Names????


Bill Currie was “The Voice of …” prior to Ol’ Woody.  Actually there was a quickly forgotten Bill Lamey in there for a year, but like The Matt Era, he has been power washed outta the record books.  Bill Currie was provocative and VERY non PC … not exactly how Ol’ Woody will be described when he leaves in another 20 years or so.

Extra Credit Question … FOUR Tar Heel All-Star FBers wore “the helmet w/ a horseshoe” when they were Balmer’s Colts…. before current Colts Jeff Saturday and Dexter Reid. or former Colt David Thornton.  Name’em.  If you don’t get at least two you are banned from this site …. … … right #23 from Garden City?

Now that the prelims are all done, we get THE REALLY BIG GAME – THE PRO BOWL.  Everyone planning a big Pro Bowl Party  !!!!

Have you signed up for BUTCH’S FIRST SIGNING DAY ??? DO IT RIGHT NOW … go to and look on the right hand side for the logo to click.  Since Wednesday is “A Regular Season Signing Day” … it doesn’t really count … of course!

Consider This Possibility …. The Pale Rider scoops up a buncha SUPA-STARS on Wed  … BUT Ol’ Roy comes up short in Cameron on Wed night …. is that a GOOD DAY … or a BAD DAY … whattachathink ???

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