January17/ 2000

  My hair IS growing back, but I am getting used to it (alas Mizzus Swagger prefers roguishly shaggy!) … I saw an AWFUL movie … and there’s Bob Huggins, The Lakers, Ronald Reagan, David Padgett, a cool Upper Westside joint, and some great new books … and other stuff …

   As several of you predicted … I’m getting used to the “new look” … no “hat hair” for sure. Mizzus won’t see it until Wednesday.

   My recent comments on Moe and Dickie passed the columnist’s “must be doing something right” test.  I was taken to task for being too easy on’em AND for picking on’em.  I am going to be leaving UNC’s Dynamic Duo alone for a while unless they get publically frisky.

   Had a great time at Brother Jimmy’s on NYC’s Upper West Side on Thursday night.  One of many UNCers in NYC came by and we solved most, but not all, the major issues of the day.  BobLee Buddy Barry admits to being the lone Republican in NY’s Greenwich Village. Our waitress was definitely a blond cutie … it was apparent that Brother Jimmy hires “a type”.  I recommend Brother Jimmy’s as a great ACC Sports hangout in NYC … there are several locations to choose from. … Oh, I maneuvered thru the NYC subway system just fine … only had one small “cuss fit” trying to figure out a “metro card”.

   Westchester County must have 50+ identical country clubs.  I was at Glen Arbor today which looks just like sooooo many others within 25 miles.  Very nice and very refined.  Spent a few minutes with Corey Pavin … who won his US Open the last time it was at Shinnecock Hills.  Corey has “Chip Becked” since then … just lost his ability to make birdies.  In the immortal words of Lee Buck Trevino … Two things that don’t last = Dogs who chase cars AND pros who putt for pars.  I ‘ll be at another of these cookie cutter clubs on Monday with a NY Ranger outing.

   Whatever you do over the next few weeks … AVOID the movie Riddick with Vin Diesel!  Definitely the most boring stoopid movie I’ve seen in years.  I’m not a sci-fi fan.  Not only boring but so loud I couldn’t even fall asleep in it.

   I missed the National Cathedral service for Ronald Reagan but did watch the burial service at Simi Valley.  Awesome!  I hope we can still have such deeply moving religious public ceremonies 20 years from now.  I realize it offends a segment of our population … since those folks offend me, I suppose it’s a wash. It was a nice break from Poli-Hate 24/7 … but the time-out is over … back to hate mongering … sigh, sob.

   Cincy’s Bob Huggines is in deep trouble over his recent DUI.  I hope Tar Heel loonies don’t go too wacky on this … we have a glass house on this issue.  I met Huggins a few years ago … I don’t care AT ALL for his rogue program but I recall him as a pleasant enough fellow. 

   The Pistons are dominating the Lakers.  I don’t like Koby or Rasheed.  I do like Phil Jackson and Larry Brown.  I kinda like Shaq.  I’d like to see the Pistons take it just to watch the UNC Internet gang go bonkers on “that damn Baddour should have hired LB …”  … and this is with Ol’ Roy signing about every quality college bound kid he wants.  Reports are that he’s about to “sign his Collison/LeFrenz”.



Swagger’s Stumper

What was “Norm’s” supposed profession?


   I’ve got several new adventure fiction authors to recommend … Vince Flynn for sure if you like “torn from today’s headlines” type of thrillers.  His hero, Mitch Rapp, is a kick-butt guy.  Lee ChiId’s Jack Reacher is another good one.  I also just discovered Randy Wayne White who is from the Carl Hiassen South Florida gendre.  His “Doc Ford” has a lot of Travis McGhee in him.  I’m thinking of rereading my Robert Parker “Spenser” collection. I’m pretty sure many of you are regular readers … I hope so … there’s few pleasures in life more enjoyable than “a good book”.

    My hotel TV system has a free porn station … I hadn’t watched hard core (or soft core) porn since the “required” Deep Throat at a friend’s bachelor party in the early 70s. 30 seconds of this crap reminded me why.  Does anyone actually “enjoy” this trash? I used to be on a message board with some guys that seemed “into it” … we didn’t have much else in common either.

   I’m BORED … I miss Team Swagger … cell phones will never replace hugs … I wanna be home!

Over 100 folks remembered Buck Owens & Roy Clark.  Pretty amazing that so many UNCers admit to watching Hee Haw!  Many also recalled Misty Rowe as Nurse Goodbody.

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